Friday, September 17, 2010


BC Rail Political Corruption Trial: Sept. 17, 2010

President took home pay after BC Rail was sold

Kevin Mahoney earned $797,104 in 2004, court hears

By Neal Hall
Vancouver Sun - September 17, 2010 


... After BC Rail was sold, Kenning recalled, the plan was to wind down the company after it sold up to $300 million of its real estate holdings, which was expected to take two years.

But he said the transportation minister at the time, Kevin Falcon, gave BC Rail an additional mandate, asking it to develop "gateway access" to ports, so executives flew to Dubai and Hong Kong for discussions with officials ...

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These days, things have changed and there are too many news reports to post them all here ... and that's a very good development because "some" news isn't so hard to find anymore. I hope Inquiring Minds will continue to search for BC Rail developments.  Here are just a few more links:

Canadians for Accountability ...
By Ian Bron
Summary: Jurors at a political corruption trial in Vancouver leafed through a raft of confidential documents related to the sale of BC Rail on Monday as a Crown witness described what the fallout would have been if any of them landed in ...


The Straight goods:
HST Propagada Unleashed!
By Grant G

He sold BC Rail for $300 million dollars(after the tax write-offs and legal fees)....He sold rivers and gave forests away, but with Gordon Campbell everytime money is tight our BC Property is sold through guile! ...

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BC Rail insider denies 'fix was in' for CN

By News Feeds
An artist's drawing of Aneal Basi, left, Bobby Virk, middle, and Dave Basi in court during the BC Rail corruption trial. More... -


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