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BC Rail corruption trial continues today in BCSupreme Court Room 54 at 10:00 AM

A very brief listing for the three Accused (File #23299) -- in Courtroom 54 -- today May 19, 2010 at 10:00 AM:

Application to withdraw the admissions filed on February 10, 2010.
Application to withdraw the admissions filed on February 10, 2010.


"The six male and six female jurors stared." - Ian Mulgrew


I thought we had a jury of Seven Men Five Women

You haven't been paying close attention. Seems like you missed one session in Courtroom 54.

Application to withdraw the admissions?

The defense hasn't made any admissions. Therefore this isn't a defense application. And that means it's either an SP or gov't application to withdraw evidence already entered. And the SP wouldn't be doing that so it must be the government.

In other words isn't this an attempt by the government to withdraw evidence they've been forced to provide by one of Bennett's orders? Or to change Bennett's order so they don't have to provide some incriminating docs?
I have been active on this file since Sunday/28/Dec./2010 when I made a very early morning phone call to a media outlet.

During this time, I have witnessed the bulk of BC's beautiful-celeb media white-wash and cover-up Basigate for one reason or another, but certainly with the newsroom's intent of protecting the Honourable Gordon M. Campbell and his BC Liberals from the evils of Godless NDP Socialism.

Now I am witnessing the neo-cons and Fraser Institute Fellow-Travelers in BC media turning on their "beloved" Premier for Life.

One has to wonder, what did our sociopathic Premier do to deserve such disloyality from his friends and LOVERS?!

It reminds me of 2003 and the ONE NIGHT STAND Paul Martin Jr. got in BC . . . from the leader of the Thousand Year Martinite Reich to Mr. Dithers in six months.

It is not like either of these tin-pot-despots suddenly went bad, since anyone on the inside had and has long known of their gross character limitations, for in some cases decades.

I can only assume these two sudden "Enemies of the People" were created, sustained and ultimately liquidated by the neo-con elites that control media in Canada and especially in British Columbia.

I certainly hold great distain for our corrupt and failed managers Martin and Campbell, but I reserve my strongest contempt for the Johns running BC's newsrooms and the Harlots who under their bylines generate this kind of garbage.


Loved your interpretation of Life in Lotus Land.

But hey, you lost 7 years there ... did mean to write "I have been active on this file since Sunday/28/Dec./2010" ...?

You are the Master of the One-Two punches,

but can you tell me this (I haven't had time to look it up yet and it keeps bothering me, now that the trial has started):

remember way back, maybe 2oo4 & 2005 ... or maybe 2005 & 2006. Whatever. It was April 1 for two consecutive years that somebody (must've been Patrick Dohm, eh?) announced he'd be holding a press conference to reveal what was in those Search Warrants for raiding the Legislature?

And both times, Paul Martin breezed, unannounced, into Vancouver and held a simultaneous press conference. Both on April Fools' Day.

Talk about weird optics! I had been watching him ever since that CSL freighter loomed dockside at Sydney NS carrying cocaine from South America. But the nerve of him, to show up unexpectedly in Vancouver on the day(s) when we thought police info. would be revealed about why police felt they had to raid the BC Legislature ... !

Nobody seemed to notice it. Remember that?

[Actually, I've been watching Paulie since he FIRST showed up in Vancouver alongside Gordo, early Jan. 2004, to answer our frantic questions about why RCMP had to raid our Legislature; oh, how beautifully they sang in close harmony that sad duet, "Us? Him & me? Naaa. We don't know nuthin', folks, so just keep movin' along ..."]

How will we know....Will this be done in open court?....Or will this be one of those 'jury's excused-type deals?

Sorry for the Basigate typo (2003-2010) it has been so long I was afraid I might have punched in 2103.

Regarding Mr. Dithers, this was all going on at the bottom of the CanWest BC POWER-COUPLE craze and at that time Mark, Christy and Hamish were still the Jesus, Mary and Joseph of BC politics, thus making Paul Martin . . . God on Earth, at least according to Dennis Skulski.

So under no circumstances was anything going stick to the Rt. Honourable Paul Martin Jr. in a CanWest rag.

Also the tight political and $$$ connection that existed since late 1997 between Mark Marissen's Ober Kommando der Martin in BC and the league of Campbellite BC fart-catchers made negative reporting on Paul Martin dangerous to the BC Liberal Party.

Just the usual CanWest style of self-censorship for self profit.

There's a name for this but I forget it. Anyhow if this is an application it would be done as part of the pre-trial and the jury will be excused. (the logic is that if the application is successful the jury should never know about the information targetted by the application, therefor they can't hear the argument to withdraw)
The house of Campbell and his odorous companions is on very shaky ground. if the state (read provincial government/Premier) wants to withdraw admissions, then the state must be very worried that there is some damning evidence involved.

The mainstream media, ever pretending that Campbell and various cabinet ministers, past and present are as pure as new fallen snow, have done little in investigative reporting, lest the awful truth comes out.

But today we live in the age of the blog and the blog is the new media of the 21st century and for the sad lot at CORUS, CanWest Global, etc., get over it, your time has come and gone. For too long the MSM have danced to Campbell's tune and now, very shortly it will be shown that the media Emperor, has no clothes.

BC Mary, you should win the Order of Canada, but you won't, as that award is only for Canadian Elites; the Canadian Creme de la Creme, who sneer at us lowly mortals. Just ask Steve Fonyo.

What the BC Railgate fiasco does show is that the mainstream media is bought and sold like a cheap whore; the court system is in disrepute; and no one trusts the RCMP. In short, BC is no better than a benign police state, run by an Emperor that is now continually looking over his shoulder, as his supposed friends are ready to do a Caesar on him.

Και συ, Falco?
And you, Falcon?

That's some catch, that pre-Trial Catch22, eh?

RE: Irony, Thy Name Is Two Hundred Ninety-Seven
By RossK

As RossK did in the above posting a few stories below this one, let me put a word in for Sean Holman, one of the few (the only?) so-called "accredited" real political journalists in BC.

This man deserves so much credit for digging up so many things that other, lazier and less intelligent (and less courageous) reporters, do.

Sean Holman was turfed by one of the Vancouver papers in their last down-sizing, and not because he was a poor performer, but because he is a damn good journalist, with a strong ethical and professional integrity.

I would urge everyone interested in solid journalism, to make a donation to Sean Holman's Public Eye website.


This is how he makes a living, and without someone like him in BC, the MSM landscape here would be a total nuclear apocalypse. He's the real deal. Let's help him stay afloat, and kicking.

It strikes me that Sean Holman and Robin Mathews might make a good team.

In 1973 when the first talk of impeaching Richard Nixon over Watergate was being kicked around inside the US Senate the question was asked . . . if we impeach Nixon do you want Spiro T. Agnew as his replacement for President of the United States?

Here is the 2010 question . . . if we get Gordon M. Campbell out, do you want Kevin Falcon for the next Premier of British Columbia?

thought we had a jury of Seven Men Five Women

Well, it is being held in Vancouver. Maybe one of them is transgendered?

You haven't been paying close attention. Seems like you missed one session in Courtroom 54.

The numerical consistencies/congruities in this case get more interesting all the time. Given my just-previous observation, and the clubby nature of the stage-managed "trial" we're seeing, maybe "Club 54" is more like it...

If only it had a decent soundtrack.....

I gather that these admissions that are being withdrawn is something we're not allowed to talk about, even if we knew what they were??

Perhaps the gentleman from Bloomberg could oblige us by printing the details in a website not within the jurisdiction of the court, i.e. beyond the reach of the publication ban?

And is it just me, or is this a rare occasion that the Washington Group has been mentioned in relation to this case? the same guys who got multimillion dollar ferries for a fraction of their cost? Not that I don't like Kyle Washington, in fact I think he's an interesting character. But this seems ilke the first time in a while we've heard of this other player in teh game, and I have to wonder how it is that they've been kept out of the spotlight, whereas we've heard lots about OmniTrax, CP, BNSF and CN and other corporate players (Charles River, CIBC WorldMarkets etc).

I hope the Defence intends to ask each of the corporate witnesses what political donations they made to the BC Liberal Party or its candidates and/or what other corporate dealings they may have had with this regime. This is not just about credibility of witnesses, and/or their motives, it's all about full disclosure, period. But with the Special Prosecutor, and quite possibly even the judge, as contributors to the Liberal Party, such a line of questioning may likely be ruled out of order huh?

Anyone (Robin?) have any idea was discussed in court on Feb 10? Or can that not be said here because it would burn the innocent, virginal ears of the jurors? Or was that one of thoe behind-closed-doors sessions that have gone on since Justice Mackenzie took over the case? Funny the timing, too, on the doorstep of the Olympics, when attention may have been diverted elsewhere.....

Other questions
occurred to me during this response, they've escaped me now, maybe I'll be back with other points.

Hey Great Satan, do you want to collaborate on a script? Excellent stuff, and nice integrative detail.
For whatever personal or professional reasons Mr. Sean Holman has refused to report on Basigate in text or on air for over three years.

Therefore, any journalist role for Mr. Holman in the matters regarding the Basigate Scandal would be "counter-productive" to any interests expressed here.

What ever Mr. Holman was . . . is not what he is now.


Sometimes I have no idea what the heck you're talking about, and this is one of them.

I hesitated to publish your remark.

Then I remembered how much you admire Sean Holman

and decided that you had just created a complicated compliment ... but a compliment, nonetheless.

So thanks.

I too am disappointed that Mr Holman has not gone whole hog on RailGate.


As CCanary indicated above, his site is a treasure trove for anybody looking for background on any of the players involved.

For example....need background on today's star witness?

Just go to Sean's site and plug-in 'Martyn Brown' into his search box here.


Canadian Canary, BC Mary and Robin Mathews are the team!

There have been other instances where Sean Holman has shied away, for whatever reasons from reporting on big issues. He's been selective with his bows and arrows.

Mary due diligence and determination to get the truth out and dig deep down every nook and crany of the BC Rail corruption case has been remarkable not to mention brilliant writing for thousands of her followers

She truly deserves the investigative journalism award of the century, pursuing every tentacle of this tainted saga like no other since Day 1. Mary's first rate journalism Blog is a treasure trove of resource material as this case unfolds - no way can we count on the coverage from the MSMedia.

Even today, it is astounding to see the MSMedia barely mention the stunning developments coming from Martyn Brown's cross examination in court. Same old games going on.

Her equally tenacious team member, Professor Robin Mathews has worked the litigtion/justice system avenue unearthing the tricks, blocks and detail alongside Mary.

British Columbians owe Mary a huge amount of gratitude for serving us up a delicious smorgasbord over the past years leading up to this trial in an ethical yet no holes barred manner.

Thankyou, BC Mary and Agent Mathews for your responsible journalism. Keep up the good work - it's all going to pay off now!!
TGS (aka Anonymous 4:42 PM) , you are wrong. See one example below taken from The Public Eye at:

Railway company paid Kinsella's firms
March 10, 2009

British Columbia Railway Co. financial statements show the company paid $297,000 to former provincial Liberal co-chair Patrick Kinsella's companies Progressive Holdings Ltd. and The Progressive Group between 2002 and 2005 for services rendered. In the legislature, the opposition demanded to know what services those companies were being paid for. Attorney General Wally Oppal refused to answer because he seemed to believe those statements were part of legislature raid trial documents. But they were obtained from the legislative library.

According to records obtained and interviews conducted by Public Eye, Mr. Kinsella or his strategic communications firm The Progressive Group have helped numerous powerful corporate and foreign interests including Accenture Business Services, Alcan Inc., The Cash Store Financial Services Inc., ING Canada Inc., Plutonic Power Corporation Inc., the State of Washington and British Columbia community gaming centres and bingo halls.

Hi Mary,

TV media check.

All three networks last night (May 18/10), CTV, Global and A Channel had a story on the six o’clock news about the trial, rightfully so after all this is the biggest political trial in BC history, right?

Only hours later on the late news, something had changed; Global only put the story on after a half- hour of more important news.

CTV and A Channel decided that this trial was no longer real news and did not run the story but rather….CTV with their priorities straight did run a story about having chickens in your back yard.

A Channel ran a story about a marmot living at a hotel in Victoria and a story about releasing ladybugs in the Victoria area.

So, chickens, Marmots and ladybugs seem to fit the media’s agenda more than the biggest political trial in BC’s history.

CBC had other obligations, hockey.
I'm quite surprised that today's edition of the National Post hasn't been included here, especially with the headline of:

"B.C. government devalued rail in order to sell, court hears

Brian Hutchinson, National Post Published: Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"The British Columbia government concocted a conspiracy to devalue a provincially owned railway in order to justify its sale, jurors at a political corruption trial heard on Wednesday.

Defence lawyer Kevin McCullough also made the startling suggestion that "the fix was in" to sell B.C. Rail to Canadian National Rail Co. and to spurn other bidders. He made the remarks as he cross-examined Crown witness Martyn Brown, who is chief of staff to B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell.

The government "was trying to drive the company into the ground so that it could support a broken [2001] election promise [not to dispose of B.C. Rail]," Mr. McCullough put to the witness."
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