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A private word from BC Mary


I was planning to tell the circle of readers who come to The Legislature Raids ... but not quite yet.

I did tell my family, of course. I told a circle of close friends and cyber-friends. Their love and support have given me the strong basis for whatever comes next.

Later -- perhaps after the BC Rail Trial -- I planned to tell you in more detail, along  with grateful appreciation for those who have supported BC Mary and this blog all along. But ...

somebody ... and there's no polite way to say this ... an unemployed, politically ambitious somebody of the so-called BC "Liberal" persuasion has found out that BC Mary has cancer and is already adding bad news to the story ... things I've never even heard of.

You'd think BC Mary was dead and buried already. You might suspect that the stinker is pleased about that. You also might think that any human being would remember their humanity at a time like this.

So here it is ... the personal news I was planning to tell you, in my own time, and in much more detail, later:

Two days ago -- I was told that mammography, the ultra-sound, and the biopsies revealed cancer. I expect to undergo non-invasive Estrogen therapy. I'm in very good hands. My family and friends have been wonderful. I am happy.

Thanks for your understanding. And please don't be worried. I'm doing fine, and so impressed by our wonderful Health Care system even as it struggles against the same forces mentioned above.

- BC Mary


Best wishes for your health and happiness, Mary.

Mary - how could anyone be so horrifically callous? My heart hurts for you, but maybe sharing it with those you know really care, will lighten the various burdens that kind of news brings with it.

You know my thoughts and heart are with you, I know the road you'll be traveling for a while. My Mom sends you her very best, and asked me to let you know that you're not alone in this. You're a part of the sisterhood "that keeps fighting - just because it can."

Blessings Dear Lady - Blessings.
Love from,
Leah and Joan
Sorry to hear about your health problems. I wish you a speedy recovery. Good that you found it so quickly.
sorry to hear this BC Mary. Although we have our differences, I do enjoy your blog very much, the topic is so important to us all, but more so I enjoy your energy and passion you bring to moderating and facilitating the content/convesations. And yes, I enjoy engaging with the many charaters here.

Successful outcomes are way higher than even a year or two ago; I wish you the best of luck with getting through this.
Sorry to hear that you have to deal not only with inevitably frightening health problems and treatments but with the ugliness that exists in some human beings all at the same time. Cruelty and disrespect can be very disheartening, so I'm glad that you are in the good hands of supportive family, friends, and health care professionals who can help to counteract unpleasantness. Please know that you are valued and respected by people who, like you, believe in searching for truth and beauty. Thank-you for the huge contributions you have already made to your fellow citizens. You will always be a heroine to me. Take care of yourself.
If respect and affection of your readers helps, and it will, this will be only a small hill in life's roadway.

Prayers, love and friendship will be headed your way.

You've done a service to people of BC and, if and when, the BCR affair ever drags to an overdue conclusion, you'll be there to kick the shins of the next generation of graft artists.

My prayers are with you.

Your friend, Grant G.
You inspire me beyond words Mary, you know that.If I can accomplish a fraction of what you have in your life, I'll be a content woman.

Perhaps you should rename your blog.... Kicking Ass and Taking Names!hehe.

Mary, good on you to confront the nonsense spewing from this person. Your good sense and strength just shine through - as always.

Very glad to hear you're getting good care. All the best to you.
To everyone who has sent these beautifully encouraging words, I'm so pleased to have them. It's like a spring tonic.

Thank you for every lovely word.

And blessings back upon you all ...

Canadian Canary,

Someone has asked me how they might contact you ... someone I know and trust. I think they have an action plan in mind.

If you're comfortable sending me an email address, write across the top of your message NOT FOR PUBLICATION.

Best wishes as always. I'd just make one correction. You wrote:

" unemployed, politically ambitious somebody of the so-called BC "Liberal" persuasion has found out that BC Mary has cancer and is already adding bad news to the story ... things I've never even heard of."

Could I suggest you change the 'somebody' in that construction to 'nobody'.

Carry on with your good work. You're needed now more than ever.

And thanks.
"I'm in very good hands. My family and friends have been wonderful. I am happy".
That is the MOST important part of your Posting Mary.
I wasn't always a believer, but as I have become longer in the tooth, I now concede that there IS karma.
Karma is on your side........... you will triumph over this.
While I am most grateful for the hours and hours that you give of yourself, on the behalf of thousands of British Columbians, it is time to turn your energy inward.
My thoughts are, and will be, with you.

Gary L.
Mary, people can be so cruel, especially when others report truths.
You have and are contributing such a huge service to those who, like yourself, want the truth of those involved in the selling off of our great assets, and for justice to prevail for these snakes.
In the meantime though, you must be selfish and look after yourself first under the circumstances. Just to let you know a very good friend of mine overcame the very same health issue with her positive attitude and looking after herself, as well as have many, many supporters as you do around her. You shall overcome.
All the best for you, you take care of yourself.
Very best wishes, Mary. You will get through this with flying colours, I know.

As for the "politically ambitious somebody" - absolutely despicable. Absolutely unacceptable behavior from anyone, regardless of political persuasion. That sort of bottom-feeding really curdles my stomach.

Get well soon, Mary. Your province needs you. But take good care of your self in the mean time.
I want to add my thanks to you for all of your work, you are the best of a crowd of very good bloggers we have to educate us.

I send my best thoughts for your health, happiness and long may you live, we do need you.

It says alot about a so called person, who's moral compass is set so low as to reveal personal information about another person, especially to use it for political gain. It shows just how important your work has become. Best wishes Mary, we are all behind you! Kim
Best wishes for a speedy recovery Mary, people's respect for you transcends any illness.

Your life and your work continues to inspire! Our hopes and prayers go with you and you are not alone, as you continue to enjoy the warmth, love and friendship of those whose lives you have touched!

Paul Nettleton
Mary, you've already demonstrated strength and resolve in the face of greater evil than cancer, we know you'll more than survive this. The proverbial "what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger" applies....

As for the Liberal "politician" attempt to exploit personal medical information politically, fictionalizing it in the process, a demonstration of the "take no prisoners, winner take all, them who wins writes the rules" attitude of the thugs and clowns in nice duds who have taken over this province. If this is a name politician, or aspiring aide, I'd say expose the bastard to reveal what nasty people we're dealing with out here in BC. I'm reminded of a certain organization's boast "we specialize at smear campaigns", though nowadays that ethic isn't just limited to the coiners of that phrase anymore. It's all too familiar as the tone of a Liberal Party apparatchik, and brings to mind the "dirty tricks" waged by Basi no less, among countless others. To such people, politics is about winning, not about principle or truth. Verbal bullies and abusers of personal lives; the art of the info-thug.

What struck me about our recent round of "visitors", aside from their evident (but possibly self-inflicted) poor command of grammar, lack of knowledge, and out-of-place vitriol and contraries, was that perhaps more than PABster drones they had more the mark of a parliamentarian, or an aspring one. Their behaviour was the equivalent of that nasty yelling and confidence-assault that goes on in the House during speeches and debates, followed up by answers which have nothing to do with the question, and which ask answers which have no bearing on the issue at hand. they may even have been MLAs, is what I'm getting at, or at least people who aspire to one day become a Liberal MLA, after a suitable number of years bootlicking and doing the party's dirtywork in so many nasty, brutish ways. It's disappointing, isn't it, that our political system has evolved to the point where such behaviour is a necessary part of the path to elected power? And an entrenched part of "how things are done".

Wasn't it Justice McEachern (MacEachen?) who quoted Hobbes' "nasty, brutish and short" in re the civilization of the Gitksan-Wet'su'wet'en in the Delgamuukw case? Really those lines apply so much more to the way "business is done " (aka "politics as usual") in British Columbia, but more like "nasty, brutish and short-sighted".....

And speaking of the nasty and brutish, the Grit zombie you're dealing with needs an education in civic manners.

"Prominent BC Liberal sued for harrassment and defamation" the headline might run, with "personal medical information distorted" as subheading...

And, if applicable, "messages sent from government computers" might add more spice to the story....
Skookum, and others,

I appreciate your good wishes more than I can say. It's easy to see and feel the healing power in human kindness.

Skookum, I did enjoy your vigorous instructions on how to deal with the person I referred to as "an unemployed, politically ambitious somebody of the so-called BC "Liberal" persuasion,

and I must repeat "Liberal" in quotation marks meaning fake persuasion because this kind of thing is not like any Liberals I ever knew in the past.

Very special thanks to all.
In the short time I have been coming to your site, I've detected that you have a fighting spirit most of only wish we had. I believe that if you put the same zeal into your fight with this cancer, it doesn't stand a chance. And always remember, there are an awful lot of us whom you have never met that are in your corner. You will persevere.

Best wishes and a speedy recovery. Your blog is an inspiration for all!
bless you Mary for all you do,
all of us who read your blog will thinking of you and missing you. your courage your bravery in the face of these liberal lunatics last years has been awe inspiring you will be in our prayers take care Mary !!!
God speed.
In my heart, and on my mind today...have a wonderful day my friend.
I've sent Mary my best wishes already privately but I am very troubled that anyone would use this terrible news for political purposes.

Several BC Liberal MLAs have been stricken with cancer in the past few years and I wish every one of them a full recovery - personal illness has no place in politics and I'm saddened that someone would take such shameful actions.

All the best Mary - you have much support in your fight against cancer!
What Mr. Nettleton, above, said, times infinity!

You really and truly are an inspiration Mary to all British Columbians.


Mary, I don't know you, but I have the greatest respect and appreciation for what you've been doing on behalf of all British Columbians. I wish you the very best luck with your treatment. FWIW, I don't think those rogue cells have a prayer against your determination.
—a fan in East Van
Bill T sez-

"I've sent Mary my best wishes already privately but I am very troubled that anyone would use this terrible news for political purposes.

I hate to break it to you Bill but the "anyone" is someone you have always, perhaps undeservedly, treated with courtesy and respect - someone whom I consider below scum!
Oh Mary so many of us wish you the very best. We soo appreciate all you do here and hope you get through this without a glitch.

Thanks to you I believe we will see the bottom of this pile of "Liberal" hoooha.... BC needs you big time!
Hi Mary,

Sorry Mary

We’re all behind you and wish you and your family the best.
Fare thee well Mary.You will be greatly missed.

Have a safe journey home.

All my love.
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