Tuesday, July 13, 2010


A very special Thank You


I'm back ... with heartfelt  thanks to my old friend and colleague, Kootcoot, for downing his tools at House of Infamy to come over and keep my blog going. Thank you, Koot. It must have been a long month for you, I hope it was fun.

The fact is: I had to get away and rest up  for a while. I was at a very low, worrisome ebb. But ...

You should've seen the dance of joy when I managed to activate the old computer in the Lodge where I was staying and saw that The Legislature Raids was alive, up and running, with new posts, new topics, and new comments.

Thanks to all who kept the ball rolling. Extra appreciation for Citizen Journalist 54 for those reports. Wow.

A peaceful month in the country, where I was well looked after, did me a world of good. I was at a very low ebb, I realized. But ... never underestimate the value of 2, sometimes 3 hot meals a day. When I arrived, I slept for 36 hours.

Today -- one month later -- I saw the Big Doctor who says that my cancer recovery is going well. The word "excellent" was used several times. WooHooo! "I'm going to ask the surgeon to look at you again," he said, and I'm liking the sound of that.

So now I'm back ... we're in a new and wonderful house with walls so historic they talk. I like that, because the talk is all about horses of long ago, who had jobs, and used to live here. Imagine. It's a house that makes us smile, while reminding us of our real world which before the invention of the internal combustion engine and the nightmare of oil production, can carry on life and commerce ... no problem.

Now ... back to the "in" box. There were almost 800 emails when I got home. Now there are only 122.

Thanks, thanks, thanks to all.


I am glad you are back, and I am also very thankful for Kootcoot and the others for keeping the BC Rail Trial alive.

Mary, I somehow missed that you have cancer, and are being treated. Peace and strength be with you. I'm glad you are with us. WoooHooo is right!

Welcome back BC Mary

It has been a long month and a lot happening. I would also like to thank Koot for keeping things going.His posts have been great. I sure hope his garden didn't overgrow. Most posters here have been great as well. Except for the phishers. (not too many of them.) It's great to hear you are on the mend. Take care, Gary E
Yahoo!! (we say that during Stampede Week) Welcome back Mary! Let's get some hangin' done! Remember you guys, we have plenty of rope we're afraid to use over here right now but maybe we can work from left to right on the map to solve some of our mutual problems. Being a Canadian railfan I think the BC Rail theft is a proper place to start.
What a tonic you are Mary. Just when I needed to hear something inspirational, there you are! Your words just bouncing off the screen...

Ahhh, this is such good news. Welcome home.

Great to have you back Mary, and to hear the word excellent used in relation to your health.

Your blog has become so important. It simply can't not run. I second your thanks to Kootcoot and CJ54.
Heartfelt "Welcome back home" Mary!

Our household is thrilled and comforted to hear that 'Wonder Woman' has settled into your special new home as you regain perfect health once again.

Know that you are receiving the flow of healing, good energy coming from every nook and cranny of British Columbia . . . & no doubt, from much farther afield! Your complete recovery is a given.

Here's a dose of extra healing news to soothe your mind:

A trusted, highly credible source shared that there is much to happen and hope for come September that will bring REAL justice forward in the BC Rail trial.

In the meantime rest up . . . enjoy the beautiful summer days healing mind and body in your historic hideaway with your loved ones.
Nice to hear. You sound refreshed. Maybe there are a few ways we can ensure the justice system is ultimately accountable. You know one or two strategies being kicked around so how about another.

Many of us are concerned that the complete aspects of the railway sale are unexamined and the current trial is narrow in focus on issues not even directly involving the deal with CN. Also, the government has refused for years to discuss the sale and many question will remain not addressed after the trial.

Therefore, we must press the opposition parties, NDP and Greens, to state without equivocation, that if they gain power, a judicial inquiry with a broad mandate and wide powers will conduct a Commission of Inquiry to review the sale of the railway and all of the land assets formerly owned by the BCR. The inquiry should be so extensive that no questions remain about the propriety of the BCR sale. If nothing wrong has been done, the cloud will be lifted. If something has been done illegally, the guilty will pay.

The Opposition making a strong statement now may encourage wrongdoers to come forward voluntarily because their protection will disappear with a change in government. Knowing that, people may blow the whistles before and get the soft treatment that the Pilothouse gang received.

It is up to voters to extract this kind of commitment from those who would form our next government in 30 months.
I would like to add my wishes for renewed health and a reinvigorated return to the blog. Several people I know are concerned that the toxicity of politics and social policy is becoming a moral and physical drain: it's tough to look at so much destruction and mendacity and still keep body and soul on an even keel. I hope it does some good that many of us stop by the Legislature Raids on a daily basis and to know that you and others are holding that torch to the feet of those who would suborn the public good for their own selfish and narrow ends. The community that surrounds this issue is part of the slim proof that an enlightened citizenry can effect positive change. Let's hope that your healing will be paralleled by a healing in wider society.
Hi Mary,
Wonderful news - though not to diminish koot's work while you've been on sabbatical - great to hear you're back and in fighting form.

I know you'll have noticed that Joe Arvay has entered the fray on the HST front.

Can't help but wonder what he might be able to do in certain other areas as well.
Welcome back Mary! We are behind you, in all matters. Your forthright, honest appoach is much appreciated. As your heath improves, I can only believe that those liars, the BC liberals and their head honcho must be very upset that your are back. Continued good health, and please continue your great investigative work on those thieves in Victoria.
Welcome back Mary - good to hear that things are going well and you are in fine fettle.

Thanks for all you have done.

I'm glad you have such wonderful new surroundings, I feel the same way about historic buildings. They whisper stories of bravery and community.

I'm glad to be a small part of your online community too. And thanks too all who pitch in here.
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