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BC Rail Political Corruption Trial in BC Supreme Court today, 10:00 AM


Blair Lekstrom resigned from the Campbell Cabinet on Friday, saying the issue was the HST.  More about Lekstrom from Gary Mason's Sept. 23, 2009 report in The Globe and Mail ...

A new ringmaster, same circus as BC Rail trial heats up

Vancouver — {Snip} ... So who might have something to be worried about?

The court now has a document that suggests Pilothouse officials received detailed information about the BC Rail sale from a cabinet meeting, which was not attended by Mr. Basi or Mr. Virk. We may soon learn the identity of the cabinet minister suspected to be the source of that information.

Another person who may be concerned is Pat Bell, the current Minister of Forests and MLA from the riding of Prince George North. At the time of the government sale of BC Rail, there was fierce opposition to the plan centred in and around the Prince George area. Residents and businesses did not want the government to give up control of a rail line upon which they depended each day.

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Beyond Mr. Bell, the name of Blair Lekstrom, Minister of Petroleum Resources and MLA from Peace River South, is also likely to surface during pretrial hearings. He also hails from a part of B.C. that was adamantly opposed to the BC Rail sale and there is apparently similar evidence that he, too, was talking to Pilothouse officials about the sale of BC Rail ...

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Gary Mason's complete column from Sept. 23, 2009 is HERE.

From Salt Spring News:

Monday, June 14, 2010
Regional News

Hometown hero, Blair Lekstrom, says he wlll seek re-election in 2013 but no clear indication under what party banner; many wonder if his move is the opening of a province-wide 'Blair Lekstrom Rebellion'
Lekstrom said the issue has galvanized the public like no other matter he’s seen since moving to the region 25 years ago. “I’ve never seen people like this. Ever.” ...

“It’s not an easy decision, but it’s probably the most powerful statement a sitting member can make,” said [Vicki] Huntington [the first independent MLA to be elected to the legislature in decades], adding she has offered her help to her new colleague if he wants to talk. “I haven’t regretted running as an independent one second. I can deliver to my constituents what any backbencher can deliver, and I can deliver it honestly.” - Rod Mickleburgh reporting

For now, everyone is wondering whether this motorcycle-riding rebel is a lone wolf or the leader of the pack. I suspect a few trembling Liberal backbenchers are mulling over their futures, and just might hop on the back of Lekstrom's Harley for a ride out of Liberal loserville. - Michael Smyth

So Lekstrom may in fact find himself falling on the sword for what he believes in. His portfolio was important and he sat at the cabinet table. He knows what’s going on for the most part in the inner circles, at least up until last week. Governments and their leaders don’t look kindly on a defection; history is riddled with good politicians, those who would stand up for what they believe in, landing on the rubbish heap. - Ben Meisner

Public corruption in British Columbia is huge – is everywhere. - Robin Mathews

And there's more, HERE.

Paul Nettleton says ... 

Lekstrom did the right thing
Opinion 250 - June 13, 2010

Read more HERE.


Velly, velly interlesting as the plot sickens!
Hmmm, could pat Bell be next to jump ship?
Paul Nettleton for Premier...

Wow, would that be great!! A politician with integrity. That would make BC the Best Place on Earth...
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