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Sheesh, I dunno. What do you think of "too much train noise" in and around Squamish, B.C.?

Squamish Chief story is HERE.

Me? I just wonder if CN is up to something.


At least six reasons why there should be a ban on publication in the Basi Virk Basi trial, all courtesy of the Robert Pickton trial

With extreme distaste, I post this.

Blinding everybody with pig s*it won't work this time,buddy. Your boy isn't getting a new trial.
Is this a blunder on our court system, the releasing of all of the information that was banned.

The Basi jury is free to read anything, and if I were on that jury, and reading this morning's newspapers of what was held back from the Pickton trial by the police/Crown prosecutor because they "thought" the victim wouldn't be believed, there's enough evidence without going the route of the six women that were murdered, of the one woman that got away six years before all of the women were presumably murdered.... to hang Pickton once.

With all of the delay in the Basi trial thus far, the jury could be thinking that there's far more evidence that goes against the defendants that against the Crown eg. the BC Liberals.

There'll be a mistrial called on this current one because of the latest fiasco by the courts and it won't happen until it goes to the Appeal stage. Guaranteed, the Defense team will raise the release of the Pickton details as the basis for the their appeal.
Anonymous 6:58 writes:

the Defense team will raise the release of the Pickton details as the basis for the their appeal.

Thank you for that insight. The process of holding back evidence -- and the reasons given for holding back some of the Pickton evidence -- could influence the thinking of any jury able to read the news during the BCSC summer recess.

The Pickton evidence has nothing to do with the BC Rail Trial, but the process of withholding evidence certainly does.
This answers the question "Why now?"
Hi, Mary
I 'page not found' for the above,
can y provide some insight?
Pacific justice:

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It appears the Squamish Chief story has been removed.
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