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When everything is suspicious: BCRail according to Shirley Bond

Province terminating three BC Rail executive contracts, paying severance

By Andrew MacLeod
The Tyee - March 24, 2010

Two B.C. Railway Company executives will collect a total of almost $600,000 in severance payments when they lose their jobs by the end of March. [That's March 2010, presumably. - BC Mary.]

Transportation and infrastructure minister Shirley Bond provided the details yesterday under questioning in the legislature from New Democratic Party MLA's Leonard Krog and Doug Donaldson about what will happen when the government moves B.C. Rail into the provincial government.

Three of B.C. Rail's four executives will lose their jobs this year, Bond said. Two, president and CEO Kevin Mahoney and executive vice-president real estate John Lusney, have been given their notice and will go by March 31. They'll receive severance payments of $392,000 and $203,000, though Bond did not say who will receive which amount.

Bond said the government will employ B.C. Rail's CFO until around December, but he has not yet been given notice and the severance payment amount has not yet been determined. B.C. Rail's vice-president finance and CFO is Kevin Steinberg.

The government will keep a fourth executive, B.C. Rail's vice-president operations and corporate affairs, Gordon Westlake, Bond said. “There is a significant degree of work that we'll be transferring over to the ministry,” she said. There is a significant real estate portfolio and the CN revitalization agreement to manage, she said.

{Snip} ...

Yeah, Shirl. Significant. We know. We know.


How many afterschool kids' programs would that fund?

Or spaces for autistic kids in intensive intervention programs?

Or, for that matter, outhouses in provincinal campgrounds?

All of which are things that matter to the people of British Columbia rather than the fat severence cheques of two fine fellows who have been feeding at the public trough for at least 5-and-a-half years now doing essentially nothing.

Or did I miss all those improvements and upgrades to that 40km spur line since the RCMP told the good Mr. Falcom to run OmniTrax.....errrrr...the 'Competitive Bidding Process'/'Quid Pro Quo' out of town awhile back?



Double Sheesh!

what the hell is going on? we are told that there is no money.. for anything! for the average british columbian hence the slash and burn of valuable programs, my god the list is endless.. have no fear those guys will be set up with a nice "consulting job" before too long they will collect their slaries and a pension and a gold plated good-bye pay out..Isnt it about time we started demanding rolling back fat cat salaries, this grand experiment done to this province since May of 2001 has saved us NOTHING and cost us so much in the loss of our once great social values we used to have in B.C.
NDP used question period to ask exactly the above, how 8.6 million dollars has been spent on 4 CEO in the last 6 years,when cut backs in so many programs, for a Railway that doesnt have even a Thomas a train,Krog said a Monopolopy game has more Rail than BC Rail.

Worth going to watch
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