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Just like BC Rail ...

HST And The Crack In The Door

By Peter Ewart
Opinion 250 - April 19, 2010

... But there is something else that is eating away at the credibility of the government in regards to the HST. And that is the method by which it was brought in. It is here that the government is weakest, its arguments most feeble and illogical.

Prior to and during the provincial election in May of 2009, the Campbell government made no bones about it – BC Liberals were steadfastly against the HST. And the Liberals won the election ...

Just a couple of months later, BC voters woke up one day to hear this same Liberal government announce that ... it would, indeed, be bringing in the dreaded HST. All of this was done in such a tawdry, slipshod way - arrogance breeds its own clumsy style – as if the government knew that it would, once again, get away with, not just breaking, but smashing to smithereens another election promise.

Just like it got away with the controversial sale of BC Rail after promising – again, before an election – that it wouldn’t sell the railway. But history has its own cunning. Like that hornet’s nest under the pile of lumber in the backyard, the BC Rail scandal won’t disappear no matter how much water is squirted on it. In early May, the trial of the political aides charged with breach of trust is scheduled to begin, and who knows which government leader or minister could get stung by a soggy, wayward hornet ...

Peter Ewart's full column is HERE.


...the whole damn lot should be stung by a swarm of hornets...might help them retain memories of their promises. Swarm of mud daubers would be better though... .
Leah ...

Perhaps a new coat-of-arms for the Campbell Gang featuring Mud Daubers instead of the usual lions and unicorns?

Mud Daubers on a swollen ... um, er ... hip?
uh...hmmmm...close enough Mary...close enough. For now.
Hi Mary...Love your smile!

There is a HST freight train speeding down the track...

Either get out of the way or prepare to be flattened, I wish it was a B.C. Rail freight train carrying the message!

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open
If in fact the Campbell Liberals wrote the Restaurant Association stating they had no intention of implementing the HST then I believe they should be charged under Section 181 of the Criminal Code--Spreading false news--Every one who willfully publishes a statement, tale or news that he knows is false and that causes or is likely to cause injury or mischief to a public interest is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years.
are you saying,
canada is run by organised crime?
If the shoe fits. I believe a lot of what is in the Criminal Code is there for us to utilize to keep our Public Servants in check, unfortunately it seems the Court system doesn't seem to enforce the Code against Public Servants with the same vigour they use against the people those Public Servants are there to serve. I have been trying to get them to adhere to the rule of law but am continuously ignored. They will not answer questions and will not do as the law says they should so what is the point in us following any of the laws except to do no harm and not commit fraud in our contracts even though the government does so each and every day.
Yes , the crime gangs are all over , at every level. Starting with gordon the impaler, get him on the stand. Then tar and feather him.
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