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Patrick Kinsella and his unfortunate racehorse

Ultimate insider and his golden horseshoe

Bob Mackin - July 31st, 2010

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A racehorse named Private Mambo suffered a very public death July 31 when it veered off the track at Hastings Racecourse in Vancouver and into the winner’s circle.

The horse died immediately when it collided with a trackside shed that is now in a precarious position. Debris, including shattered glass, was strewn about when I visited the scene. A security guard who was sitting under the shed was rushed to hospital with undisclosed injuries.

Miraculously only one person wound up in hospital. It could have been dozens or hundreds if the horse had left the track seconds earlier.

Another miracle? The winner’s circle monument to the previous season’s leading owners was unscathed. The plaque shows stable-partners Patrick Kinsella and Glen Todd were tops in 2009 with 41 wins.

Yes, that’s the same controversial Patrick Kinsella who is connected to Premier Gordon Campbell, the BC Railscam trial and intriguing Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics business deals. Read more about Kinsella and Todd and their interesting connections and contracts by clicking here.

Though Kinsella has not escaped media scrutiny and is likely to testify at the BC Rail corruption trial, he has avoided charges for unregistered lobbying, among other things.

Something with his name on it remains standing, despite coming ever so close to being damaged in one of the worst tragedies in B.C. horseracing history.

I’d say a certain someone has a golden horseshoe you-know-where.

"The BC Railscam trial" ? ... you saw it here first. 

BC Mary comment:  I was wrong: the news items seems to be all about Patrick Kinsella but it wasn't Kinsella's horse! For another version of the story, click HERE


Great source of information on Patrick Kinsella, Rich Coleman too. Fact is, I followed the bread crumbs that the PBA have been laying down for our MLA who likes to gamble, big time, and its amazing the boasting (more gambling) that goes on by our elected politicians.

For example, in Rich Coleman's bio:

"In recognition of his tireless and long-term work in the community, Rich has been awarded both Rotary's top honour, the Paul Harris Fellowship, and the Kinsmen's highest honour, the Hal Rogers Fellowship. Rich was the second person ever honoured with the Hal Rogers - the first being Kin founder Hal Rogers himself."


Problem is though, when one goes to Kin Canada they tell a different story altogether on who was second, who was third.

# added for clarification of ranking, specifically for PAB who might be reading this who OBVIOUSLY can't count.

"2007 Hal Rogers Fellow Award recipients

Harold A. Rogers, Founder of Kin Canada (posthumously) (#1)

Diane Rogers, Life Member and daughter of Founder Hal Rogers (#2)

Rich Coleman, Life Member of the Kinsmen Club of Aldergrove (#3)

Bill Skelly, Life Member of the Kinsmen Club of Edmonton (#4)

Jim Watson, Life Member of the Kinsmen Club of Port Coquitlam (#5)

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