Monday, July 12, 2010


Patrick Kinsella never lobbied the premier's chief of staff on BC Rail

Kinsella never lobbied me

By Bill Tieleman
24 HOURS - June 27, 2010

BASI-VIRK: Premier Campbell top aide denies BC Liberal insider Patrick Kinsella worked for both CN Rail and BC Rail in $1 billion sale

Premier Gordon Campbell’s chief of staff strongly denied defence allegations Thursday that B.C. Liberal Party insider Patrick Kinsella was working for both sides at the time of the $1 billion sale of B.C. Rail to CN Rail.

Martyn Brown denied repeated allegations from a lawyer representing one of three former government aides facing corruption charges related to the sale, that Kinsella was “working both ends” in the $1 billion deal.

Brown responded that Kinsella was not only not a lobbyist but was “one of the most community-minded, giving, considerate people that I know who cares very deeply about the future of the government in British Columbia - not just in British Columbia but Canada, who has an active role in politics and supporting government of his political persuasion.”

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