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BC Rail Corruption Trial is back in BC Supreme Courtroom 54 today June 2, 2010 beginning at 10:00 AM.

These trial sessions with Basi, Virk, and Basi present in the courtroom, are open to the public; you may tell others what you see and hear in Courtroom 54 providing the jury is present to see and hear those facts, too.

Many people are confused about the publication ban, thinking that they'll be thrown in jail if they mention, for example, that Lawyer X appeared unduly relaxed, given the circumstances, of questioning Mr Y about work-day decisions made during BC Rail negotiations. Or that new names have been mentioned in evidence. Etc.  It's really not quite that bad ... but

It's obvious that we should not rely upon the "accredited" journalists to select and/or provide all the information, either.  Citizens do have work to do, in this case. Being present at the BC Rail Corruption Trial -- even for a day -- is absolutely vital to seeing the issue through. Blessings upon all, who undertake this civic duty.

Just remember: if the jury is there to see and hear what you see and hear, then you're at liberty to tell others. And I'd certainly be pleased to post your comments here on The Legislature Raids.


...or, not.
Kim saw it coming.....or not coming - come on people, how much can you take, or will you take?
Hi Mary and Robin.

Can either one of you advise how on god's green earth this has gone on so long?

The RCMP and the government if they were doing their job could have noticed Dave Basi is working out of Vancouver, British Columbia for a very reputable transportation company.

Why are the tax payers of this province still paying our hard earned dollars to fund the trial of the man who [edited for libel reasons] is ensuring Bolton gets his cheque every month?

In Victoria his [edited for libel] are known through the whole island. He spends his time, planning ways to make money and if that means [edited] This man parades across downtown Vancouver, eating in expensive restaurants, going to clubs, and lounges with his regime; which consists of some very high powered people including his employer who is a predominent businessman, and some other very high powered people who again have a lot of influence across the province.

Dave Basi continues to live the life he lived a few years ago driving a flashy new SUV, wearing the expensive suits, and spending money [edited].

Aneal Basi on the other hand is trying to work hard and distance himself from this whole mess that his cousin created. But he too is no stranger to the spotlight. He has been spotted again in clubs in both Victoria and Vancouver with some very well known people. Bobby Virk is under the arm of his brother in law in all of this. He has no opinion unless he asks Dave.

When all of this started we were geared up for the trial of the century. Now with our legal system falling at every step this is a mere disaster.

If a person who is not even from the Lower Mainland can come to all these sources that these people are not only scamming the public but also revenue Canada, then why are the RCMP and others just sitting back and letting all of this happen?

It must be because the Campbell government is entirely involved. If Dave Basi and his associates go down this should be the long waited, expected fall of the Premier.

Dave Basi says on the television while walking into the courthouse. “It’s been 7 long years….” 7 long years for him or for the public who wants answers, and has awaited the truth which clearly both sides are working very hard to cover up.
How can all of them plead not guilty? For example; Aneal Basi pleads not guilty to money laundering when all the records are there. Is it because the “powers to be.” have told him to? Maybe because he knows something that the public does not know?

This trial can come to an end if the RCMP had been doing their job. This seems to be just a cover up to let all the mistakes go on, [edited] ...

Steve 3:16
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