Monday, May 17, 2010


Trial of Basi, Virk, Basi (a.k.a. the BC Rail Case) begins today at 10:00 AM in BC Supreme Court, Vancouver. Open to the public (the BC public being the previous owners of BC Rail)

In 14 lines, BC Supreme Court listings for today set out the story for each of the 3 accused in very simple terms (see BC Criminal Court, in left margin, to confirm):

Accepting bribe as a government official
Breach of trust by public officer
Accepting bribe as a government official
Accepting bribe from person dealing with gov't
Offering to influence government official
Breach of trust by public officer
Fraud over $5000
Fraud over $5000

The Law Courts building is at 800 Smithe Street, Vancouver. The BC Rail corruption trial is open to the public.

Under the terms of the publication ban, the public is entitled to free expression of anything they hear in the courtroom while the jury is present. That's the important part: the jury must hear any evidence, any rulings, any courtroom activities, before it's revealed elsewhere. OK?

So, this blog welcomes your comments. Please tell us what you see, what you hear, how you feel. BC Rail was our loss. This is our story. And this, in my view, is where the province took the wrong path.

Never doubt that this is the most important day in BC history. May the angels be with us today. And in the days ahead. - BC Mary. 


Alone maybe in the entire province, the Vancouver Sun has no story about the trial starting today. What a surprise.

By the way, is something happening before the trial at 9? Something related to the lack of disclosure? In Courtroom 54. Didn't Campbell promise full co-operation and disclosure, so why are they discussing withholding docs at 9?
7:53 ...

I missed something? I'll go searching for "something happening before the trial at 9" but I surely didn't see it in the morning's Court listings ...

can you provide more specifics?

Good Morning BC Mary, finally the big day has arrived, give yourself a big pat on the back, Im sure you were very instrumental in helping this day arrive.
Ive been a follower of yours since you brought up your concerns of BC Rail on the Tyee, and when you stated this blog.
Lets hope Justice will prevail.
Your loyal follower Woody.
Many, many thanks, Henri Paul,

That's so nice to see your words on this important, tense day.

So now we're in the saddle. It won't be an easy ride, if you ask me. Let's talk again, when the trial ends.

Meantime, we hang on and hope for the best.
Let us hope and pray that All of the truth about the sale of BC Rail comes forward and that justice is served for the citizens of British Columbia.

Thanks for your steadfast efforts over these many years, Mary.

Thanks to you, and to so many wonderful contributors, that we pushed, pulled, prodded, shoved our way along the paths of justice,

and got this far.

May the angels stay with us to a beneficial conclusion.
Mary, I'm sure you've heard, but at least CBC Radio has been announcing the start of the trial in their morning newscasts, and it was the main topic of CBC Radio's morning show political panel.

BC Mary. This just in. One of my sources tells me that way back in the beginning there were some people involved in the sale who were kicked upstairs and made to sign a confidentiality agreement.From what I can get they were employees of BC Rail. (not confirmed). I'll try to work on more details but I know that people fear consequences.

Thanks so much for keeping this alive Mary. I'm watching for your angels.

No, didn't hear CBC but I posted something from them.

I've been like the one-arm paper-hanger this a.m.,

if you can give us a few ideas (who was on the air, what's their main point), it'd be good.

Also, could you repeat one of your comments this a.m., which disappeared on me. Sigh.

Pre trial hearing at 9:15. Disclosure issues? Government refusing to release docs? Who knows?
It seems to me that, if matters are so sensitive they might burn the jury's ears, then it's the jury that should be sequestered; not the public....
It's odd that CBC would "hold a panel" and NOT invite Robin, isn't it??

I know Barbara Frum or Peter Gzowski would have....
Hi Mary, CBC Radio newscasts this morning called it the long-awaited Basi-Virk Corruption trial, nothing too much more noteworthy, but at least it was the top or second story of all their morning radio newscasts.

Here's another CBC link, this one announcing the delay until 2pm, and this story has a LOT of very good reader comments:

The speed with which the comments piled up on this story is amazing. CBC should get the drift that there is public interest.

I make a point of going to those stories that allow comments and identify those comments I support, and also click on the "recommend" button for stories related to the BC Rail Corruption Scandal.

As for my other comments, I'm sorry, I can't recall them, and didn't keep a copy myself. No worries. If I think of the content, I'll re-post.

I'd love to be helping you hang that wallpaper Mary, but don't dismiss your role and efforts –– you're doing one hell of a job of it. Keep it up!

BC Mary, you're signing off as "M" (May 17, 2010 9:30 AM)?

Mmmmmmmmm, I seem to remember M as being related to James Bond's boss.
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