Saturday, August 07, 2010


BC Rail news: Fyshing with Martyn Brown!

Another gem! don't miss the astonishing revalation of the "facts" surrounding Paul Taylor and ... well, click HERE.

Well done, Ian Reid! Wowww!!


Another peak into the guts of our "august" supreme court in BC – Frances Bula had a teeny article in the weekend Vancouver Sun saying that the child of a BC supreme court justice has been charged with armed robbery.

The case has been turned over to a special prosecutor. It won't be long before almost every case in BC will require a "special" prosecutor, the result of massive, widespread corruption of the government, authorities and the judiciary.

Key Point: The article did not print the name of the person charged with armed robbery.

Now why is that? I thought the names of people charged are supposed to be public knowledge unless it compromised the identity of a minor (as in rape of a child).

The motto of the BC Supreme Court should be:

can anyone tell me WHY they allowed this thing to be delayed? Was OJ Simpson delayed because of Summer? How much money do the taxpayers of BC have to pay the legal council of BVB anyway? What is the tally?

How much has this cost? Why?
I just left you a message via these comments that was said to be "too large to process." Did you get it, or any portion of it? I've gotta learn to copy before pressing send. I'd hate to have to regurgitate what was a long message.
concerned citizen at 8:00-

If you are referring to the "Not for Publication" meeting with "pig face" it has arrived and is safely ensconced in the back room - interesting (koot - Mary may not see it until later).
Cannot access this story via your click 'here'. Has it been removed by????????

I hear you ... but am having plenty of difficulty trying to (a) enjoy a little vacation and (b) in a location where the Internet is in an apparently dead zone.
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