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They're Back in the Saddle Again!


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Let the evasion re-commence and prepare the engines for failure to be responsive. The Trial of the Millennium swings back into action again this morning at 10:00am, though there was some talk last week that sessions may start later due to a course a juror is involved in. After all we don't expect the information at the attorney general's court service website to be accurate. We know this partly from experience - knowing the court is meeting when it isn't on the schedule or having it scheduled, trudging on down and voila, no court today, matey!

If the lessons of experience weren't enough each time one visits what used to be WallyWeb 1.5 with the Stone Firewall, they remind us each time we arrive with our curiousity (and trust, perhaps) intact with:


The data is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. The Province does not warrant the accuracy or the completeness of the data, nor that CSO will function without error, failure or interruption. Users of CSO acknowledge that some data may suffer from inaccuracies, errors or omissions. Users of CSO rely on the data at their own risk. For confirmation of information contact the specific court registry.

Every effort is made to ensure that the court record information is or remains consistent with statutory and court-ordered publication and disclosure bans. However the posting of court record information on this site in no way is a representation, express or implied, that the information conforms with publication and disclosure bans. As bans may be granted at any stage in the proceeding, the court record information will not include details of a ban granted in court on that day. It is the responsibility of persons using or relying on the court record information to personally check with the applicable court clerk or registry for bans and ensure that they comply with any bans on publication or disclosure.

Publication or disclosure of information contrary to a court-ordered ban may result in legal action, including prosecution.

Then just when I was going to set today's schedule to music and record a mega-platinum CD based on it I read on down the warning and discovered that I better not do that.


Court record information is available through CSO for public information and research purposes and may not be copied or distributed in any fashion for resale or other commercial use without the express written permission of the Office of the Chief Justice of British Columbia (Court of Appeal information), Office of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (Supreme Court information) or Office of the Chief Judge (Provincial Court information). The court record information may be used without permission for public information and research provided the material is accurately reproduced and an acknowledgement made of the source.

Any other use of CSO or court record information available through CSO is expressly prohibited. Persons found misusing this privilege will lose access to CSO and may be subject to legal action, including prosecution

Report from Courtroom 54 -
June 22, 2010

I apologize for not being able to post for the last few days. Just unable to find transportation to and from the courts.

Last week we began to hear more about the family relationship between RCMP Team Commander Kevin Debruyckere and BC Liberal Party Executive Director. As if on cue, the sharp sounds of police sirens could be heard in courtroon 54 as Michael Bolton began to ask questions of Martyn Brown and his dealings with Kelly Reichert and if Mr. Brown knew of his family relationship with RCMP Team Commander Kevin Debruyckere.

Defense counsel has been allowed to engage in meaningful cross-examination for the last few weeks of Mr. Brown, despite unwarranted objections by Special Prosecutor Bill Berardino.

Bill Berardino raised an objection to the line of questioning regarding the BC Liberal Party and the RCMP. I don't think that I can report on what was said about the objection but can say that his objection was based clearly on the questions around the key relationship with the head of the BC Liberal party and Kevin Debruyckere who was in charge of the RCMP. Why did he object to that line of questioning?

I had thought that today we would begin with those questions about the RCMP but we had another strange twist to this case that I cannot report on.

However, I can say that the issues dealt with this morning are very serious and raise more questions about how this case has been handled.

Citizen Journalist from 54
Well anon, above,
this sounds very promising!

Thinking of you, BC Mary:)
Note the CSO- Court services online started charging for searchs, 6.00 per.The CSO page now says, 14Jun2010 News: Effective August 31, 2010, the $6.00 fee for online searches of Provincial Court criminal/traffic records will be removed. Why are you eliminating the online criminal and traffic search fee?
• The fees were introduced in part to discourage frivolous use of Court Services Online to search for criminal and traffic records.
• However, the media and legal aid lawyers made a compelling case that the fee was impeding their access to criminal and traffic records – which is why the attorney general made the decision to eliminate the fee. 14Jun2010 News: Effective August 31, 2010, the $6.00 fee for online searches of Provincial Court criminal/traffic records will be removed.

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