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Welcome to a new BC Rail blogger

Mike Geoghegan concludes this column titled Tracking the BC Rail story with a fascinating bit of fresh news (without mentioning their Dads):

..... Two other lawyers with the prosecution team, Mackay and Janet Winteringham, recently leased office space at a building called The Landing in downtown Vancouver. That building is owned by Don McLean, the chair of CN. Despite the fact that CP Rail pulled out of the bidding process for B.C. Rail, stating that the process was tainted and issuing a public letter saying so, the relationship between McLean and Premier Campbell is a matter that apparently neither the RCMP have seen fit to investigate nor the prosecution fit to pursue.
The B.C. Rail trial has now recessed for the summer. At present, far more in the way of questions than answers have been provided, but a pall of suspicion has been cast over all those involved.

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Isnt it Dave McLean Chair of CNR?

Interesting, Wonder how He found out about the Prosecution renting the Vanc. Landing to the Prosecution Team, wonder what kind of deal they got for rent.

David McLean, Chairman of CN, then took the podium and shared with the crowd how CN came to grant the donation to this project that resulted in the naming of the new facility the CN
Roundhouse & Conference Centre. He noted that this was the largest donation to a single
organization ever granted by CN and said that CN respected the professional development of the
West Coast Railway Heritage Park and supported it as a good model in the preservation of
railway heritage.

Surprized Ian Sutherland,(member of the Mayors Council on the restructering of BC Rail) past Mayor 2002-2008 didnt help cut the ribbon.

I am so glad to hear the news of your health and your new home, and though I dont know the sound of Your voice, I hear You clearly when You write, stay strong, don't over due it.
Nice research by Mike Geoghegan - where is the MSM on this material??????????
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