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BC RAIL POLICE ... and BC Rail Dease Lake line to Minaret developments

We need these! Check it out HERE. Picture yourself walking into Courtroom 54 on September 13, 2010, as our designated officer at the next session of the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial.


Fortune Minerals announces railway development strategy for Mount Klappan metallurgical coal project

Rail haulage strategy to Prince Rupert economically attractive

Issued Capital: 97,314,407

LONDON, ON, Aug. 23 /CNW/ - Fortune Minerals Limited (TSX-FT) ("Fortune" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that it has developed a new commercially competitive railway transportation option for haulage of anthracite metallurgical coal products from the Company's Mount Klappan project in northwest British Columbia to the port of Prince Rupert. This new development strategy is based on existing infrastructure and provides a much simpler transportation solution that would allow the Company to rapidly capitalize on the world class resource potential of Mount Klappan and participate in the growing global shortage of high quality metallurgical coals. The railway strategy would also provide access to the Ridley Coal Terminal in Prince Rupert that can load full "Capesize" bulk vessels, making this the preferred point of export for most of the Company's potential customers in the overseas steel industry.

The new railway development strategy is based on quotes that were recently received from the Canadian National Railway Company ("CN"), which operates on the former BC Rail Dease Lake Line to Minaret, 150 km south of Mount Klappan. The roadbed for this railway right-of-way north from Minaret to Mount Klappan and has already been largely constructed and provides an existing transportation corridor that can be upgraded for rail or truck haulage of coal from the mine to Minaret.

Fortune will be required to invest significant capital to upgrade the railway right-of-way as well as make improvements to the CN Rail Dease Lake Line to accommodate 127 car unit trains with 95 tonne car loads and efficient rail speeds. However, this railway development option eliminates a similar amount of capital that would otherwise have been required for truck haulage of coal to Stewart. These savings include elimination of the 100 km access road between the mine and Highway 37, elimination or reduction in the size of the off-site truck fleet, and it also avoids the substantial investment that would have been required to upgrade the bulk terminal facilities in Stewart. Use of the existing infrastructure under the railway option will also reduce the environmental footprint for the development, eliminates concerns for truck and port congestion in Stewart, reduces overall project risk, and provides for more rapid project execution and construction.

Fortune has already engaged Deloitte & Touche Corporate Finance Canada Inc. ("Deloitte") as the Company's financial advisor to pursue strategic alternatives for the advancement of Mount Klappan (see Fortune news release, dated June 30, 2010). Deloitte is assisting Fortune by identifying potential strategic partners for the project and evaluating potential transactions ...


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Update from Progressive HERE.


From a purely monopoly capitalist point-of-view, it all makes perfect sense.

Why, even we rubes can see it coming into view, now.

They do it because they can; and there's a plan, the great work, and they hold themselves as the architects of that brave new world. Control of a raw resources, especially energy, gives them serious leverage towards that end.

In my opinion, it is all coming together now isn't it? The plan was put in motion years ago. We're seeing it unfold and why the need to sell the citizens' railroad. It has taken longer than anticipated because "it is before the courts." I wonder how much longer the matter will be "before the court." Am I reading something between the lines here??? Time will tell.
Doubtful. CN, having sold all of the trailer on flat car equipment that would facilitate this type of thing and having a complete lack of interest in moving general merchandise, could not make the thing happen.
Just call and ask for a special load of something to get moved.
They only want the 127 car loads of something that can go fast. Nothing too technical or service focused.
Control of a raw resources, especially energy, gives them serious leverage towards that end.

It is an axiom of geopolitics, as outlined by Friedrich Raetzel, founder of the science, and those after him, that the growth of states and empires is naturally directed at control and/or acquisition of resources and transporation nodes/systems.

It's interesting to contemplate the rivalry going on between the American and Chinese Empires at this point in history, and naturally enough focussing on the area where their interests have historically intersected (since 1858, in fact....).

And yes, the term "Chinese Empire" is apt even though there is no one (currently) occupying the Dragon Throne (well, there is, but not in those terms). It's as apt as "American Empire".

The Kitimat oil-slush pipeline, the Klappan projects and Dease Lake Extension, the IPPs, BC Rail, the Asian control (or stakes, if you will) of our coal supply (and our real estate markets...).

We remain a colony, but of two different empires competing to dominate and, well, pretty much annex us. Britain washed its hands of us long ago....
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