Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Basi, Young, Duncan ... tomorrow?

A small note from a reliable source says:

ALR on Mar 26, thurs, at 2:00 p.m.

That's all I have. Does anybody have anything more on this??

I can check the BC Supreme Court listings tomorrow morning, as we all know ...

but for some people, e.g., on Vancouver Island (especially Sooke),

it would be helpful to know if there's a pre-trial hearing tomorrow for Dave Basi, and/or Jim Duncan and Tony Young (Case #134750) re Agricultural Land issues in BC Supreme Court, Vancouver (or possibly Victoria).

Thanks to anyone who can provide confirmation today.  - BC Mary. 

Well ... Adrian points out that March 26 would be next Friday, not Thursday.

Then Bill Tieleman reports to me that reliable sources have told him the next ALR pre-trial hearing will be in September, after conclusion of the BC Rail trial.

Oh. And that he'll be there.


The 26th is on a Friday.
Aside from noting that there seems to be a deliberate pattern to the mis-information about trial timing/dates all the way through this escapade.....

If the ALR trial's next hearing is not until after BVB is over....does this mean the publication ban on it will be lifted? Because the only reason that was imposed, allegedly, was to shield the BVB trial from being influenced by it....

And with all the foot-dragging about televised proceedings not being available until the fall, might we hope that this trial will be televised? Or will there be another conveniently timed gang or serial killer proceeding that would get higher ratings?
Lets get this Young and Duncan thing to trial and let the chips fall where they may!
Anon 12:07,

Don't be so doggone silly ... and please, select a User Name for yourself.
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