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Sean Holman GETS IT on BC Rail


Public Eye Online
July 12, 2010.

"We inherited a railway that was bankrupt and in disarray."

That's how Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Shirley Bond recently rationalized her government decision to privatize British Columbia Railway Co.'s operations in 2003.

Similarly, her cabinet colleague Kevin Falcon told The Globe and Mail it's necessary to push down healthcare spending because "if we don't do this, our system will implode under the weight of its own excess and inefficiency."

But political analysts and commentators have persuasively pointed out BC Rail was profitable and healthcare spending isn't as out of control as Mr. Falcon would have us believe.

So is the government just wrong or is it manufacturing crises so it can make decisions that would otherwise be unpalatable to the public?

Well, before you answer that question, let me share a government document I found last week. It describes the behaviours senior civil servants are expected to demonstrate. Among them: being able to "create a crisis to force change." I'm not making this up. I'm not wearing a tin foil hat. That's exactly what the document says.

So if that's what bureaucrats are doing behind closed doors, is it unreasonable to think their political bosses are doing the same thing?

BC Mary comment: Don't miss Sean Holman's lead-up item from his July 9, 2010 report, "Crisis Point". It starts this way: 

Crisis point
Those with conspiratorial leanings often accuse governments of manufacturing crises to provide a pretext for controversial changes. But, in the Campbell administration, it's part of the job description for senior civil servants! The ministries of forests and range and environment are currently advertising for candidates to "fill positions within their executive ranks." And, according to a "role profile" attached to that advertisement, those hired are expected to demonstrate a number of behaviours including being able to "create a crisis to force change" so they can "capitalize on the best opportunity." The profile, which appears to apply to senior civil servants across government, goes onto state such decisions involve a "high level of risk," requiring executives to "acknowledge the ultimate consequences if they do not succeed." The following is a complete copy of that document, which does not say what those "ultimate consequences" would be.

Click HERE for the job description. 


Far from being "tin foil" conspiracy theory fodder - this is merely material that could be added to an updated re-issue of the Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein!

With Right Whing A-holes like we have running our province greed and ideology trump reality everytime!
This is very similar to what the nazis and Italian nationalists did in the early 1930's - create a situation and exploit it to the fullest. More and more the BC Liberals are showing examples of how morally and ethically corrupt they are - all under the DUBIOUSLY WEAK LEADERSHIP OF GORDON CAMPBELL - BC LIAR IN CHIEF!


Thanks - I feel a bit better now
Sounds like the company I used to work for.

But this is a government document about the civil service; it is more about "corporate" goals (the corporation being the entity known as the Liberal government) rather than the entity known as the voters of BC.

The taxpayer doesn't seem to matter much in this memo.

A website I found in my travels today, entitles ourcourtssuck, or some such thing.
Add "BC is a net importer of electricity" to the list of crisis (plural) in search of a solution (Site C).
If we want media that matters 'round here there is only one thing to do.

Send Sean Holman money.

Right now....

I mean it!


Because the guy who regularly does more investigative reporting than pretty much all of the dailies and the TeeVee stations combined does it on a shoestring.

And it is a very, very thin shoestring indeed.


Send Sean Holman money!

(and believe me, while he probably doesn't want me to say it, I know that Sean will be most grateful for any amount - it doesn't have to be the requested monthly fee....How do I know this?....Because I send him a cheque semi-regularly as my wife is sick of all my various and sundry 'subscriptions.....Sean's snail mail address is here).

Let this be a warning to anyone who thinks they can break the law and get away with it:

"State of emergency declared as wildfire breaks out near Peachland

By Tracy Sherlock, Vancouver Sun July 12, 2010 4:52 PM

"Last July, B.C. Forests and Range Minister Pat Bell issued a stern warning, saying the province planned to aggressively issue administrative fines and pursue compensation in the courts for costs and damages associated with human-caused wildfires.

"Since 2003, our Wildfire Management Branch has initiated 12 major legal proceedings representing $23 million for contraventions under the Wildfire Act," a Ministry of Forests and Range spokeswoman told The Sun in an e-mail. "Eight have been finalized and three are ongoing. These cases are extremely complicated and can stretch over several years."

I guess B.C. Forests and Range Minister Pat Bell hasn't heard what happens to a court case when it drags on over several years, especially from 2003.

Witnesses lose their ability to remember what happened.
VICTORIA – On July 30, 2003, Transportation Minister Judith Reid committed to issue a bi-weekly bulletin to keep British Columbians up to date on the BC Rail revitalization process.

This page will take You to all of the updates nice refresher, I am reminded someone asking if there was a RFP placed for the Fairness Advisor, Sept. 12th states there was, then on October 10th,2003 mentions that Charles Rivers was selected to be the Advisor. Wierd they went with the Boston Team, when
In 1998, CRA opened its first non U.S. office in downtown Toronto. This office offers clients economic consulting in the areas of competition, regulation, intellectual property, trade, and general litigation support.
and Margaret Sanderson Vice President, Practice Leader of Antitrust & Competition Economics (just say hmmmmmmmmm)

One of these update sheets

I was reminded about what I read today by Sean Holman ``It describes the behaviours senior civil servants are expected to demonstrate. Among them: being able to "create a crisis to force change." I'm not making this up. I'm not wearing a tin foil hat. So here is one from Minister Reid from October 24 update(link below)

``Slide damage update
In light of heavy rain damage to BC Rail’s main line in the Squamish and Pemberton valleys
over the past week, it is important to note that the burden for future misfortune such as this will not be
absorbed by taxpayers but rather by the new railway operating partner.
`The rail revitalization agreement will ensure that taxpayers are no longer exposed to these financial risks and uncertainties.``

All Updates 1-7 are here

Mary further info re earlier post of mine that You requested is coming, I was too verbose, and it would not allow.(and I lost the whole thing!)
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