Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Norman Farrell, whose blog is Northern Insights, has a very good idea we can get working on. Here it is, cross-posted, and thank you Norm:

Norman Farrell says:

Nice to hear. You sound refreshed. Maybe there are a few ways we can ensure the justice system is ultimately accountable. You know one or two strategies being kicked around so how about another.

Many of us are concerned that the complete aspects of the railway sale are unexamined and the current trial is narrow in focus on issues not even directly involving the deal with CN. Also, the government has refused for years to discuss the sale and many question will remain not addressed after the trial.

Therefore, we must press the opposition parties, NDP and Greens, to state without equivocation, that if they gain power, a judicial inquiry with a broad mandate and wide powers will conduct a Commission of Inquiry to review the sale of the railway and all of the land assets formerly owned by the BCR. The inquiry should be so extensive that no questions remain about the propriety of the BCR sale. If nothing wrong has been done, the cloud will be lifted. If something has been done illegally, the guilty will pay.

The Opposition making a strong statement now may encourage wrongdoers to come forward voluntarily because their protection will disappear with a change in government. Knowing that, people may blow the whistles before and get the soft treatment that the Pilothouse gang received.

It is up to voters to extract this kind of commitment from those who would form our next government in 30 months.


An excellent idea - maybe we should all be sending letters directly to Carole James and Elizabeth May wanting to know their views and what will they be doing about this whole horrible mess. More importantly, will legal action be sought to make Campbell and others accountable for what has happened. This cannot go unchallenged - maybe some civil suites be started against Campbell for whatever reason - loss of livelihood through BC Rail sale etc.

Just tossing ideas around here - maybe someone else can come up with others.

The point now is to make Gordon Campbells and his cabinet, lives bloody hell. from now on and wait to see how he reacts.

Letting others outside of the country know, would also be a big plus by making the whole BC government look corrupt.


Announced first week of the 2009 campaign: Carole James announces full public inquiry into BC Rail sale.
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