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So they lied to us. Again. No, not The Accused; not The Cops; it's the BC Supreme Court itself telling the people day after day, that the BC Rail Corruption Trial is going to happen "tomorrow" - or next week - or on Tuesday, and it doesn't ... it doesn't happen. Day after day citizens dig in, prepared to hear the testimony, but we can't ... and it costs us $$$ to take days off work, to travel to Vancouver, stay in hotels, buy meals, etc., in order to hear the promised trial ... the promised, announced trial ... and day after day ... BC Supreme Court plays a cruel game of GOTCHA! because the BC Rail trial doesn't happen. THEY know that but the people don't know. We pay, they play. In a civil society, is this fair? Can WE sue THEM for Contempt of Court?

The Great Satan comments ...

As I told Bill Tieleman more than five years ago and since then to many others, this trial has been rigged from the very beginning of the accidental investigation.

The three parties . . . Crown, Defense & Government have conspired to . . . all take a dive at the same time in this three way fight.

Thus we have a cynical strategy of no winners, no losers, no results . . . just nebulous history, easily refuted.

Making this so easy was the long term actions or more correctly in-actions of BC's Campbellite controlled media who will do anything to protect their free-enterprise savior.

Obviously some mid-level flatfoot back in December 2003 screwed up and allowed an event that "was never to have happened" to explode on 28/Dec./2003.

The last six years and six months have been a calculated wearing-down, damage control exercise on the part of our ruling federal and provincial elites to re-write history and make that Sunday in December disappear.

Who is the most to blame?

Tied in first place is our vile and vermin judiciary along with our "beautiful" BC media who together have betrayed their oaths and constitutional roles in order to keep a lid on this accident of justice.

In distant second place we have our elected elites, but lets face it, this crowd has been acting out this kind of crap for decades so it is now just a regular part of their job descriptions.

So yes Mary and Co. you are right to express outrage, but you are dreadfully wrong to be surprised, since after a decade of rule by the Howe Street Evil Empire and its sociopath mouth piece this is just another day in The Best Place On Earth!



Is this trial being held in Iran or North Korea??!!

It certainly can't be in Vancouver Canada!

I don't know whom to dis-respect more . . . our ON THE TAKE elected elites or this poor excuse for a air breathing mammal wearing judicial robes.

bananna columbia
Anon 2:40, stop that.

It's not funny, what's happening.

And British Columbia isn't the culprit here.

Save your contempt for the people who so richly deserve it.

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I'd like to talk some more about what you said earlier. I agree with you, about the silences surrounding many things involved in this BC Rail Trial.

Many thanks.

I clicked on everything that is BC Mary (in blue) but there's no email address other than your profile telling me you're Female and some tidbits about your personal interests other than this blog.

Please confirm that I'm doing this right.
Anonymous Steve:

Best thing, then, is to use Option #2 and write another comment with NOT FOR PUBLICATION across the top.

It won't be published.

And if you care to include your e.mail address, I can reply to you that way.

Many thanks.

Yes, Great Satan, a few script changes but . . . alas, an old play with bad actors that some of us have seen one too many times for well over a decade.

No surprise in this corner from a very close vantage point of experience.

The fix has always been in the shadows as before in BC Supreme Court; the corruption seeps off into the same sewage plant seemingly covered up until one day, the layers of putrefied stench cannot be contained . . .
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