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Court dates for BC Rail Political Corruption Trial

It is wise to check in advance, that the  Basi-Virk-Basi trial (a.k.a. BC Rail Political Corruption Trial) will be in session on the day you wish to attend.

After 6:30 AM each week-day, the BC Supreme Court posts its schedule. So, anytime after 6:30 AM, go to the links in the left margin and click on

*BC Criminal Court.
*Adult Supreme Criminal Court.
*Vancouver Supreme Court.

There (if there's a scheduled BVB session) you will find File #23299, the names of the Accused (Basi, Virk, Basi), the charges, the Courtroom number, etc.

But sometimes BCSC forgets, and there will be a BVB session without a proper public listing.

So there's also a telephone number in the left margin. Call ahead and ask: is there a session today for File #23299 - Basi, Virk, Basi?

However ... Robin Mathews has told us, in yesterday's report, that:

Tomorrow morning -- i.e., Tues., June 8 --  the court sits at ten a.m, to continue the wrangling - in another form - with public present.  In the afternoon, the jury will be called at two.  And the fate of the trial as proceeding will be determined.  The two jury members who must work out if they can undertake the newly announced long-term trial will report back to the sheriff as early as possible.  (Probably tomorrow morning.)

If a working jury cannot be available, mistrial will be called, a new jury impanelled, and a new trial date set out.

Also, Neil Hall said this yesterday: 

So far, the trial has heard from only one witness, who still hasn't finished his testimony and is scheduled to return at 10 a.m. Wednesday.

And that witness would be Martyn Brown, the premier's Chief of Staff. At 10:00 AM on Wed., June 9.

I'm told that the public gallery is filling up nicely. Later on, it might be "standing room only" so these early days might be  a good time to go ... and show the flag, eh?

OK, having said all that ... I can confirm that today, June 8, 2010, the BC Supreme Court listing is confirmed for 10:00 AM, in Room 54.  To me, I think it's important to show the flag ... let the players and performers know that there's a public interest involved in this trial.


Someone recently posted that this trial could last for 3 years.
I'm placing my bet now, that it will!
Can't count on the police, the courts, MP's,etc...
I for sure, will not waste any more of my time, energy and mind, on such a farce.

After three years, then the civil suits will kick into play, that is if anyone is still alive.
Citizen Queen,

I ask you: how constructive is that comment of yours?

And what does it say about people who are willing to quit at the very moment when they begin to win??

Please think about that.

It would be almost as disheartening as corruption itself, if I believed you. But I don't.

Whose game are you playing, CQ? What made you think that quitting is the best way to look after the province?
Just to note the case is posted for this morning on the SCC list.

Yes, I did note that ... hours ago ... see footnote on "Court Dates for BC Rail ..." above.
Summer holidays and Christmas holidays are billable hours for these lawyers.

Surprises come in all sorts of packages, this one came from the Supreme Court Justice Anne Mackenzie who gift wrapped a huge opportunity for the lawyers. They are all on the same team.
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