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According to Reader:


But no more so than most of this farce, I guess!

Update: 5:00PM


Readers have been busy commenting today on the not surprising no show, or at least nothing the public is allowed to know about. EM quoted a comment from Rishii Gill (either a comment at the CBC or at the Blog)that accurately reflects how this trial has appeared to me all along with:

"....the defence lawyers are acting like the prosecutors and the prosecutor of Mssrs. Basi, Basi, and Virk is acting like the defence lawyer for the government."

Our colleague from How Bad is the Record, Gary E perhaps figured out why they were so early posting the court session this morning (cuz they knew already nothing was going to happen, for public disclosure at any rate - like maybe they only want people to come when they could do something that would provide cause for a mistrial)

"I Figured it out. If nothing is going to happen,ie; the jury will be excused, then they get the docket out online beforehand. If the trial is to continue then they throw in all the confusion they can."


Sean Holman of Public Eye Online
tipped us off to this tidbit:

"CP news service to privatize"

After nearly a century, The Canadian Press wire service will cease to function as a non-profit cooperative under a tentative deal that will put the iconic media organization under private ownership....

More at:

Between this and the recent news about Stephen Harper's former media relations guy heading up the new Fox "North" network, there's nothing to stop the monsters of fascism, is there?

Too right CC...and it's been in the wings for a long time. I'm sure they're toasting one another in not-so-hallowed halls.
This much can be reported without violating the publications ban. During that brief moment that the jury was present in the court, special prosecutor Bill Berardino was conspicuously absent!
Is it relevant that CIBC/Allan Wallace have given the Gordon Campbell party $144,000 in political contributions during the last 5 years?

Ray Blessin
Come on, guys ... we're not doomed. Not until WE say we're doomed. We are far, far, far from being doomed ...

Whenever people voluntarily add that conclusion ... it's like an endorsement of the enemy.

I'd say that the people of British Columbia would never have seen this much of the "news" if we (the citizens) hadn't kept pounding at the gates of justice.

True, this cockeyed trial ain't much (so far) ... but it's so much more than might have been if we had caved in.

So in my view, what we need to do is to keep doing what we're doing ... that is, to keep on pounding at the gates of justice.

And instead of proclaiming our own defeat, we need to keep our eyes on the goal and keep pressing for the trial to continue,

and to work on getting that publication ban lifted.

Many thanks to Anon 7:24 ... how about re-posting that comment about Bill Berardino's conspicuous absence, in as many places as possible?

Koot's posting for today should be copied and sent around ... and around ... and around. Brilliant words. Thanks a million to Koot, E.M., Rishii Gillas, and Gary E. for that one.

Pointing out the threats we face, yes, we need to know. But my concern is that the threats are over-emphasized -- almost seized upon and promulgated -- until they benefit the Forces of Chaos, not the people of B.C.

In my opinion (even from far away), it looks as if The People of BC have the upper hand right now. All the information (even in its crippled, chopped-down form) reflects and demonstrates the reasons behind OUR concerns.

Yes, our big challenge is getting the news around. But we can do that, bit by bit, day by day. We can dig deeper, find more ways ...

Something we haven't discussed is Twitter. People tell me that Twitter is ideally suited to bringing people together around a central idea. What do you think?

Now: please talk about ways in which we could get the Publication Ban LIFTED ... or even PARTIALLY LIFTED ... on the BC Rail Political Corruption Case. It would be great to have more reasonable access to the BC Rail trial by September 2010.
As the BC Railgate farce continues, there is one thing for sure, this trial will never end - it can't, because it will show the BC Liberal government for what it is, a massive corporatist government whose sole purpose is to mine BC assets for corporate friends of the government.

The prosecutes; the judges; the lawyers are all intertwined in protecting the Liberal government and anything short of armed insurrection will not dislodge this corrupt and odourous mob. They are a cancer on BC, slowly (and not so slowly) eroding the las vestiges of the rule of law and democracy.

As it stands, we live in a lawless society, run by goons and mafia types, who care little about rights and freedoms. This disgrace called BC is getting more and more worldwide attention as 'Lotus land' is now regarded as 'Banana land' where BC has turned into a notorious Banana Republic, complete with corrupt police, bought judges, and a mainstream media that supports the government.

The question is" "How soon will before the average citizen says enough is enough, and takes the law into their own hand.
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Location Vancouver, BC

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psssst Mary,Koot, re JSB comment I sent, You got it right, and just cant post at this time? Could Ya give a cryptic message to Me that You got it, LOL. Thanks
Yes 'Evil Eye', we are living in a lawless place.

BC has reverted to the Wild West again. Perhaps like never before.

Note: I was talking to a lawyer who used the term "Wild West" to describe the actions and behaviour of the authorities and the judiciary in BC now. I can't take the credit, but I will use the term.

I'd go further and say our judiciary and authorities are like a mafia organization - but without the skills, they just have brute power.

I suggest we could start with info pickets around OUR corrupt injustice system, and let the thugs know WE are not backing down and going away quietly!
Some of the "news types" (yes, I am being facetious!) watching the trial on Twitter, remind me of a childhood "friend" I used to have. The only reason for their hanging around was so they could run to my Mommy and tattle! In this case...that would be J Mac and Campbell. Ahhhhh...ya just never know who's looking over your shoulder these days.
I was just looking at Rishi Gill's blog.

Very interesting.

Just click on his name in Koot's posting (above).
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