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BC Mary, Bill Tieleman, Tyee, Laila Yuile, Sean Holman from the Public Eye Online, Norman Farrell from the Northern Insights, RossK from the Gazetteer, and Kootcoot from House of Infamy ... bloggers working to overcome the lack of open information on BC Rail Corruption



Shout out for BC Mary and other coverage of the BC Rail trial

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On May 18, 2010, the BC Rail corruption trial finally began, over six years after police raided the BC Legislature for government corruption in December 28, 2003. Unsurprisingly, this trial has been surrounded by startling allegations of conspiracy against BC Liberal leaders like Premier Gordon Campbell, and by heated conversation between the prosecutors and the defenders.

Financial connections have been allegedly uncovered between those under trial--Dave Basi, Aneal Basi, and Bobby Virk--CN Rail chairman David McLean, and Premier Campbell. However, the trial has been mainly about whether or not such connections influenced the sale of BC Rail to CN Rail.

However, amidst the lack of open information and widespread accusations, one individual has managed to maintain an incredibly informative blog on this controversial issue: BC Mary, an internet blogger who despite retaining her anonymity has become a trusted source. In her blog named The Legislature Raids, she posts excerpts of the trial and fragments of newspaper articles discussing it. And more impressively, she has done this since the controversial issue emerged several years ago.

How BC Mary decides to present the information is important, as it serves to demonstrate to the reader the direction and tone the trial is taking. Consequently, for anyone who wants to find out for himself (or herself) more information about this topic, The Legislature Raids is the blog to visit.

However, BC Mary has not been the only one keeping the public notified on this issue and ensuring the openness of the trial. Others include Bill Tieleman,   Tyee, Laila Yuile, Sean Holman from the Public Eye Online, Norman Farrell from the Northern Insights, and Ross K from the Gazetteer.


YES!! It is SO good to see our bloggers being acknowledged for the work they do - and the thousands of hours that have gone into research, checking facts, and then typing and presenting all of the information gathered into an understandable read for everyone. Especially you Mary...if it weren't for your dogged determination - many facets of this debacle never would have come to light.

Thanks to each and every one of you for all you do each day to keep us informed. You're worth your weight in platinum. God Bless.
Lovely to see that recognition for the important work Mary and the other bloggers have been doing, as well as the Tyee and Sean Holman of the Public Eye Online.

We owe them all such a debt of thanks.

Let's keep building that head of steam up, so that the heat sears those who have used and discarded that which was entrusted to them by the people of BC.

Not a very comprehensive list, is it?
I concur with Gary E. Though I also pay attention to some other Houses of Infamy, like the one in Ottawa or even the Glendale Arizona city council, at the House of Infamy we likely pay more attention to the BC Rail Farce than most of the blogs/websites cited above with the exception of BC Mary.

But the point that we bloggers have to do the job that SHOULD be done by paid "working," "accreditated" journalists and published in "real" newspapers and broadcast on TeeVee is well taken.

So thanks Observer, I'll remember not to cite you, if I have the chance.
Gary E ["How Bad Is The Record?],

as the guy said when asked what he thought about the 6 remaining Socred/Reform/BCLiberals found at the bottom of the sea:

"Well ... it's a start."

You'll notice I didn't cite these fools here. I just put the question out there. I know full well who these fools are and discussed it with Mary.
My point was directed at the so-called Observer.
I guess my penchant for not being too long winded sometimes gets the message mixed. Anyway I don't fault any bloggers. And as we all know by now, the PROFfessionals haven't been doing a very good job. Although in the last day or two they appear to be trying to catch up. Wonder how long that will last.
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