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Pop Quiz! Quick: what is the opposite of SEDITION?

Sedition is a word meaning an uprising of citizens against their government. 

But I cannot find the antonym for that -- the word for the opposite meaning -- like, for when the government threatens the citizens. Anybody know?

I need to know. So do you.


Because Gordon Campbell is promising his Cabinet that "he will do whatever it takes to ensure that the New Democratic Party never forms the government in B.C."

Read about it HERE.

But what if a New Democratic government is what the voters of B.C. want? How dare Gordo announce his intention to overrule their decisions by "whatever it takes"?

Honest to gosh ... nobody could be more disillusioned with the do-nothing BC Opposition than I am. But I learned to live all these years under the Campbell rule with a New Democratic Opposition. So  I'm certainly willing to try a BC government made up of Do-Nothings if that's what the voters want. Seems only fair. Seems, in fact, traditional.

But Campbell has issued a very ugly public threat. We might describe that big idea of Gordo's as dictatorial. He might be offering us tyranny. Jeez. 

What kind of journalist would placidly report a clear threat against the public peace?

What kind of journalist would write those words without even thinking of going back to Gordo and asking, "Does that mean you'll be throwing citizens in jail if they declare themselves New Democrats? Or if they  campaign for -- and vote for -- New Democrats?"

Les Leyne apparently didn't even notice the bombshell.  He probably thought it was ... sure, sure, business as usual.

What sort of newspaper publisher would allow the Death of Democracy into print, like as if it's, ho hum, yada yada, just another scrap of ordinary news?

Campbell has uttered the worst threat that a democratic society can hear. I think it's even -- well, it's that word that means the opposite of "seditious".

 If it isn't sedition, perhaps we'll have to "make do" with it ... because it does seem to fit the situation at the moment.


Pretty much tells even those who still stand by him that his ego, and thirst for power is stronger than the will of the people. Gordon first, sycophants second, BC last.

It's time he received a wake-up call - and all those excuses for government that still stand in support of his will. Voters still count, and we WILL count the votes that send him (and them) to the hinterland!
seditious (adj)

Synonyms: rebellious, subversive, treasonable, disloyal, mutinous, up in arms

Antonym: loyal
"Doing whatever it takes......" sounds like Campbell is aiming to be the next Lieutenant governor of BC, eh
Naahhh ... something is haywire with this definition.

Question re-phrased:

If the citizens rise up against their government, okay, that's sedition;

but if the government rises up against the citizens, that's not "loyal" ...

that's ... ???

Pls try again.
Dictatorial and treasonous.
I think the fact Campbell was speaking to his Cabinet and not to the general population is important.

This is the clearest demonstration that the CEO is afraid of losing more cabinet and caucus members...and he is, by assuring his cabinet that he will 'do whatever it takes' to ensure that the NDP don't form government trying to keep other cabinet members and caucus members from bolting.

He is, in effect, saying that he won't allow the recall legislation to succeed by whatever 'legal' means - including its potential repeal -before members might actually be in danger of losing their seats.

He had promised that he will follow the terms of the initiative legislation BUT he has not given a similar undertaking with respect to the recall law.

It could easily be changed in the spring of 2011 prior to it coming into effect with respect to the the May 2009 vote.

The statute is called the Recall and Initiative Act and Campbell could repeal those parts of the act that give the population the power to recall a member while retaining the part of the act related to initiatives.

This would ensure Campbell's Cabinet and the current BC Liberal caucus that their jobs would be secure until the next election - guaranteeing, for cabinet members for example, that they would continue to receive their additional 50G or so per annum until 2013.

This would still be a controversial action, but it wouldn't be all that surprising since BC, as it is, is the only Canadian province with such legislation.

I could, of course, be wrong but Les Leyne's column is pretty clear about the CEO's statement - he was speaking, not to the whole population, but to his cabinet and caucus.

The man is clearly desperate to hang onto power.
"Totalitarianism: (or totalitarian rule) is a political system where the state, usually under the control of a single political person, faction, or class, recognizes no limits to its authority and strives to regulate every aspect of public and private life wherever feasible.[2] Totalitarianism is generally characterized by the coincidence of authoritarianism (where ordinary citizens have no significant share in state decision-making) and ideology (a pervasive scheme of values promulgated by institutional means to direct the most significant aspects of public and private life)." Wikipedia
G West,

I was thinking more about that very point, too ...

and pondered the fact that whatever is said in Cabinet is (I thought) so absolutely privileged that it's never, never made public.

Les Leyne is silent as to how he obtained that information.

Interesting, eh?

Conflict of Interest Commissioner, Paul Fraser, declined to investigate my complaint that Premier Gordon Campbell has violated the Members Conflict of Interest Act due to his alleged relationship with his Deputy Chief of Staff, Lara Dauphinee.

Mr. Fraser asked for "credible information" not merely allegations and rumour.

So, if any of the readers have any "credible information" that the Premier and his Deputy Chief of Staff, Ms. Dauphinee, are in a "boyfriend / girlfriend" relationship please send it to Conflict of Interest Commissioner Paul Fraser in support of the complaint filed by John Carten dated May 17, 2010.

The complaint letter and the letter of Mr. Fraser can be viewed online at The Water War Crimes Web Site.

BTW, get ready for Premier Campbell to announce changes to BC water export policy next week. This would be a public confirmation of the true intent of his secret dealings with Governor Schwarzenegger over the past 3 years. This issue is more fully discussed at The Water War Crimes Web Site.
John Carten,

Ask Rich Coleman.
Fraser's reply to J. Carten reminds me of the rebuffs given to Robin by Gary Bass. "We don't investigate things that we don't want to find evidence for".
Absolutely stunning - can pitchfork time be far ahead?

"Les Leyne apparently didn't even notice the bombshell."

What a surprise, I wonder how his chief apologist Paul WillyNillyCocks feels about this?

I don't want Gordon Campbell just out of office, I want him in JAIL and I want him wearing an ankle bracelet IN JAIL - unfortunatle I'm opposed to capital punishment, but if I changed my mind, he would be my first nomination - after all he has been personally responsible for unecessary DEATHS in my area. That is negilgent homicide at the least - pre-meditated murder by legislation perhaps aided and abetted by the Inferior Health Authority!
"(n) Racketeering is defined as the process of forming or running an organization to operate or commit or otherwise execute ongoing criminal activities. For example the drug mafia planning and executing drug traffic in an organized manner. Such crimes are generally illegitimate business"

Or forming a government as the organization to operate or commit or otherwise execute ongoing...
When A government rises up against their citizens, it called,
source: August 2004 CSIS;
"what they're doing to you, they're doing to native women and prostitutes!

I went looking for the source. It's here:

and well worth reading.

Many thanks, bcrgirl.
Gordon Campbell's new name, bestowed upon him by First Nations, is


earned fair and square because folks have noticed that he's too full of sh*t to fly.
Dig a little deeper and you will see that none of the Legislature's Officers including the Ombudsman has investigated any hard claims - funny how they all go on to get rewarded through promotions and other plums. eg. follow Howard Kushner's path . .landing in the BC Law Society with a new special administrative position alongside Ken Dobell appointed as a Lay Bencher the same year, in 2006 . . .when both their plates werefull of pressing non investigated files - while the MSMedia coverd up the truth.
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