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Like the common cold, corruption appears to be spreading

Bidding process may have been compromised at ministries: OPP

The Canadian Press
Tues., August 3, 2010

TORONTO — Ontario Provincial Police say the focus of an anti-rackets investigation that led to raids on several provincial government offices last month is on employees accepting benefits from a vendor.

In a release Tuesday night, police said the benefits that are believed to have been received include cash, services and goods.

Provincial police say it is also believed that employees disclosed the amounts of bids from competitors to a vendor during the competitive procurement process.

Police say the investigation has also found instances where it is believed that inflated invoices and invoices for services not rendered were submitted by a vendor.

Police say the total value to date of offences being investigated is approximately $400,000.

Last week, Premier Dalton McGuinty said the three offices that were the target of the provincial police raid were the ministries of Transportation, Economic Development and Trade, and Community and Social Services.

The investigation involves "irregular financial transactions between a vendor and employees of the Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Ministry of Community and Social Services and two facility management companies," police said Tuesday.

On July 15, police executed search warrants on the offices of the three ministries and seized a large volume of documents and electronic records that are currently being reviewed.

Here's a new angle: 

The Canadian Press is reporting that Ontario's provincial NDP Opposition is demanding that the three Ministers step down during the criminal investigation of their departments. 

Click HERE for the story. 

Excerpt of interest to British Columbia:
“It's pretty obvious that there's fraud and corruption taking place in some of these ministries, and at the end of the day we shouldn't need the OPP to be investigating this,” he said.

“We should be able to rely on the political oversight of a ministry and that clearly has been sorely lacking.”

The Progressive Conservatives noted that the public still doesn't know the whole story behind the corruption probe, but said if the allegations are true then the ministers must resign.

“There are serious allegations which if proven to be true means these ministers didn’t do their jobs, put the public service in Ontario at risk and put tax dollars in harm's way,” said Opposition critic Lisa MacLeod.

“If this is true, these three ministers must be held responsible, but they’d better start coming clean today.”


August 5, 2010: "New details on the extent of the corruption probe," in this report, with special emphasis in a strong section for "Have your say!" Here's our chance to tell Ontario what we've learned -- almost 6 years later -- after police raided OUR legislative offices ...

Click HERE.



I've been following this Ontario story with great interest since it broke, and I am not surprised at all to hear that the MOT there, is among the ministries being investigated.

The question I have is, how long will it take for the RCMP to do the same here?
My first thought here was:If charges are warranted are they going to charge the the vendors for offering as well as the employees for receiving a bribe? Or will they do as has been done in the BC Rail case and only charge the government employees?

Bot the offering and receiving of a bribe are an offense under the Criminal Code of Canada.

My question, from the get-go of the Ontario police raids on their provincial legislative offices, is:

will the Ontario Provincial Police (O.P.P.) do a better job of investigating this matter,

than the national police force (R.C.M.P.) is able to do for the province of British Columbia??

I'm thinking, yes, the OPP will move faster, and with clearer motivation.

Gary E.,

good point. Please leave your "Briber, Bribee" comment on some Ontario sites where people can appreciate the significance of the BC experience ... and maybe keep the ball rolling a bit faster.

As for the premier of Ontario, granted he may be gullible (check), or dumb-ass stupid (check) but the good news is that he doesn't come across as a sleazy back-room manipulator such as "Gord" Campbell. Ya think?
Seems like organized crime and so called white collar crime is rampant across Canada and especially in BC!
I believe that OUR SC of BC has also become corrupted by? (follow da money)

BC's RCMP are also involved in gordo's criminal, crooked back room deals to Corporations, WHY!

Anonymous Laila Yuile said...

"I am not surprised at all to hear that the MOT there, is among the ministries being investigated.

The question I have is, how long will it take for the RCMP to do the same here?"

August 4, 2010 7:20 AM
Anon 9:52:

Wtf are you driving at?

Luila wasn't posting as an "Anonymous" so why are you repeating her comment?

I find your blanket generalizations strangely empty of meaning. Like, as if you're following orders you don't understand, or some such thing ...

If you'd like to try again, please select a User Name and stick to the topic.

I don't think the RCMP, will do any more investigating, for Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR. Their contract is up for renewal. As we have seen multiple times, anyone opposing Campbell, soon gets a vendetta, and loses their job. The RCMP, could lose their contract. Same with newspapers, no bad press for Campbell, or no more government ads. Same as TV media. I can't even think of one agency or service, Campbell hasn't tampered with. It seems to me, the RCMP are staying as far away as possible, from the BCR fiasco. Not even a comment. This is how Campbell controls everyone, they all have seen the vendetta's, and are afraid of losing their jobs.

Right or wrong, I don't know. But something stinks.

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