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BC Rail: the Mark Marissen controversy

Mark Marissen controversy, as told by Voice OnLine.

Read about it HERE.

What do you think?


I find a lot of racist rant against the WHITE man, ostensibly because the federal liberal party was fronted by Martin. I find that very offensive. Notwithstanding his blame-it-on-the-white-blue-eyed-devil thesis, I am not saying he is wrong about many of his opinions re Martin, Marissen or Basi.
"In that incident, Marissen actually got back to me with his own version (The VOICE of March 27, 2004) in which he claimed that there had been a misunderstanding with Kooner and that Toor was late in filing his nomination."

Mmmmmm, sounds like the same tactic used to ensure St. Stephen's pick, formerly of the PMO, got the nomination for the seat lost by Mr. Guegis in Edmonton (to the NDP in ALBERTA!)

It's hard to tell the players without a program, and there are no accurate programs. The BC Liberals aren't Liberals, the Federal Conservatives aren't Conservatives, but whatever their true affiliation, Gordo and St. Stephen are buddies. Hey Gord, need a different judge? Hey Stephen could you shoot me $1.6 billion to put in the band for the next election?

Let's get together and eliminate environmental review on so-called "green" projects and/or all mining and energy projects!

Heck, Steve, if we play our cards right we could each be governor of really big States! I'll take B.C. and run it from Maui, what do you want Alberta or Ontario, or both?
It will be fascinating to see if Marissen's role is blown open at the trial in May.
As I've been saying for a long time now, political parties are nothing more than gangs comparable with the likes of the Hell's Angels etc. These parties are rotten to the core and will use any tactic they can think of to fill their jeans and those of their backers with taxpayers money. They are even willing to eat their own if it will prove profitable. Come to think of it the Hell's Angels may actually have more integrity.

Things will not change until the political party suffers the same fate as the Atlantic cod, extinction. Only then will politicians become responsible to their constituents rather than the unelected mafia types we choose today.

People, it is time to wake up and smell the coffee!!

"Hell's Angels may actually have more integrity"

Frankly I have no doubt that they have more intergrity. After all, they actually may suffer consequences for crossing either the law or their associates.

As Bob Dylan so elegantly put it, so long ago:

"To live outside of the law, you must be honest. I know you always said that you agreed."

"Absolutely Sweet Marie" from Blonde on Blonde, released in 1966
Had Basigate not happened, Gary Farrell-Collins, Judith Reid and Christy Clark would still be in government.

Also, through the help of CanWest/Global and CTV-Bell Christy Clark would be in position to replace Gordon Campbell within seconds of his Maui retirement.

Sadly for Senator Mark, having failed to deliver anything federal he would be discarded to the closet.

I think a few of us should phone Christy Clark ON AIR and get some of these issues resolved.
Any takers?


I'd like to publish that.
It doesn't sound racist,just dirty pool. I do think that a rogue network of Indo-Cdns are at play. Playing the racist card, to their advantage.
NOTHING, has been done about the growing problem of south/east Asian crime in BC.
Votes or fear?
300 thousand +, every year in BC alone, come through immigration. That is one small army, in one sold out province.
ok mary

It would help me if you'd post that comment, please, as I've lost track of which one is intended ...

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