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Two gems: BC Rail "Dirty but standing" (but never forgotten). And Vaughn Palmer on Conservative Annual Meeting

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Chris Reid's Photo Album: BC Rail, dirty but standing. Taken in the midst of CN Power at Delta Port. Dirty and lonely like seeing a old friend. "It brought a tear to my eye."

BC Mary comment: Special thanks to Chris Reid for capturing the photos which are worth 10,000 words or more.


21 July 2010 - View from the Ledge
The B.C. Conservatives have booked conference facilities at the University of B.C. for their annual general meeting, set for Oct. 16.

The bigger venue is needed to serve a growing party.
Plus, as they couldn't resist pointing out in the press release, UBC  is in Vancouver-Point Grey, home base riding of Premier Gordon Campbell.

"We have much momentum to celebrate," Party President Wayne McGrath was quoted as saying. "The political landscape has changed in B.C.... "

BC Mary full disclosure: this blog (I say again) is non-partisan ... with one exception. This blog is anti-Gordon Campbell, for his authorization of so many woes beginning with his dishonouring of the Liberal identity. 

Here's something from Gary Mason that might fit right in here. Thanks, Gary.

New Ringmaster, Same Circus as BC Rail trial resumes

By Gary Mason

The Globe and Mail - Published on Sep. 24, 2009. Last updated on Apr. 28, 2010


... At the time of the government sale of BC Rail, there was fierce opposition to the plan centred in and around the Prince George area. Residents and businesses did not want the government to give up control of a rail line upon which they depended each day.

[M.L.A. Pat] Bell, I'm told, once had a bullet mailed to him by one irate resident with a note that read: "The next one has your name on it."

Even though he was not a member of cabinet at the time, Mr. Bell was under pressure from political supporters to oppose the sale. As deputy whip, however, he did have access to more insider information about the sale than most backbenchers. And he was been [being] lobbied hard by officials from Pilothouse to support OmniTrax's bid over CN's.

According to a source, the court apparently has memos and billing records showing that Mr. Bell was in regular contact during the bid process with principals at Pilothouse, namely Brian Kieran. We do not know what information, if any, about the sale of BC Rail was exchanged.

Beyond Mr. Bell, the name of Blair Lekstrom, Minister of Petroleum Resources and MLA from Peace River South, is also likely to surface during pretrial hearings. He also hails from a part of B.C. that was adamantly opposed to the BC Rail sale and there is apparently similar evidence that he, too, was talking to Pilothouse officials about the sale of BC Rail.

And finally there is the matter of Liberal insider Patrick Kinsella and the role he might have played behind the scenes in the sale of BC Rail.

The defence has alleged that Mr. Kinsella, a former close friend of Mr. Campbell, was working as a political consultant and strategist for BC Rail - the seller- and CN, the eventual winner of the bid. While BC Rail officials have confirmed that Mr. Kinsella was working for them during the time of the sale, CN and Mr. Kinsella have remained silent with regards to the allegation he was working for the national rail company at the time too.

The previous judge in the case rejected a defence application to gain access to Mr. Kinsella's private records and e-mails at the time of the sale, saying she couldn't grant the request because there was no proof that he was working for BC Rail and CN at the same time. If that were proven, the judge said, she could see granting the order.

Apparently, there are former government officials willing to testify that Mr. Kinsella was working for CN Rail at the same time he was working for BC Rail.

None of this is good news for a government as low in the polls as its [sic] been since taking office eight years ago.

What Gordon "the liar" Capmbell has done could be considered treasonous and certainly fraudulent given the nearly ten years of his very poor leadership.

Yes, anyone that perpetuates lying, dishonesty, lack of integrity or credibility and runs away from responsibility - cannot by definition, claim to have good leadership attributes. In fact Campbell is everything one would wish their children not become.

So that said, I agree with your making an exception for this poor, pathetic excuse for a man and premier of BC.

Thanks - I just could not resist:-)


Your comment prompted me to pull the Gary Mason item out of the archives for re-posting ...

. . . & as far as Kinsella is concerned, looks like the old saying "Birds of a feather flock together" fits to a tweet!

Happy Sunday, Mary.
The "Eye" is aware that Palmer was read the 'riot act' at the Sun and now must have all items vetted for 'political correctness', lest he loses his job!

The same source has told the "Eye" that Palmer has been directed to write negative stories about all possible 'rail' projects in BC, except for the Evergreen Line and Broadway subway!

This province is, corrupt to the core. Campbell should have been thrown in prison the minute, he fraudulently sold the BC Rail, it wasn't his to sell. He thieved the BCR, from the BC citizens and sold it, for his benefit, and his business buddies. And now, the Liberals in Ontario, have had their Legislature raided. All Liberal parties in Canada, should be expunged. We people in BC, have had enough of, Campbell's corrupt government. We know, Campbell works for Harper. The HST, isn't called the Harper Sales Tax, for nothing. What about, the premier of Ontario? Is he also a, Harporite?
"M.L.A. Pat] Bell, I'm told, once had a bullet mailed to him by one irate resident with a note that read: "The next one has your name on it.""

There must be a critical mass of mentally challenged folks in the PG area, after all they elect folks like Shirley "sand for brains" Bond and Mini-Ding-Dong the Second - Pat Bell (the saviour of the lumber industry in BC, oops I mean China).

But if bullets are delivered properly, they don't need a name or an address OR a postman/person!

By the way Ricky Big Boy Coleman, how's yer InterTooobz Casino going this week.........have you got it fixed up so only those in the circle get to cheat, yet?

Also, did they throw that woman into the Muskoka River in an attempt to salvage Tony Clement's reputation (as if he had one, once under the Spell of Harper, you are lost to the world of light)!

They've proved beyond a doubt with their attack on the the Census long form that facts are irrelevant in their view of the world or their agenda. By the way Harper, I feel that the Income Tax Forms are too intrusive and coercive, so I'm assuming you won't mind if I quit sending them in, eh - so next April, don't expect to hear from me - and this idea of having to give an address for my driver's license - WAAAAAY toooooo intrusive?
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