Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Brian Kierann, key witness for the Basi, Virk, Basi prosecution, has moved to Campbell River

Pssst. Just in case you hadn't heard ... and it would be wrong if the investigative team lost track of one of their most important witnesses in the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial which deals with bribery (such as who paid how much to whom for what, when, and why).

I am reliably informed that Brian Kieran, key witness for the Prosecution, former Vancouver Province columnist who later became a lobbyist, has moved about June 25 from the idyllic shores of Pender Island to take up residence in ... uh ... [choke ... gak] Campbell River, BC.

Campbell River is quite a bit farther away from the Vancouver Law Courts Building than Pender Island, Brian, so I don't think you're going to enjoy that so much.


Nice research BC Mary!!!!
Peace of mind is priceless. Like victims of crime,victims have to move out of their community. While the criminal has all the right to live where they choose. And they choose to stay:( Look at witness #1,via video link fom NS. He moved across the country, so he could maintain his peace of mind, while doing his civil duty.If our young men and women can go and risk their livies on foreign land,don't you think some of us, media,police,politicians, do gooders can do the same, but here, at home?
Good job Mr. Kieran,
keep going!
Pacific Justice,

I think you have misunderstood what I said.

It's important to know where key witnesses are, so that they can be called to testify (as Kierans, a key witness, has promised to do).

There is no suggestion that Kierans is being denied any choices of where he'll decide to put down roots.

Many of us are curious to know what you mean when you say "Good job, Mr Kieran. Keep going!"

What's the job? And "keep going" ... is he running away or something?

And yes, since you asked, I do think that video-link should be used more -- such as when Aneal Basi was too sick to attend court in Vancouver, I thought he could have listened to the court sessions from Victoria by video link.

In fact, the whole BC Rail Trial should, in my view, be televised. What do you think?
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