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Today, Monday May 3, is WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY. Does that mean we'll be able to read media reports on today's events unfolding in open court on File #23299 a.k.a. the BC Rail Trial?

Listed officially on the B.C. Supreme Court's listings of today's hearings (May 3) in Criminal Court:

Aneal Basi, Limited Access, Bobby Virk, Courtroom 55 at 10:00 AM.

The familiar fraud charges etc., plus: 

* Ian Munro, Witness from Nova Scotia, Halifax, [to] give evidence by means of technology that permits him to testify in Nova Scotia in Virtual presence of the parties ...

* Constitutional question.

Let's celebrate World Press Freedom Day by attending this hearing, which is open to the public (that would be us, the former owners of BC Rail). Be there, if you possibly can. Let's do our part as citizens in a democratic society. 
- BC Mary. 

Footnote: BC Mary will be on Prince George Community Radio, CFIS 93.1 with Ben Meisner this morning, May 3, talking about BC Rail.

The other foot-note: o.m.g., I gave Ben a wrong number! [blush!] He's a trooper ... so the new date is tomorrow, Tuesday May 4, at 9:00 AM, if interested.  Sheesh.


Give 'em hell Mary! (So to speak)

Ben Meisner couldn't be speaking with a more knowledgeable person about BC Rail's sale...and I hope you're given the time and the right questions to bring the truth to light. Maybe this will turn the lights back on in BC?
Monday May 3, is WORLD PRESS FREEDOM DAY - except for British Columbia, Myanmar and any other jurisdictions where Press Freedom is in violation of the law!

Good Luck on the radio tomorrow Mary! As Leah sez above, "You da' (wo)Man" when it comes to BC Rail!
do ya think they have an online broadcast? Guess I'll see if I can get it on their website (and hope my WIFI connection is stable enough for it to stream properly).
Skookum, if your connection is too slow to "stream" audio or video content, just download it to your hard drive and then play it from your local drive - that's what I do with my often very slow dial-up.
Audio content, without video, isn't usually that data intensive.
Actually I found their stream last had some cool '60s music on it at the time, worked fine. Daily reality may pull me out of the house around that time (1 pm my time) but hopefully I'll get to hear it live.
How did it go. I could not get mine to stream. It just kept saying it was loading.

thanks for asking. I wish I could tell you how it went. It seemed to me that it didn't go very well at all ...

Ben is easy, and provides good openings. So Ben certainly wasn't the problem.

But the producer's first telephone call was to announce a 20-minute delay. OK. After 20 min. my phone rang again, Ben came on the line, made a nice introduction about how well-known the name of BC Mary is so he thought it would be nice to talk to the person behind that name ...

and promptly vanished except for a few scratchy wee noises on the line which may or may not have been him talking.

"Anybody there?" I asked, feeling silly. Nothing. "Can anyone hear me?" I asked, feeling even sillier. Nope. Nothing, except for a bunch of ads.

Then Ben came back online and gave a really nice introduction ... only to disappear into those wee scratchy noises again.

More ads. On the 3rd try, we made it. Ben said workmen were doing something outside their building and maybe that was the problem. I'm sure THE GREAT SATAN will be convinced that it's the BC Gestapo. Me, I think it's just the luck of the draw ...

Ben asked me to explain why I started this TLR blog, what kept me working on it for 4 years, and asked if I was on a political platform. I was glad to have the chance to repeat that TLR blog is deliberately non-partisan ...

but it wasn't long after that, when Ben said (at 9:50 AM) that we were running out of time!! and thanked me for the interview. I wondered about those final 10 minutes ... anybody know who filled that time-slot?
"I wondered about those final 10 minutes ... anybody know who filled that time-slot?"

Prolly more ads and promos for Colon not so Handsome.

By the way, I did hear very briefly on the CBC radio One that something was going on in Prince George today, the courthouse was blocked off by cop cars, some kind of situation - maybe whatever that is or was had something to do with the in and out nature of your appearance or Ben's possible distraction. I haven't heard anything else about the "situation" in PG, maybe it is really nothing - kinda like the non-happening minor switching accident in the yard that almost burned down PG a few years back. You know the one that dumped fuel in the river and called the water bombers into town.

Your words triggered something Ben said, amidst the confusion of losing the audio ...

he said "We've got something big going on here ..."

Later I read about a bomb scare at the Prince George Court House ...

so maybe that explains the on-again, off-again confusion.

Thanks, Koot.
Here's the story from Ben's own news site: OPINION 250:

and holy smoke, have a look ... what do you think of the Prince George court house????????????

Talk about a Growth Industry ... this is a Palace of Justice or some such thing.
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