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Yes, I think Ontario will be different from British Columbia when reporting the shocking news about police raiding Ontario government offices. Our most fearless (but so far, anonymous) reporter explains why ...

Re-posted comment by The Great Satan ...

I have been active on this file since Sunday/28/Dec./2010 [BC Mary says: try 2003] when I made a very early morning phone call to a media outlet.

During this time, I have witnessed the bulk of BC's beautiful-celeb media white-wash and cover-up Basigate for one reason or another, but certainly with the newsroom's intent of protecting the Honourable Gordon M. Campbell and his BC Liberals from the evils of Godless NDP Socialism.

Now I am witnessing the neo-cons and Fraser Institute Fellow-Travelers in BC media turning on their "beloved" Premier for Life.

One has to wonder, what did our sociopathic Premier do to deserve such disloyality from his friends and LOVERS?!

It reminds me of 2003 and the ONE NIGHT STAND Paul Martin Jr. got in BC . . . from the leader of the Thousand Year Martinite Reich to Mr. Dithers in six months.

It is not like either of these tin-pot-despots suddenly went bad, since anyone on the inside had and has long known of their gross character limitations, for in some cases decades.

I can only assume these two sudden "Enemies of the People" were created, sustained and ultimately liquidated by the neo-con elites that control media in Canada and especially in British Columbia.

I certainly hold great distain for our corrupt and failed managers, Martin and Campbell, but I reserve my strongest contempt for the Johns running BC's newsrooms and the Harlots who under their bylines generate this kind of garbage.


BC Mary comment: So many questions, TGS. So many, many questions. Like, first of all, isn't your date (line #1) off, a bit? I think you mean "Sunday, Dec 28, 2003", right? As for me, I also remember it well. 

More questions: I've had a big question for several years about Paul Martin's sudden, unannounced visits to Vancouver on April 1, two years in a row, which co-incided with press conferences being held by Associate Chief Justice Patrick Dohm who seemed to enjoy teasing the public with hints about how he would be revealing those Search Warrants (the ones which allowed cops to raid the BC Legislature), but he never did, entirely. Nice guy, that one.

My conclusions never quite matched yours (how could they?) so I was following only two lines of thought: the "Liberal" line, and the Canadian Steamship Line. But I kept coming up feeling icky and nervous; and that's when this whole search began ... I just couldn't accept what seemed to be happening to the province I call home ... and my efforts morphed into The Legislature Raids blog. 

At that time I tried very hard to reach the eastern media with the "Basigate" story, with zero results. But even then -- in fact, from the day Paul Martin stood with Gordo, right after that shocking raid on the BC Legislature, and both of them declared "I know nothing! Bye!" -- I've felt a certainty that those two alone could take the witness stand at the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial and save the taxpayers a whole lot of money (and worry). 

But then, they were never charged, were they. Silly me.  

Let's talk some more, TGS. Despite your awful User Name, I believe that you care a whole heckuvalot about this country of ours. Thanks for dropping by.


Paul Martin is busy plowing Africa and planting the seeds of western governance.

Clinton is busy setting up a cell communication system in Africa.

Gates is stamping out controlled diseases in Africa.

Can't you see the big picture can't you taste the new world order! 2050.

Getting back to CN Rail they have a lot of clout in North America. The whole Chicago debacle clearly brought that to light. Obama had to bend to the will of the mighty CN how is our little Gordo not going to do what he's told to do.
A psych exam should be mandatory for election to public office, at least we would know what we have to deal with.
How could Campbell fraudulently sell the BC Rail, and not know the terms of the sale? Or is he as brain dead, as Martyn Brown? Many BC citizens, think the trial is a farce. Being tried in a corrupt court, by a corrupt judge. Campbell had ample time to destroy all the records and e-mails. This entire province, it seems to me is corrupt. We have a monster premier, who is forcing himself on a population, that despises him. However, he doesn't have a lick of decency in him. To lie, deceive and cheat to win, is about as low as you can get. It will be no surprise if the other witnesses, in the trial, are also brain dead.
Anonymous 6:07,


Now, to answer your question, please refer to the comments of the Jester who calls himself The Great Satan ... it's all explained there.

Next, if you like, I can outline my theory of how British Columbia was taught to hate and fear the Opposition ... a theory best suited to grey winter nights, perhaps.

Thanks for your comment. You've packed a lot of concern into those few lines and most of us have been along that path right there with you, all the way.

Thanks again.
I looked everywhere for BC media to tell the story about the raids in Ontario.

BUT, check this out, read the whole story.
The Mounties got their man, and the taxpayer paid
Port Moody police Inspector Andy Richards.

Port Moody police Inspector Andy Richards. Lyle Stafford for the Globe and Mail

A $2-million settlement put a quiet end to a wrongful-dismissal case that threatened to embarrass RCMP brass

Gary Mason

From Wednesday's Globe and Mail Published on Wednesday, Jul. 21, 2010 3:00AM EDT Last updated on Wednesday, Jul. 21, 2010 9:24AM EDT

The trial of Allen Dalstrom versus the Organized Crime Agency of B.C. had been under way in B.C. Supreme Court for only a few days when lawyers representing both sides approached Madam Justice Catherine Wedge asking for a temporary adjournment.

It was granted. And although no one knew it then, a wrongful-dismissal case that threatened to level serious allegations of misconduct against high-ranking RCMP members would never resume.


I have not checked if BC Media tells this story
It is of no great surprise, to BC citizens, that the RCMP, is in another scandal. Their image is tattered, by so many crimes, that were swept under the table, there is no more faith left among the people. However, our premier is worse. I read, the two top reasons, Canada is way down the list of the most corrupt countries are, our politicians and the RCMP. So of course, it is unlikely the trial will resume.
Anonymous 7:58,

Sometimes I think you're P.A.B. employees, because here you are ...

all prepared to see us slash our wrists and give up the ghost. Like it's your Monday morning assignment or something.

"There's no more faith left among the people" you say. Well, you didn't look around much, did you?

And how come you decided to leave your defeatist message here, on one of the blogs which is determined to keep a bright light shining on some of the criminals in BC, with a view to better times ahead for future generations?

Why here? why now?

because, listen up: I'm tellin' ya, the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial will resume on September 13, 2010.

and you've got a problem with that?
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