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Gotta go to work on Thursday; Court's not in session on Fridays. This next item has been cc: BC Mary*

Not wanting to put a damper on an easy trial here for the defendants, there's one problem that has cropped up that hasn't been considered by keeners who have cross referenced 8000 pages of disclosed documents.
Many have mentioned Martyn Brown's performance as a Chief of Staff, and of those to follow in his footsteps, but think on this. Witness Martyn Brown cannot turn to a Deputy and ask for more information before he responds to a question from a Lawyer, whether it be a Special Prosecutor or a Defense Lawyer. He must wrack his brain for an explanation as to whether or not he recognizes a document. His usual response is: "I don't remember"; "I can't recall"; "No, I've never seen that before". "I can speculate" (and he's allowed to do so by the Court).

His usual overall answer is that its been almost eight years since the BC Rail raid began, and since then, many, many, many (his words) other issues have come, and gone. His retention for a name may last three months, and then he's moved on.

While WE have been pouring over the 8,000 pages daily, held in trust online at BC NDP headquarters, the BC Liberals have as good as shredded them from their minds. The BC Liberals don't go back and look, to refresh their minds, because they KNOW that the testimony must be done from MEMORY.

As a test as to how knowledgeable, even a micro-manager such as Gordon Muir Campbell is, you needn't look any further than to one more of Vaughn Palmer's columns. Keep in mind, that if Campbell is called to Court room #54, he'll be alone in the Witness chair and be drawing upon his memory banks, and do you really think he has been boning up on this hot little topic called the BC Rail Raid on the Legislature over the past eight years????:

"Premier, adviser do the interesting stuff off camera"

"Questions about Heed fiasco lead to long consultations

By Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun June 2, 2010"

"Opposition leader Carole James led off the annual legislature debate on the budget for the office of the premier Tuesday by putting Gordon Campbell on the defensive over his handling of the Kash Heed fiasco.

The back-and-forth over Heed occupied an hour or so in the main legislature committee room. But that was by time expired on the clock. Campbell's answers occupied much less time, because he spent almost as much time framing them as he did delivering them.

A typical exchange went as follows: James poses question. Campbell enters into lengthy consultations with his deputy minister Allan Seckel, sitting on his left side. Seckel, like a lawyer instructing his client, does most of the talking. Premier occasionally takes notes. Sometimes the consultations extend to a second deputy minister,....."

His newest and brightest Deputy Minister will not be at his right hand to do his bidding in Court room #54

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Coming Attractions - here and at the House:

I've tried to place in my mind, and in words, who is sitting in the public gallery, and guessing on who's behalf.

Its obvious, well almost obvious who is there representing the news media and their readers. There was one fellow, who had his assistant with him for the two full days that I was there, and LOL I took him for being a bureau chief for a local television station. It wasn't until a coffee break in the proceedings on the second day (Wednesday) when Bill T. approached him and I realized that the "chief" was none other than Leonard Krog, NDP MLA.

There was one fellow, and there are many, I took him to be a citizen journalist, but after the Special Prosecutor bent his head down to discuss something with him, I changed my mind on that one.

There's a retired Social Studies teacher who wanted to become informed of what happened so many years ago because as a teacher he had no time for it. I pointed him towards the key words of "BC Mary blog" and "pacificgazette".

There's an "alternative news" reporter, who I first met on the day that was supposed to be a Court day for room #54, but we both discovered via a Sheriff that it had been canceled the night before..... the public, alas, was to be kept in the dark. If you're curious as to what an Alternative news reporter is, I asked the same question of him. He said he'd like to be reporting to a blog, but hasn't thus far..... so I gave him the keywords of "BC Mary blog" to look for on the internet.

Of course we know about the Horsemen lawyer who was there for Tuesday and Wednesday, but when I dropped in for an hour on Thursday afternoon, he wasn't there, which left me wondering WHY for only those two days. What happened on those two days that would be of interest to the RCMP? or LOL maybe it was because his cover was blown! Not by me, but by others in the gallery of Court Room #54, the news reporters. Yikes, maybe its because of the testimony in the morning regarding the former Finance Minister lunch, in a private room, at a restaurant in Vancouver with Omintrax principals, for that seems to be the focus, this morning in the reports from the accredited reporters.
" I pointed him towards the key words of "BC Mary blog" and "pacificgazette"."

Thanks for not pointing 'em to the House, NVG - after all I don't need the extra work keeping my database of PAB bots up to date.

As to:

"Of course we know about the Horsemen lawyer who was there for Tuesday and Wednesday, but when I dropped in for an hour on Thursday afternoon, he wasn't there, which left me wondering WHY for only those two days."

I would think that any Horsemen lawyers have more important fish to fry at the end of this week. Yesterday the Major Report came down showing how useless the RCMP were at preventing Air India OR prosecuting anyone involved and today the Braidwood Final Report is coming out and earlier in the week it came to light that the Mounties (that asshole Bass) didn't really mean it when he apologized to Mr. Murder Victim at YVR's Mom after all........

Maybe I'll go on a crime spree today, the mounties should be ashamed to show their faces for at least a few days!
not all rcmp are crooks
not all rcmp are honest

but why must it appear that its 50/50
no need to point beyond bc mary's, she has all of the links to those such as yourself kootcoot.
NVG - the barrister equine you're talking about might have been there to monitor what might have been said about the RCMP re the Villa del Lupo meeting....and possibly to rise to address the court if something wrong was said (just guessing).

Usually we see police in court as witnesses huh? i.e. detectives and constables, not their legal brass.

This case has the potential to shake the RCMP to their foundations. Indeed, it should.....
perhaps, Skookum1, but how did Horsemen know the topic was coming up on those two particular days. Has the RCMP been peaking at the trial notes of the Defense lawyers?
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