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Former Accenture Execs Score Big In BC Hydro Clean Power Call

Pssst ... wanna know how to commit daylight robbery without getting caught?  Will McMartin's column begins:

Led by two former Accenture executives who spearheaded the 2003 privatization of BC Hydro and Power Authority's back-office operations, a little-known, three-and-a-half year-old company with negligible cash reserves and an accumulated deficit in excess of $41 million scored a stunning win two weeks ago when it was awarded four much sought-after electricity purchase agreements from the province's largest Crown corporation ...

Read Will McMartin's column HERE ... and think of BC Rail. 


I wasn't sure if I wanted to be sick...or cry. Or both. I'm truly losing hope for this incredible place I've called home - all my life.
It looks like BC Hydro is being set up to be privatized, just like BC Rail.

But, I think the private power companies benefit from BC Hydro being kept public. BC Hydro apparently pays them a higher rate for their electricity than they would get on the open market.

So, if it weren't for public-owned BC Hydro buying their electricity, most of those projects would not get built.

The Govt's BC Energy Plan will result in BC Hydro having a big power surplus, even in critically low water years. BC Hydro will have to export any surplus, hoping to get a good price.

The surplus requirement, plus the decreased reliance on power from imports and Burrard Thermal, plus the fact that BC Hydro is prohibited from building new projects (except maybe Site C), means a lot of electricity is needed from private power projects in BC.

This is why there are about 100 IPP contracts in BC now built, or in the construction or planning stages. BC Hydro is considering even more private power projects.

Meanwhile, our hydro rates are about to go way up. BC Hydro's debt is going up.

There may be new changes we need to watch out for, in the upcoming Clean Energy Act. This Act might come out in the next month or so.
So, if it weren't for public-owned BC Hydro buying their electricity, most of those projects would not get built.

This is starting to remind me of the softwood lumber dispute and earlier lumber disputes over hidden subsidies favouring Canadian producers....i.e. the economic inviability of the BC resource infrastructure without government measures to prop it up and/or directly subsidize it. BC Hydro being kept only as a mechanism to make power generation by private contractors feasible seems clearly to fall in some kind of violation of "level playing field" agreements. But again, it would take a US court action (and media) to throw some light on this....and as we all know the US as an organism wants more power, by any means necessary, so that attention is unlikely to come to pass....or any attention from the free trade tribunals, either.....
A lot like the Newfoundland and Labrador/Quebec electrical deal. Contract says NFLD sells too cheap to Quebec and Quebec sells the Hydro to the US at a huge profit. There has got to be some sensibility to these contracts because there is no economic sanity in these deals. If you lose money you go bankrupt. This is exactly how California lost the cheap public power and BC got shafted for a billion dollars when the privateers went to court. Isn't greed wonderful for the insiders?
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over at Bill's:

Pacific Duchess said...

I heard that the BC-leg/raid/trial has a court date March 29th.

Is there the possibility that the case will be dismissed on the 29th?

1:04 PM

Look up ... way up ... to the masthead at the top of the screen,

where the following information has been shown for a month or so:

If necessary, all return to court March 29, 10:00 AM re trial details. Jury selection begins April 21 or 28 (confirm later). - BC Mary
already 2 tier e pricing for residential e rates if over avg amount.
all I can say is FINALLY! Soon the trial of the century will begin! At long last!! Rejoice!!!

I want to see justice served; I am so happy!
Finally, I would like to see the truth come out about the BC Rail sale - all of the truth, not just some pablum that is agreed to be served up to the public between the prosecution and the defense.

The premier sold this railway lied when he said he wouldn't sell it, lied when he said it was a money loser, lied when he said he didn't sell it (it's only a 990-yr. lease). Now he has transferred what is left of the real estate that used to exist as part of BC Rail holdings to another ministry to have the last bits sold off as quietly as possible along with other real estate deals in that ministry.

The BC Liberal Party that keeps him as their leader is complicit in his actions with BC Rail, BC Hydro - with guaranteed incomes for water and wind IPPs, Fish Farms, Forests, ICBC, transfer of government records, tearing up legal contracts and firing health workers making less than 1/10 of his and other Liberal MLA wages, directorships for ex-cabinet members, children in more-crowded classrooms and school buses for hours a day, highest child poverty year after year, removal of taxes to corporations and heavier taxes (HST and carbon tax) for poor, low income and middle income people, more crime, more addictions, more gambling, taxes on already-taxed used cars, no conservation officers in the forests, increased parking and camping fees in public parks - the list seems endless.

At this point in time, after a decade of Campbell, can British Columbians (as a whole) say they are better off for having had him?

I can't say I will be happy about the trial until the publication ban is lifted and all documents pertaining to the sale of BC Rail are made public to the citizen-owners of BC Rail.
The question that P.D. inquired over at BT's, still hasn't been answered.
Frankly, with the botching of testimonies from previous secert witness's,(IE:air India) it would be their best interest to dismiss this farce of a case!

And to start all over, with the real witness!

PS: Has any heard more about the rally for democracy on March 29th?

Nobody can answer that question ... it's like asking if it's possible for a cow to jump over the moon (and somebody has proven that it is possible ... so?).

If you know things that most of us don't know, please share. OK?

Let's begin with the "Rally for democracy" on March 29 ... what's with that?
Doesn't take much to make you happy huh Anonymooos 7:23?

I want to see BC Rail returned to its rightful owners, and the politicians who lied about not selling it put in jail where they belong. THAT would make ME happy .....

Oh, and passenger service restored.....
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