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Well, well, well ... Port of Vancouver isn't happy with current rail service!

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Poor consistency and reliability bring demand for tighter regulation

By Scott Simpson
Vancouver Sun - May 4, 2010

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Well this is old news April 8,2010, and CN has something to say about their poor performance.

Get ready for kinder gentler CN, exec tells shippers

TORONTO -- Canadian National Railway is going to start being more of a team player.
"You're going to see a new CN," Ladouceur promised. "You're going to see CN come out in a more customer-centric manner. We won't be driving our agenda only, all the time, as we have done in the past 10 years."

In a surprisingly blunt conclusion to his speech, Ladouceur admitted CN has been aggressive with its customers in the past.

"Our bedside manners kind of suck. We haven't been good bedside doctors," he said. "We know darn well that we push change pretty hard and in some cases it probably felt as though we were shoving it down your throats. I lived through that. You lived through that. My message tonight is that we're not going to abandon the principles of running a scheduled railroad but we are going to be a lot more cognizant of the fact that there is this thing called a supply chain. That it's not just about CN."

CN will adopt a more cooperative attitude when
events threaten the flow of goods, the company promises
Ladouceur comments come a couple of months after an NRG Research Group survey found that a large majority of shippers were unhappy with the levels of service that both CN and CP Rail provide.

Between the two major railways, a majority of shippers indicated that CN is the quicker and more efficient operation, but those who use both railways were more satisfied with CP's service by a two-to-one margin.

Ladouceur said the change in the company's attitude comes directly from "the top of the house," led by senior executives who have recognized the need to fit into the broader supply chain in Canada.

"We have a new CEO (Claude Mongeau), a relatively new CFO (Luc Jobin, who joined the company in mid-2009), new CMO (chief marketing officer Jean-Jacques Ruest)," he said, "and these guys are different."

Ladouceur said CN will adopt a more cooperative attitude when events threaten the flow of goods.

"When the ground count at Deltaport goes to 40,000 feet, it's not a case where CN can bash TSI [Terminal Systems Inc., the owner of Deltaport, Vancouver's biggest container port] or TSI can bash CN. We're not doing that anymore," he said. "We're working collectively with TSI and Port Metro ....
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Any chance you'll be attending any of the BC Rail trial days??
I certainly hope to attend some of the trial, My son is getting married end of May, after that I will be making plans for another adventure. Hubby has Dr appointment in City on the 11th, so just maybe will be there on May 10th, he he. Hope your doing well Mary.

Best wishes to Parents of the Groom for a happy wedding in May,

and for a happy result with your husband's Dr appointment on June 11.

Yes, thank you, I'm doing well ... the regime isn't onerous at all and I can feel the improvement.
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