Thursday, June 10, 2010


Bill Tieleman says that BC Rail Trial is back in court today, starting at 10:45 AM. But BC Supreme Court as of 10:00 AM today: no mention of Basi Virk (a.k.a. BC Rail Trial) on today's scheduled listings.

But oh sure .. [yawn] ... Case #23299 did show up on the BCSC schedule for today and sure enough, it began at 10:45 AM -- that is, an hour ago.

Was the jury there, I wonder. 

Are we to believe that the jury isn't told, either? I can't imagine that.

So how come the public is left out in the cold, wondering whether or not to invest a day of travelling to BCSCourtroom 54 without knowing for sure, that the trial is going to continue that day?

There's nothing complicated about it. It's a simple question for BC Supreme Court to answer on a reliable, regular basis: does the BC Rail Trial resume tomorrow? If so, at what time? Post the information the night before a trial appearance, so citizens can physically transit the distances between us and the court.  Just like it's done for the lawyers, the accused, the witnesses.

There's nothing complicated about it. But at present, there's nothing fair about it either. Someone should take that request to the Attorney-General.

Now there's a pleasant little task for the Opposition Justice Critic.  - BC Mary.

Bill Tieleman comment:

Some amazing stuff this morning - see it now online at:

You won't believe it.


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I hope Marty is not planning his day based on the court listings!!!

How would that look...

From drinking in government offices to not remembering ANYTHING to not showing up to testify...

I wonder when the citizens of BC will say enough is enough, lets hold this gong show gov't accountable.
I wonder when the citizens of BC will say enough is enough, lets hold this gong show gov't accountable.

BCR Piglet, I think that the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial is about to do that.

Btw, I think it was the National Post which adopted that newer, more accurate name for the trial. Surprising, eh?

Also, in today's Nat Post, they have the best summary of the BCR PCTrial -- from start to today -- that I've seen so far. You could clip the article for your Aunt Mabel or for elementary school kids and they'd be able to follow/understand how it developed.

I'll go fetch the URL. Back in a flash.
Here it is. I had it filed under "Best-ever summary of the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial".
But I didn't exit NatPo fast enough!

Next thing I saw was this headline, and o.m.g., who needs any more of Conrad Black's view of the world assisted by Ezra Levant?

Have a look:
A sweeping publication ban prevents media from reporting anything not heard before the jury; that is standard procedure, but the ban also precludes journalists from describing previous, related proceedings. Before jury selection last month, defence lawyers occasionally met with reporters outside the downtown Vancouver courthouse and let fly with various theories and allegations of their own. Bound by discretion, Crown prosecutors assigned to the case could not respond in kind. The result was confusion and obfuscation, which may be what the defence intended.

British Columbians deserved far better, and much more.

More dodgy editorializing under cover of reporting; this is trying to say that British Columbians need better than what Defence is doing. and that somehow Defence dirtied the waters, not the endless manoeuvring by Crown.

What British Columbians deserve is up to debate, but what they should already have, under constititional norms, are politicians who resign when their activities wind up in court, not those who take up the public's time, appoint their friends to "investigate" and also to preside over any charges laid, which just happen to be those on a scapegoat.

Nothing held the Crown's tongue that week than their own cowardice and dishonesty. If you don't have any truths to tell, though, I suppose there's nothing you could possibly say.

The Big Media have begun the process of trying to re-jigger the story of this trial, and who are the bad guys and who are the good guys. The National Post I trust about as much as the PAB; it's just (slightly) more literate.
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