Thursday, June 03, 2010


BC Rail Corruption Trial re-scheduled (maybe) for Monday, June 7

Basi-Virk case put back until Monday, June 7.
Mark Hume
Globe and Mail - Thursday, Jun. 03, 2010

The BC Rail political corruption trial had another false start, Thursday, because of unresolved legal issues that cannot be disclosed due to a sweeping publication ban.

Moments after the jury was seated Madam Justice Anne MacKenzie of the Supreme Court of British Columbia dismissed the members until Monday morning.

As she has done several times in the past two weeks, the judge thanked the jury but said the trial could not commence until unspecified legal issues are worked out.

“Matters are resolving themselves, but we will not be proceeding today,” she said, while expressing confidence the trial will go ahead Monday.

The trial was initially supposed to have started May 3, but that date was put back to May 18 because of legal wrangling ...

{Snip} ...

The jury has now been called in several times, only to be told to go home while legal matters are resolved.

So far the jury has only heard an opening statement by Special Prosecutor William Berardino and a few days of testimony by Martyn Brown, Chief of Staff to Premier Gordon Campbell.

Mr. Brown was called to the stand as the first of an expected 30 Crown witnesses. He was subject to two days of cross examination before legal matters unrelated to his testimony forced a series of delays.

Mr. Brown is expected back on the stand Monday. {Snip} ...

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Like children on a playground the 'bully' always makes the rules and changes them at his whim. Then they take the bat and ball and goes home. In this case the bully/bullies use the law to play the game to their satisfaction and to hell with the public right to see the law done as it should be carried out to a 'guilty or not guilty' verdict. It is no wonder so many think the 'fix' is in.
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