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As BC's 3rd Solicitor-General of The Golden Era is forced to resign, Michael Smyth suggests that "If Heed's [election] campaign officials are found guilty, and Heed is still allowed to keep his seat in the legislature, that would reveal a serious loophole in our election laws." Ooo!

B.C.'s ex-top cop doesn't escape untarnished

By Michael Smythe
The Province- May 4, 2010
 Kash Heed may have escaped charges Monday in the election dirty-tricks scandal that cost him his cabinet seat, but the former top cop doesn't exactly come out of this mess smelling like a rose.

These are serious criminal and campaign-finance allegations against Heed's most senior and trusted campaign masterminds, who also happen to be Liberal party and government insiders.

Barinder Sall, Heed's campaign manager, was a ministerial assistant to former attorney-general Wally Oppal. Dinesh Khanna is a Liberal party donor who's been praised in the legislature by Liberal MLAs. Satpal Johl was entrusted with one of the highest positions of authority in the Heed campaign machine as official financial agent.

It all looks terrible on the province's former solicitor-general -- yet that didn't prevent Heed from suggesting Monday he was somehow ready for prime time again.

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Yup, the hits just keep on coming for the battered Libs, though they did their best to put the best spin on the situation, by emphasizing Heed had been exonerated by special prosecutor Terrence Robertson.

But consider this: Robertson said he cleared Heed because the former West Van police chief didn't know about the allegedly dirty deeds going down -- and Heed would not have sussed it out even if he had exercised "reasonable diligence."

Interestingly, Heed told reporters last month that he didn't know anything about the smear tactics against the NDP in his riding, even though the campaign uproar over the illegal Chinese-language pamphlets at the centre of the scandal were reported at the time in the media!

What does all that say about Heed's skill as an investigator, when he would not have been capable of sniffing out alleged wrongdoing? Sherlock Holmes he ain't.

Meanwhile, could Heed lose his seat in the B.C. legislature if his brain trust is found guilty of running a dirty campaign?

Elections B.C. said no, even though the law states a politician can be kicked out of office if the campaign exceeds its legal spending limit, and the monetary value of the illegal flyer sliming has never been disclosed.

If Heed's campaign officials are found guilty, and Heed is still allowed to keep his seat in the legislature, that would reveal a serious loophole in our election laws.

Why? Because there's a strong argument to be made that the Chinese-language brochures -- accusing the News Democrats of being the most evil band of thugs this side of the Mongol hordes -- turned the tide in a tight election.

If just 375 Vancouver-Fraserview voters rejected the NDP because of the brochures -- in a riding of 38,000 voters -- that would mean Heed's "victory" last May was bogus.

If Heed's brain trust ends up getting busted, the only fair outcome would be a byelection. And this one should be slime-free.


Holy smoke!
Vancouver MLA Kash Heed reinstated as solicitor general

By Kate Webb
The Province - May 4, 2010

Premier Gordon Campbell has reinstated Vancouver-Fairview MLA Kash Heed as B.C. Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General.

The announcement was made Tuesday following the release of a report that found there was "no substantial likelihood of conviction" in the case against Heed and that the MLA did not know an election-financing report was false.

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"Kash Heed has dedicated his career to public service and has acted in the best interest of his constituents," said Campbell in a statement. "His commitment to the duties and responsibilities of Solicitor General were paramount last month when he stepped aside. I am sure this has been difficult both for Kash Heed and his family. I am pleased that this has been resolved quickly and I am pleased to re-appoint him as Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General."

The Criminal Justice Branch's report stated: "On the evidence presented to the special prosecutor, there is no evidence that Mr. Heed was either involved in the production of the pamphlets or had direct knowledge of the pamphlets or the allegedly fraudulent [advertising sponsor form].

But special prosecutor Terrence Robertson has recommended a dozen charges, including six against Heed's campaign manager, Barinder Sall, along with five charges against bulk mailer Dinesh Khanna and one charge against Satpal Johl, Heed's financial officer.

The Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General is responsible for police and correctional services, emergency management, crime prevention programs, victim assistance, consumer services and the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles.



It is truly amazing isn't it? Heed can be cleared in such a short time. (Still up to his butt in crap) Where as the BC Rail trial can take close to 8 years? God bless those tricky lieberals. The depth of the rot is obscene. Recall whoever is left.
Hi there,

"Satpal Johl was entrusted with one of the highest positions of authority in the Heed campaign machine as official financial agent."

Is this the same guy?


Scary if he is breaking the law...
Many thanks, 11:57 ...

it certainly looks like the same person, with 25 years of accounting experience ...

"it certainly looks like the same person, with 25 years of accounting experience "

Who better to pull off financial scams - I studied a bit of accounting and kept arguing with my accountant teachers because I thought there was something morally and ethically lacking in a disipline that kept talking about "exploiting" opportunities, to me it represented a reprehensible mindset - a mindset that has us on the brink of soiling our own nest to the point of making it uninhabitable.

I always say that today an MBA from a good business school is the MUST HAVE credential for the aspiring white collar criminal.
This is why we have the Enrons, Sachs Goldman, our banks. I always used to hear - Gotta have a good accountant to keep yourself out of trouble and the taxman away. Guess we common folk will continue to pay the high prices, fees etc. We can't afford the right accountants that know all the loops. (Not trying to say all accountants are this way, but definitely there are some.)
And would Satpal's suspected means of cooking the books for candidate Kash Heed require the RCMP and Elections BC to look at other candidates that he worked for during the last provincial election.... eg. Linda Reid

Source: British Columbia Disclosure Reports Linda Reid -
Following the absolute low-life, infected ways of our leader, I just heard it announced that Kash Heed has been re-instated.

Maybe they want to recruit that Peter Hodson, fellow bad cop into the Liberal fold. Seems he would fit right in with this bad bunch.

did you see this in the Vancouver Sun in their News Alerts?

The special prosecutor overseeing the investigation into Kash Heed has withdrawn from the case.

In a statement released Tuesday, Terrence Robertson said he's stepping aside because his law firm contributed $1,000 to Heed's election campaign.
why he's quitting the case here (PDF file).

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/news/Kash+Heed+restored+solicitor+general/2986405/story.html#ixzz0n13Igis2
you think that Robertson exonerated Heed then told the AG office that he was in conflict of donations to the BC Libs OR He knew that he was in conflict first and HAD to exonerate Heed second because of his political ties to the BC Liberal Party.

With a new SP coming on line will he be required to start off from DAY 1 of when the complaint was first laid or will he be continuing on from where Robertson left off....... I can almost hear the lawyers for the defendents.

Banana Republic

dateline: BC, the Best Place on Earth

Twenty-four hours ago the BC Liberals' hand-picked special prosecutor investigating disgraced and recently resigned BC Solicitor General Kash Heed for electoral fraud and obstruction of justice declared the Honourable Kash Heed innocent of all charges.

At 4:00pm BC time today, the Honourable Gordon M. Campbell, BC Premier for Life announced his good friend Kash Heed will immediately be returning to cabinet and full party status.

At 5:40pm BC time today, the Special Prosecutor who yesterday declared CASH GREED innocent of all charges . . . announced his immediate resignation after the discovery he and his law firm had given substantial cash donations to Kash Heed, Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberal Party in the last election.

Welcome to Guatemala, the Best Place On Earth.


Isn't it Zimbabwe? and didn't Gordo choose Mugabwe as his mentor?
Perhaps if Campbell were among those charged in the case now before the courts, or other elected Liberals (and not just Liberal apparatchiks like Basi, Virk and Basi), then Berardino would feel compelled to resign for the same reason that Robertson has just had the decency to do (upon realizing he was in conflict).

So, does this mean that his exoneration of Heed is no longer valid, or were his decisions during his brief tenure as Special Prosecutor written in stone? i.e. that the election in that riding has been tainted by the production of illegal campaign materials, which were also spreading false news, and which may also have been contributory towards that campaign being in excess of campaign spending laws; but only the last clause requires the removal of the "elected" MLA.

A real politician, truly schooled in the British political system we have sadly inherited and even more sadly seen abused, would resign his seat given the questions of the legitimacy of the win, and run for re-election in a by-election.

Once upon a time, in fact, byelections were held (federally if not provincially) to confirm the appointmemt of a member to cabinet.

But it seems that the election, even if the means used by a victor were illegal, and not just immoral, is considered binding. And that despite the violation of laws by those in a campaign he's ultimately responsible for,, the elected candidate is even seen fit to serve as Solicitor-General.

In the same way, the decision of the Special Prosecutor, who served long enough to exonerate someone whose campaign he had not just supported, but contributed money to, will be allowed to stand.

This is nuts. "Government by expediency" doesn't even cover it.

This stinks even more than Emerson's crossing the aisle even before he was sworn in......
Why do I expect more hijinks from the ministry of Kash Heed...as he covers his masters arse doing whatever... .

He has to pay Campbell back somehow...and he will. If Liberal past history continues that is.
"Heed lacks judgment but has an abundance of hubris" Ian Mulgrew.

Strange but there's no electronic version, just the hard copy.
islandcynic suggests:

"Maybe they want to recruit that Peter Hodson, fellow bad cop into the Liberal fold. Seems he would fit right in with this bad bunch."

I nominate Monty Robinson to be a star candidate to knock off Vicki Huntington in South Delta. Mr. Robinson is the perfect LIEberal candidate, not only does he drink and drive with impunity, but kills people almost annually, as a sideline - so he would be available to be either Solicitor-General (a position requiring depth on the liaR bench) or Minister of Health.

Skookum, when I first heard the news, re:Robertson stepping down, the story was that he was aware from the get-go that his law firm was a donor to Kash and Karry's campaign - but only after Kash was safely back in cabinet did he have "second" thoughts about a possible conflict of interest and decide to step down (or that his work was done).
I almost have terminal whiplash, Kash and Dash has stepped down, yet again, though I'm certain that he still has done no wrong.

Now if the rest of the Campbell Crime Family would just follow Kash's example and step down, entirely, vacate their seats, and leave it at that............
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