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B.C. Lottery Corp. fined for allowing security breaches by money-launderers

The Playnow.com website launched by B.C. Lottery Corporation was breached when it launched new online casino games, BCLC told CKNW on Tuesday. The site has been down all day.

The Playnow.com website launched by B.C. Lottery Corporation was breached when it launched new online casino games, BCLC told CKNW on Tuesday. The site has been down all day.

Photograph by: Online, Playnow.com

Check back for more details and a response from the B.C. government.
Read more HERE.


A more informative report by Kim Bolan, Vancouver Sun, is HERE.



... FINTRAC director Jeanne Flemming laid out some of the potential abuses of casinos in a speech last summer. All transactions of $10,000 or more must be documented for FINTRAC.

But Flemming said that doesn't always happen.

"I will be frank. The casino sector needs to improve their compliance programs, and specifically the quality and quantity of their reporting in some areas. It is clear to us at FINTRAC that more can and should be done," Flemming said.

"FINTRAC undertook compliance examinations of 10 entities in the casino sector in the fall of 2008, involving 22 casino locations. Our examinations were detailed: we reviewed thousands of records, interviewed hundreds of casino staff involved in compliance including supervisors, dealers, and those working in the cash cage, as well as in security and surveillance. We have also conducted research to look at the information that was being reported to us by the casinos.

"She said of the casinos examined, half "did not have an effective anti-money laundering training program in place."

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/wants+review+possible+abuse+organized+crime+casinos/3300946/story.html#ixzz0uGCYBpMi


Was it only 5 days ago -- on July 15, 2010 -- that "The B.C. government ...  rolled out its casino games gambling website, becoming the first sanctioned online casino in North America? Read about the launching HERE.

"Minister of Housing and Social Development Rich Coleman said British Columbians spend $100 million a year on illegal offshore gambling sites and he wants to see that money spent in B.C. instead.

"He said there are about 2,000 unregulated online gambling sites.

"Of these websites, not one is accountable to the residents of British Columbia, not accountable to the players that play on their sites and not accountable to the laws of this country," he said, during a presentation of the website at a theatre on Granville Island Thursday [July 15, 2010] ...

Read more: http://www.vancouversun.com/health/opens+first+sanctioned+online+casino+North+America/3283023/story.html#ixzz0uGKFt8bZ


This old news, except for Bill Boring and the mainstream media. Casinos in BC are there solely to launder money for local drug cartels. It's easy and it's fast.

The BC Liberals are complicit in organized crime and the drug trade, yet no one, it seems including Carole James, has the balls to confront the Premier, the Finance Minister and the Attorney and Solicitor Generals on this issue.

BC is corrupt, as corrupt as any third world country.

Honestly, I wish you'd do something about that extreme shyness of yours.
What took the mainstream media so long...Who reported on money laundering at BCLC last August???


And the pure hypocrisy...


Why am I shocked, no violations ever for money laundering then whammo....Hundreds of money laundering fines levied, even before the Play now gambling site came on line, then off line....

Why for decades no money laundering then hundreds of charges in the last year...

The raid on the legislature was reported to have gang and organized crime tentacles reaching into the highest level of the BC Liberal Provincial Government.

Cheers...Better late then never
I'd venture that we need to re-mint the term "Casinogate" huh?

"Casinogate Redux" will have to do. I wonder how many back decks in the Shuswap are tangled up in this one?

Or how many on Savary Island....
Thanks, Grant. Everywhichway, thanks.

The police raid on the BC Legislature certainly looked like they were tracking an Organized Crime suspect ...

and when they put Jasmohan Singh Bains on trial, found him guilty, and sentenced him to 9 years, not a word was published until I broke the story SIX MONTHS AFTER THE TRIAL.

Talk about Publication Bans, eh?

I hope you have time to send a few words of comfort and encouragement to the Ontario citizens who are entering into the Twilight Zone with us ...

but with one big difference: the eastern news media is taking this seriously and i.m.o., that's necessary to maintain vigilance over the honesty (or lack thereof) of governments.

And we dare not kid ourselves: this is serious. It's about who is running Canada. In other words, it's about sovereignty.
Ain't this special! The 'house' is the bookie and does the 'laundry'.

Government sponsored vice...and people talk about Hell's Angels! At least they run under their own colours and don't say they are what they aren't, unlike the hypocritical BC Liberals. The BC Liberals have no morals and are visibly contributing to the corruption of society.

With their legalized gambling scheme now providing additional cover for all sorts of illegal activities, instead of promoting positive values government has opted for greed and avarice. And people actually vote for these arses.
I made a promise way back when, that this blog would be non-partisan and for two good reasons:

1) I want people of all political persuasions to be comfortable reading the news and views about what happened to BC Rail.

2) I don't believe that partisan politics can fix the kind of problems we're facing today. I don't even know what a "BC Liberal" is, for heaven sake. Or, for that matter, what Leonard Krog is. But the police raid on the BC Legislature helped me grow up and throw away those old labels like "Me good, You bad" as if labels can fix things. Because they can't. It's only honourable citizens doing decent work which will fix things.

I'm thinking we need to get along better; to recognize that we're ALL in this mess together and must find our way out, together.

So let's have a few constructive suggestions, Like, maybe we could comment on some of the eastern stories explaining the BC experience while wishing them better luck.

Or maybe you have some good ideas ... tell us, OK?

My grandson was just reading over my shoulder as I typed the latest findings about the Ontario troubles.

He asked, "Does this mean that you'll be BC and Ontario Mary now?
What was that mini-fracas that came up in the lead-up to the Olympics, with such-and-so-somebody from the Liberal Party taped on the phone talking about.....was it something to do with a casino at BC Place?

Not that whatever that was is connected to this....but what a departure from times past when "establishment" parties (the Socreds, and the old BC Grits and BC Tories before them) were virulently hostile to gambling.

And is it any surprise that a $6-12 billion industry (pot, or pot plus drugs, depending on how and who you're counting) is going to have evolved money-management systems for "mainstreaming" its cash flow? And is it any surprise that the "legitimate" financial establishment, eyeing the scale of the illegitimate profits, isn't going to work at finding ways to accommodate them? It's also not surprising that a morally "grey" economy is going to be the arena for that.....as if everything from real estate development and payday loan places weren't already.....

The sad, really sad, part of all this, is that lotteries, and then casinos, were brought into the "legal" sphere by saying that the revenues raised would be used for youth sports, culture, education and civic projects - to replace funds cut by the government in those areas, or which had never been provided. And where did that promise go? The place all promises go in BC, into the circular file....

A simpler solution would simply have been to ask the Hells Angels and the Lotus to fund the Olympics and cut out the middleman.

Compared to the BC Liberals, though, the HA really are a gentleman's motorcycle club and the Lotus might as well be a ladies mahjongg league.

If the illegal drug (and whatnot) trade in BC is $6-12 billion, I'd venture that if a serious study of corrupt government/bureaucratic/party dealings were undertaken, the political corruption sector of organized crime in BC would be worth at least twice that. At least....

At least the bikers back the Toy Run....
That is adorable. What a sweet kid, and how lucky to have such a Grandma. Go Granny Go Granny Go Granny Go. Shaping lives and circumstances. You're right about honorable citizens doing decent things. Let's get together, yeah yeah yeah.

That's two songs from my/our younger years.

Working with an overseas consultant has opened a whole new world for me on how corrupt BC is.

Laws are solely to benefit the government, not the people. We have layers upon layers of bureaucracy that would make even 'Sir Humphrey' blush.

We have politicians who are so ignorant that they don't even understand the basics of what a real democracy is.

We live in a latter day Fascist state, where the corporations own the politicians and the politicians dictate to the people. The opposition is token at best, now led by an idiot, who does nothing because he/she doesn't have the smarts to do anything.

The populace have been lulled into a belief that 'we are the best place on earth", and those who don't support the rose coloured glass views are deemed naysayers, evil doers; especially like the likes of Bill Boring!

Into this toxic mix is a very evil man, Gordon Campbell, who believes in divine rule and seeing how corrupt the system is, has taken full advantage of it.

He owns the courts, the political machine and the media and the question is: "is it now too late to change things, or are we now cuckolded to a corrupt system that will never change!

Cuiusvis hominis est errare; nullius nisi insipientis in errore perseverare.
Mike de Jong has told Jonathon Fowlie of the Vancouver Sun that if resources of police are needed to assist the BC Lottery Corporation to ensure that money laundering and terrorist are not using the on line casino to further breaking our laws......... I guess, much like laying all their BC Liberal cards on the table when it came to the total cost of the 2010 Winter Olympics, the police involvement costs will be borne by the taxpayer and never be told.
I'm always amazed at the BC Sydicate's, oops, I meant government's mastery of the digital universe.

These are the guys that give multi-million dollar "information systems" contracts to in-laws with out tendering (ie. Doug Walls) and get nothing but invoices for results.

These are the guys who can't protect data [various breached data with Ministry of Health (or Maximus) and Human Services or whatever they call it this month], or won't bother, unless it is incriminating information regarding public business and the Premier's Office - in that case they send it to someone in the US for shredding, even if it is data that has been subject to discovery in a criminal trial (ie. BC's own Marie who was ordered to send Gigabytes of emails and such to a US Corportation for shredding - making 18 1/2 minutes of tape (Nixon) seem almost quaint).

I guess the last seven years of the BC Rail Fiasco shows this government can protect or destroy information at will, if they are motivated by self interest even if it requires what some might consider obstruction of justice.

These are the guys that can't even manage to post an accurate schedule of court proceedings online in a timely fashion.

Then they open their very own online casino (I mean there are offshore sites already, people may as well gamble at home) which as becomes immediately apparent is vulnerable to cheats and displays players' personal banking information to other players....jeez. and then it crashes too, or so they say.

Will it be next week or the week after that Rich Coleman announces the BC LIEberals will be going into the drug trade (up front this time, not just behind the scenes and as money launderers) since people are going to be buying drugs anyway. I mean a junkie will be getting his dope somewhere, somehow, so why not support education, health care etc. at the same time.

Of course with these guys, I don't know if a junkie could depend on them to dependably provide product of a required standard.

Perhaps the public should have the opportunity to contract with the police for hits on enemies or extortion plots - hey, it's gonna happen anyway, when you want somebody offed, why not support education and health care in BC at the same time?

Why stop at street vendors and buskers for licensing, how about issuing (for a fee of course and a percentage of the action) licenses for burglars - that way each second story man/woman could have their own territory and wouldn't have to be armed since as long as they stay in their own territory, protection is provided by the police. We could even have government approved and licensed fences - yet again a source of funding for health and education.

Perhaps this is the ultimate P3 dream (or nightmare), all taxes eventually eliminated as the government becomes a one stop service provider for services once considered immoral or illegal, but hey, since they are gonna happen anyway, the government might as well get a piece of the action.
Yup kootcoot, you've distilled the essence of the situation very nicely.

Now, in case everyone thinks that the public will turn on Gordon Campbell any day soon, and we'll be on the road to honest, decent, capable government again... think again.

Prediction: Gordo will slip from the scene, replaced by Carole Taylor -- who, despite all her public protestations that she just couldn't work with Gordo -- WILL FOLLOW THE VERY SAME PATHWAYS.

The media is touting Carole Taylor everywhere lately. All of a sudden, Vancouver City Hall pulls an award out of the hat for her husband. Why? It's a thinly-disguised opportunity to pull Carole Taylor into the limelight again. What do the media stories say/show about the award event? Why, Carole Taylor, of course, never mind hubby, he's just window-dressing.

Carole Taylor's image is warmer and friendlier than Gordo's, and she's much slicker in the communications department. Ergo, way more dangerous.

BC Beware.

And I'm no fan of the NDs right now either, they're just not the monster that Gordo's Gang is.
My customer base goes from RCMP to Hells Angels. I get information from all levels, legal as well as the other end. The truth is that there are many dollars been laundered by the casinos, all the time. As one contact has told me, "As easy as pie". Thanks gordo, you criminal.
Yep - the NDP's are pretty moot about the whole mess these days. it sure makes a person wonder what the hell is going on? Are the NDP involved with more corruption and don't want to risk exposure, so for the most part keep very quiet ??

Sure makes ya wonder eh!!

To Concerned Citizen,

Thanks for your kind remarks, much appreciated by both of us.
I did a search on BC Media this morning, and could find nothing about the "Raids" in Ontario.

BUT, I found this.
Gary Mason

From Wednesday's Globe and Mail Published on Wednesday, Jul. 21, 2010 3:00AM EDT Last updated on Wednesday, Jul. 21, 2010 9:24AM EDT
The Mounties got their man, and the taxpayer paid

Port Moody police Inspector Andy Richards. Lyle Stafford for the Globe and Mail

A $2-million settlement put a quiet end to a wrongful-dismissal case that threatened to embarrass RCMP brass

The trial of Allen Dalstrom versus the Organized Crime Agency of B.C. had been under way in B.C. Supreme Court for only a few days when lawyers representing both sides approached Madam Justice Catherine Wedge asking for a temporary adjournment.

The trial of Allen Dalstrom versus the Organized Crime Agency of B.C. had been under way in B.C. Supreme Court for only a few days when lawyers representing both sides approached Madam Justice Catherine Wedge asking for a temporary adjournment.

It was granted. And although no one knew it then, a wrongful-dismissal case that threatened to level serious allegations of misconduct against high-ranking RCMP members would never resume.


According to Mr. Woodall’s opening statements, Allen Dalstrom’s troubles began when he opposed the RCMP’s attempt to shut down a major drug investigation by the OCABC. Mr. Dalstrom was the lead investigator on the probe, called Project Phoenix, which was targeting Hells Angels.

The RCMP, though it had officers on the OCABC, was upset that Phoenix might jeopardize its own parallel undercover drug investigation. It is widely believed that Mr. Dalstrom’s successful defence of Phoenix earned him the eternal enmity of the RCMP. ......

The terms of the settlement were buried in a Crown Proceeding Act Report ending fiscal 2009, which said the province and OCABC accepted the plaintiff’s offer to settle for $1.3-million plus salary and benefits, with the province contributing $550,000 and OCABC paying $750,000 plus salary and benefits for the six-year period outlined in the agreement. Mr. Dalstrom was making about $100,000 a year as an investigator, which puts the amount of the settlement over $2-million when benefits are factored in.

In November, 2008, Mr. Dalstrom received a written apology from OCABC, which is funded by the B.C. government. In essence, B.C. taxpayers were on the hook for the entire $2-million payout.

In exchange for walking away a rich man, the only promise the plaintiff made was to never reveal the terms of the offer or discuss details of the ugly internecine war many believe was ignited by the RCMP inside the walls of the OCABC, a joint operation between the Mounties and municipal police.

Today, few who played a part in the story are willing to talk about the events that destroyed the career of one of Canada’s most accomplished gang investigators. That list includes the B.C. Solicitor-General’s office, the RCMP and senior Mounties who have since retired.

Oh my bless the fates that allowed us the great unwashed taxpayer to catch a small moment where everything has been revealed to us(again) from the actuality of the crime to the Govt response... another crime!
I expected Coleman AND Campbell to be peppered with questions from the msm an un relenting blitz would have been appropriate we all should have known when in the last budget the slot machine replacement fund was higher than school replacement costs.. and then of course full steam ahead on a new roof for B.C place casino while care homes close schools close programs slashed new fees and higher taxes... we need a forensic audit done pronto in this province and the rcmp need to step in and start doing some investigating maybe lay some some charges how can they look away?
Anon 7:48, what you suggest requires not only the RCMP's involvement, but a Special Prosecutor to take action on this file.

Can we run a lottery here to choose who might be the next SP or perhaps offer a suggestion to PlayNow.com as a viable means of raising instant cash? I know of over 700,000 people who signed up for the HST that would be mightily interested, on a sure bet of the results that would favour, for the first time, not the House of MLAs.
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