CanWest - May 26, 2010 

Will the Premier Gordon Campbell testify in the B.C. Rail case?

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 Copy of a letter sent to columnist Jim Travers of Toronto Star, posted here by  kind permission:

Your piece brings back memories of the intense frustration I felt from just after the APEC 97 conference until my "retirement" in 2003 and what could have been.

We Pearl Harbored ourselves, we arrogantly refused to see the signs and warnings and we got what we deserved.

In BC at least, Team Chretien's disastrous planning and the optics of the APEC riots pretty much destroyed the party here and the shockwaves just moved east ...

Especially troubling is that in BC after 2003, dozens of the mature and experienced operatives (over 40) simply walked away from the party in disgust and apathy.

The void was filled with many an empowered young Martinite storm trooper, almost all hand-picked by our self-declared BC Power Couple . . . Mark Marissen and Christy Clark.

The results for LPC/BC like the Basigate Scandal speak for themselves.

Nationally the Liberal Party has lost a decade of opportunity by failing to clean-up its own house and even worse by not putting-down the Martinite leadership plot in 1999.

Since then, scandal followed by the grossly inept "leadership" of Martin, Dion and Iggy have put the party at its lowest point since Confederation.

Compared to the decade's Three Stooges, a resurrected Jean Chretien would be an improvement but at this point a more dramatic solution, almost a total rescue mission, is needed.

Who does it, who leads it and how . . . is a mystery to me.