Thursday, June 03, 2010


BC Rail Corruption Trial is, according to Supreme Court schedule for today, confirmed to continue at 10:00 AM.


Today, June 3, 2010 -- a mere 4 years since the BC Rail Corruption Trial was first scheduled to begin -- we may see an actual movement in the courtroom at around 10:00 AM Pacific Time.
Or it could be another little prank (ha ha) played upon the long-suffering citizens of British Columbia to have us thinking that because the courtroom has been rented and players assigned, there may be a session today.

And oh, look at the empty gallery where  citizens, reporters, foreign journalists and mysterious others are expected to show interest. Look! Ha, ha ... look, folks ... ain't nobody there! Why is nobody there? Because they've learned (after 4 years, remember) that ain't nuthin' happenin' there least, nothing we can see or hear in our open courtroom system.

And besides, if we see and hear things ... well, there's a publication ban. 

Pity the jury. Pity the citizens of British Columbia.

When to consider the entire process of trying Basi, Virk, Basi a hoax?

When to book airline and hotel reservations for those planning to attend?

When to prepare the signs for picketing the sidewalk in front of Vancouver Law Courts building?

Just remember: "they" are trying to sweep an entire railway under the rug.  How difficult can it be to expose that ... and stop the rot? Not forgetting that the "accredited" journalists are now exposed, too, as a serious part of the problem.


Just in case they want to piss us off again I copied the court list to a file at 6:45 Am today.
Never know when we might need proof of their incompetence.
Neal Hall wrote that the case is continuing. As usual, he has open communication lines with the Special prosecutor as he is the "acredited" journalist for the BC Courts.
Anon 9:39,

That's how I think of him now, too:

Neal Hall, the Accredited Journalist for the BC Courts ... step right up, folks, and Neal Hall will tell you the truth, the whole truth ... yeah, right ... ha ha haaa... today's column is really epic.

Because in his official volunteer CanWest capacity, Neal will provide us with a version of the truth which could win a job with the Public Affairs Bureau ... stepping stone to heaven! Imagine that as a public service!

As for the elder stateman who, at Neal Hall's official BCSC Media Accreditation decision, must make do without a recording device? I think Robin Mathews could see, hear, analyse, understand and explain more than most journalists (accredited or otherwise) any day of the week, one hand tied behind his back.

Cockeyed free press in a cockeyed justice system in a province which needs both justice and media to be performing at their upper-level best.
Oh look, another ajournment:

I think we are going to have to physically take back democracy, soon! I can't afford the ferry to get to the courtroom to bear witness.
I suspect,
as some of you have,that this trial is being made to be an inconvience to attend day after day. So one day, nobody will show up! This kangaroo court will take place when we are all asleep...
It amazes me that there is no higher authority looking out for the best interest of citizens.One would think that the Federal Justice dept. would over see all injustices? Like the job of a Lt.Govenor, who over sees the managment of the provincal govn't! Obviously, not in this case of injustice.
Citizen Queen sez:

"One would think that the Federal Justice dept. would over see all injustices? "

Except in the case of this particular Federal rogue government. It is a toss-up which, Ottawa or Victoria, has the least respect for justice and accountability. And even though Stevie and Gordie's parties have different names, that would imply different platforms, they both work hand in glove for the benefit of the corporate elite and the surrender of Canadian sovereignty.
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