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BCR Trial - R.I.P. - Temporarily

"Oh it's a long, long while, from May to December,
But the days grow short, when you reach September" 
September Song
Maxwell Anderson and Kurt Weill
Recorded by Bing Crosby in 1946

Yesterday, in fantasyland Courtroom 54, B.C. Supreme Court Associate Chief Justice (to use the term loosely) Anne MacKenzie told the jury. "We'll see you Sept. 13,...Enjoy your summer."

The rag from Mob Headquarters the capital, Victoria, the Times-Colonist expended NINETY whole words to inform the public of this hardly relevant fact - well they actually used 156 words in the article but 66 of them were just the usual boilerplate that the Canned Waste drones use to fill dead tree material when ever they feel obligated to even mention the BC Rail Corruption Trial.

The sixty-six words of boilerplate - for those that never heard of Basi or Virk(?):

Former senior government aides Dave Basi and Bob Virk are charged with fraud, breach of trust and accepting benefits in the controversial $1-billion sale of B.C. Rail.

They are accused of leaking government secrets to one of the bidders in exchange for cash and other benefits, prompting a police raid on the B.C. legislature in December 2003.

Basi's cousin Aneal Basi is accused of money laundering.

In the Vancouver Sun, noted journalist (?) and "accreditation panel" member Neal Hall provided a bit more information such as (bolding kootcoot):
Before adjourning for the summer, the jury sat for only 20 minutes Tuesday to hear the Crown read out a "statement of admissions" made by the accused.

The admissions include that the wiretaps by police were accurately recorded, translated and transcribed, and that the RCMP had continuous possession of the documents seized from the government offices of the accused, Dave Basi and Bob Virk.

...../snippity doo dah

The admissions dispense with witnesses having to be called by the Crown to prove facts that now are admitted by the accused.

One of the admissions is that two of the accused, Dave Basi and Aneal Basi, are cousins and brothers-in-law.

Virk and Dave Basi also admit they travelled to Denver, Colorado with their spouses in December 2002.

In the other Vancouver Canned Waste rag, the tabloid Province, Keith Fraser another stellar member of the "accreditation panel" provided yet another tantalizing fact, indicating that once again the seldom Scene seen, oh so Special Prosecutor Wild Bill Berardino couldn't be bothered, yet again, to show up and dispatched Janet "take your kids to watch you at work" Winteringham (instead of bring your sky-train station stalker step-dad), to perform yesterday's scut work.
Prosecutor Janet Winteringham read out to the jury a statement of admissions agreed to by the Crown and defence.

So this morning and for the upcoming mornings I can go out and work in my garden or go down to the lake instead of going to the Court (dis)Services Online to see what kind of games they are playing today. The weather is wonderful today, the forecast is calling for even better tomorrow and the day after so I'm gonna do some summer stuff and look forward to a busy fall when the trial of the century might actually get underway again and the Recall the Criminals campaign gets underway. The jury will now have two months to ponder how such an important government official as Martyn Brown could be so apparently brain dead, and likely will come to the obvious conclusion without having to dis-obey the judge and discuss anything among themselves.

September the THIRTEENTH shows every indication of being a very unlucky day for our favorite mob boss premier, Gordon Muir Campbell!

I think we should be all listening to the Door's "The End". for this is what is happening.

The evidence is so, so damning that the government controlled courts have to kill this thing and fast.

The government controlled media will whimper and go back reporting real stories about house sales, tourism, and Mayor Moon Beam.

Democracy is dead in this province; the legal system is dead in this province, as we live by a new credo; "He/she who hath the most toys when he/she dies, wins".

For Campbell to win, he has left a trail of deceit, corruption and a destruction of the province we live in.

They shoot Quislings, don't they?
Gee - Dave Basi is due in court in Victoria on Sept. 13th for a Pre-trial Conference with James Duncan and Anthony Young. I'm wondering which court he will show up in!!
Anon at 11:50:

That's interesting - I wonder too, if one trial should be put on hold for the other, it seems that it should be the ALR one in Victoria. Not surprisingly these charges relating to the ALR land removal with Young and Duncan are also related to alleged offenses from LONG, LONG ago, though not quite as long ago as the Ledge Raids if I remember correctly.

Similiar sleazy allegations though, or more of business as usual in the Campbell excuse for government.
There are two errors either in the Neal Hall report or in the original admissions.

1) Dave Basi & Aneal Basi are cousins

2) Dave Basi & Bobby Virk are brothers-in-law.

The errors must be in Neal Hall's report, as it would be very strange for Basi, Virk, or Basi to get their family relationships wrong.
Hi there everyone. Don't get down, don't give up. They want us to get discouraged and go away.

Instead, let's use the time we have between now and Sep 13 to:

On whatever each of us needs to know more about - the issues around the case, the workings of the BC judicial system, the players, whatever...

Ramp up what? Well, here's one project we might "ramp up". Make the BC Government Corruption Case a key talking point in every HST/Recall event and conversation we have.
Here's another: develop a new segment for Mary's website that provides a "primer" for the case, so that any foreign media (U.S. or U.K.) could have a ready source of easy-to-absorb case facts to rely on.
Any other ideas out there?

Attend the political gatherings of any and all party stripes. Make your concerns known. Both federally and provincially. Even at the municipal level, because Lord knows that's where the mess will hit the fan first. Let YOUR political reps know how our resources have been siphoned off from right under our noses. Don't assume they know anything about this case, or that they understand the ramifications. Most of them don't. If they think Bernie Madoff was a big deal, tell them that pales in comparison to the swindle Gordon Campbell has pulled off.

Just some thoughts. Any other ideas folks?


ps Did you notice? Most of this can be done while you're out enjoying the nice weather. Cheers
Mary, you aren't suggesting that a fine journalist, one qualified to sit in judgement about who else might be qualified to be called a journalist would write anything less than the gospel truth, are you?

The "facts" that you question were stated by that fine journalist Neal Hall and published in that admirable flagship of journalism and accuracy the Vancouver Sun. I merely copied and pasted (under fair use) from that august publication and changed not a thing - how could a lowly peon like myself (or yourself) even suggest that Neal Hall and the editors of the Vancouver Sun would be in error - shame on you Mary!

Leave the bullshit, carelessness and the lying to the tin foil hat wearing cult members of the blogoshpere, sitting at their keyboard minus pants in their momma's basement - OKAY?

Tune in later (or at latest in the morning) as I will be posting Citizen Journalist from 54's report on the last day of court as soon as possible. It is well worth readiing and very interesting, indeed.
Yeah, Koot, I guess that is what I suggested.

How could anybody specializing in the travails of Basi, Virk, and Basi not know the basic family connections between the three men who are the Accused?

And speaking of family connections: I read the book "The White Tiger" and although I still can't decide whether it's an analogy of life in India, or life in British Columbia under Gordon Campbell's regime, I highly recommend it because:

It takes the reader into everyday economics and family life, after corruption has gained the upper hand, as it did in India after British Rule (or because of British rule). Have you ever probed the end-game of a fully corrupted society? I certainly hadn't ... and I found the book believable as well as horrifying, often recognizable, and in the end, thought-provoking.

In a fully corrupt society, there are choices to make ... but in reality there are no choices at all.
Hmmm. I wonder what the disaster of the century will be? The Gulf oil spill, or Campbell, Hansen and the BC Liberals?
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