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Court hears accused in BC Rail trial sent warning


The Canadian Press - Wednesday Jun. 9, 2010

A former government worker now accused of corruption in the sale of Crown-owned BC Rail tried to warn the premier's office about breaking another election promise in relation to the controversial sale, a B.C. court heard Wednesday.

The lawyer for Bobby Virk, a former ministerial aide now on trial for fraud and breach of trust, suggested Virk informed Premier Gordon Campbell's chief of staff, Martyn Brown, several times of his concerns around how the 2003 sale was proceeding.

In his cross-examination of Brown, lawyer Kevin McCullough suggested Virk was worried about fallout from hiring CIBC World Markets to act as financial adviser during the sell-off of the provincial asset when the government had made an election promise to put all large contracts up for tender.

"Virk came to you and told you that CIBC World Markets was going to get this untendered contract for millions of dollars and that they were a friend, a close donating friend, of the government. He told you that," McCullough put to Brown.

"I don't remember that at all," Brown replied, saying he didn't even know CIBC donated cash to the B.C. Liberals.

"You don't recall him saying, 'Martyn, we're breaking one election promise selling B.C. Rail, we shouldn't stick another one on top of it?"' McCullough asked.

"The conversation you're alleging that happened, I don't remember it at all," said Brown, who is still Campbell's chief of staff.

The privatization of Crown-owned B.C. Rail was already controversial because the B.C. Liberals had promised during the 2003 [sic. Should be 2001. 
- BC Mary] election to keep it in government hands -- a decision they reversed soon after the election.

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Ah ha, the fabled memory of the Premier's deputies!

Lying is second nature to people whose principles encompass the idea that one should 'delete', shred, or destroy any bit of evidence which might come back to haunt their master.

I'm sure Kevin McCullough has more of this kind of thing to torment Martyn Brown with.

And very good luck to him - McCullough that is - this Brown is a slippery Cassius, he has a 'lean and hungry look' - 'such men are dangerous.'
G West,

That also describes Leonard Krog; he too has that "lean and hungry look" like Cassius. And like Martyn (why the Y) Brown.

But isn't it a great feeling to hear actual ANSWERS to REAL QUESTIONS even if the government side has switched from "I can't answer because this matter is before the courts" to

"I can't answer because I can't remember anything that happened after 2001 ..."
Martyn Brown's suffering sudden memory lapse brought on by unmitigated liar syndrome when caught with his pants down.

. . . seen this play before under similar political corruption charges in BC Supreme Court when the truth slapped a key witness in the face and all they can do is loose their memory.

One cannot describe the visceral disgust when one watches these words slither out of a liar's mouth when the ground comes up to bite him/her.

Thankfully there is a jury listening versus a Judge alone deciding on the evidence;

. . . a Judge who all too typically is influenced by their own career path controlled by 'political' strings - all too ready to slide sideways and put no weight on such memory lapses of key political witnesses becoming Emperors with stripped of their clothes.

I admire the 12 jurors who have chosen to stick with their duty on behalf of British Columbians.

The heat is increasing - desperate people do desperate things when such a game is being played out - but so far, at least we are hearing some truth.

Heartfelt gratitude to you, BC Mary for also standing strong for justice.
Absolutely Mary... and none of the 'I can't talk about this because it's before the courts' bullshit either.
I think Martyn Brown is under the impression he is untouchable, "nothing to worry about here."

I also think that Mr. McCullough doesn't ask questions he doesn't already know the answer to - with added proof hiding in the background somewhere.

It will be heartwarming to see the puppet-master fall. Then what will poor Gordon do, and who will be next to lead him by the nose?
Didn't something like this happen in Saskatchewan years ago? After years of NDP rule someone else got in and sold everything. They only lasted a short time and when the NDP got back in there was hell to pay and people went to jail. I seem to remember old sock-puppet Kline and his bunch tut-tutting about it and saying that wasn't how the game was played. Of course we didn't hear it all even though we're right next door and no internet then, for me anyway. Anyone else remember anything like this? If people could go to jail, that's almost as good as a hanging.
@ Watchingfromnextdoor...

Your memory isn't playing tricks with you; it was the Grant Devine Government and, as I recall, a couple of handfuls of their MLAs ended up charged - some of them served time.

IN fact, it so tainted the Conservative Party in the province that, when it recreated itself - as right wingers always manage to do - it decided to call itself the SASKATCHEWAN PARTY.

Under Brad Wall they managed to defeat the NDP in the last provincial election - Wall is a racist and homophobe - but he seems to have had enough sense to avoid the economic silly business that got Devine and his gang into trouble.

The Basi case is just starting down the tracks - it may well sweep up quite a number of choice characters here in BC as well.

Will they go to jail? - Doug Walls didn't (and how much did he steal?) - so don't hold your breath.
Oh, and if anyone doubts my report about Brad Wall and his buddy in Ottawa, please take a moment to read this Globe and Mail story from a couple of years ago:

As much as I love the province where I was born, the fact it - and especially the rural areas - is one of the most racist and prejudiced parts of this country is not something I can avoid acknowledging....

Saskatchewan has, however, one big advantage over British Columbia and Alberta - it is still a society much less dominated by a small insular clique of wealthy and supremely entitled individuals.
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