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BC Rail: Kinsella won't be cross-examined [and] "I call Bull-Sh!t" says G.A.B.

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The Legislature Raids
Re-posted from August 31, 2009

BC Mary comment: Click HERE to see the way Patrick Kinsella was handled ... and the sudden departure of Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett from the BC Rail trial. Looking back from 13 months on, it all seems much more clear. To quote Gary Mason's segment (below),

" ... The defence wants to put Mr. Kinsella on the stand to ask him directly about the matter. It believes that through questioning it will be revealed that Mr. Kinsella was the linchpin in the sale the three accused insist was politically fixed in favour of CN.

And that that is the real scandal here.

To whet the judge's appetite, the defence read aloud a 2004 e-mail from Kevin Mahoney, president of BC Rail, to Chris Trumpy, then-deputy-minister in charge of the BC Rail sale. It concerns rumblings that CN Rail was not happy with some fine-print aspects of the deal that had been publicly announced but not yet formally signed.

In the e-mail, Mr. Mahoney says to Mr. Trumpy that he'll check “with Kinsella to see what he's been hearing,” about CN's concerns. A later e-mail refers to a conversation that Mr. Kinsella allegedly has with David McLean, chairman of CN, who outlined for him the concerns the company had about some of the tax implications of the proposed deal.

“Clearly there is a relationship between Mr. Kinsella and CN,” defence lawyer Kevin McCullough told the court.

If Judge Bennett agrees that Mr. Kinsella should answer questions under oath about any behind-the-scenes role he may have played in the sale, you can imagine the squirming that will be going on in Victoria.

And maybe in the witness box too."


BC Mary comment: It makes me wonder how the "new" judge can wrap her mind around all that pre-trial negotiating, before the main performance yet to come ... that is, if it's in the cards to allow the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial to proceed to a logical conclusion. 


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