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Not again! Top Cop is 3rd & 4th BC Solicitor General to resign!!

Weds/05/May/2010 . . . 9:25am (PDT)
Read the story here!

BC's just re-instated (yesterday by phone from his penthouse suite in Brussels, BC Premier for Life Gordon Campbell) Solicitor General Kash Heed has just moments ago . . . once again resigned!

Obviously, Mr. Heed has a few more microns of ethics in his body than his BC boss the Greatest Political Leader of All Time, sorry Kim Jong-Il

 The Great Satan

[And don't you love that side-bar story: Heed's a perfect fit for Campbell cabinet. Do you hear an echo up the valleys: "Oooops!!"]

Kash Heed stepping down as solicitor-general - again


 VICTORIA -- Kash Heed has resigned a second time as solicitor-general, a move that came just hours after he had been reinstated to the position by Premier Gordon Campbell.

"My resignation takes effect right now," Heed told reporters Wednesday morning.

Heed's announcement came after what he called a "bizarre" set of circumstances that unfolded Tuesday.

On Tuesday afternoon, Premier Gordon Campbell reinstated Heed as solicitor-general, saying he did so because a special prosecutor had exonerated Heed of any wrongdoing in connection with charges from the election campaign last May.

But just over an hour after that announcement, the special prosecutor who cleared Heed stepped aside over a potential conflict of interest.

Terry Robertson said he was stepping aside because ... 

Read more here. And no, BC Mary didn't make it up and wouldn't dream of making up such a story. 


If the Law Society and everyone are so torn up over this Special Prosecutor appointment why are they not looking at Billy Boy of BVB fame? Robin??
Yeah ... oh yeah, Watchingfromnextdoor,

why are "they" studiously avoiding Ol' Bill?
Sean Leslie at 3:15 says the Liberals got $37,000 from
Robertson's law firm. Alex Tsakumis has reported $14,580 to April 2009 and $5,000 in May 2009. I wonder how much the law firm was paid for Robertson's services as special prosecutor? Talk about shopping for a lawyer. Then the news clip a 3:00 of the premier babbling about this new crisis was just too too funny and absurd. Frank
"Read more here. And no, BC Mary didn't make it up and wouldn't dream of making up such a story."

I believe you Mary, YOU CAN"T make up this sh*t!

Don't forget that Terry boy son of Robert knows all about being an "oh so" special prosecutor as I point out today over at the House of Infamy - he was the third, and finally compliant, special prosecutor in the Bountiful polygamy case who finally gave StoneWally Oppal a recommendation to charge Blackmore and his associate - leading to Wally's being a defendent in a suit over "prosecutor shopping." Wally would have gone though every lawyer in BC and settled for a para-legal if necessary to find someone who would recommend what Wally "it's before the courts" Oppal wanted.

One can't help but notice how much more seriously they take democracy over there in the cradle of democracy - Athens. Here in BC the Campbell Crime Family can shove anything they want down the people's throats and they just open another flyer to see where to buy a new flat screen TeeVee.

Now I'm waiting for Vaughn Palmer to weigh in on the Kash and Karry affair on CBC radio (on All Points West), once I hear from the premier's personal flak (or is that flake?), I'll know what to think about the situation!
Is there a list of Gordon's attendees in the Brussels suite?? Nancy? Lara? Just who is attending on our dime?

Does "Jag" exist?

Do you remember when the Defense for Basi/Virk/Basi were going through the motions of Pre-trial deliberations looking for full disclosure from the BC Liberals..... and out of that mess came the bombshell that the police had caught something on tape and reported by Bill Tieleman on his blog:

"That in discussing stacking radio show phone calls, David Basi tells Mike McDonald that "it wasn't him making the call but confesses that it was Jag making the call -- Dave was at home. Dave says: 'Don't use Jag or Jerri on Meisner as they have distinctive voices. Sheila is a white girl who also makes fake calls."


We've never been able to find this guy called "Jag"..... or have we, now that Barindar Sall used the name of "Jag" to "fool" the RCMP and Election BC.


"Then between July 14 and 16, 2009, Khanna (owner of North American Mailing Ltd.) is alleged to have told "a false story, including providing a telephone number for a fictitious individual, "Jag" to two police officers. Those two sets of alleged lies are also the basis for the two obstruction of justice charges.

Sall is alleged to have posed as "Jag" to the Elections BC official and to have also "fabricated a false story and arranged for that false story to be provided" to police. And he is alleged to have attempted to defraud Elections B.C. by falsifying an advertising sponsor disclosure report."

Along the bottom of the form is this:

"Warning: Signing a false statement is a serious offence and is subject to significant penalties."

Source: Vancouver Sun
If Robertson was in conflict for donating to Heed's campaign and the Liberal party, what of Mr. Berandino who donated to Wally and the BC Liberals while under appointment as special prosecutor, directing an on-going investigation that involved several cabinet ministers and perhaps other government members?

I made this point before. Yesterday's drama is just underlining.
I certainly hope some in the media are looking into Robin's claims re: the special prosecutor in the Basi Virk case. This would be the perfect time.
Is there a list of Gordon's attendees in the Brussels suite?? Nancy? Lara? Just who is attending on our dime?


Well, what we need is to find a Brussels-based paparazzo to snap some pics of Campbell and his party. Not sure what those photos would be worth, or who would pay for them, but they'd sure be interesting to see.....

And a really good paparazzo would bribe the hotel clerk to get access to the guest register....
I hate to admit that Stevie Harpers speech in Holland yesterday was almost good. But to see the white haired prevaricator and adulterer standing there at the ceremony was a slap in the face to the dead soldiers being honored. To think they died so an asshole like him and his gang could come along and game "democracy" to steal the peoples stuff almost sends me into apoplexy.

We may be way off the BC Rail topic but I must join you in what you just said.

What does Gordo know of honour or sacrifice for the common good? What made him think that in times of restricted provincial budgets, we wanted him and his [cough, choke ...] entourage in Holland this past week?

Koot, you got it exactly right when you wrote, with a lost generation of Canadian soldiers in mind:

To think they died so an asshole like him and his gang could come along and game "democracy" to steal the peoples stuff almost sends me into apoplexy.
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