Thursday, September 30, 2010


BC Rail Political Corruption Trial: Sept. 30, 2010. Jury is sent home until Oct. 12.

Neal Hall writes in Vancouver Sun - Sept. 30, 2010:

Basi-Virk corruption trial postponed to October 12

A jury was told Wednesday that some unforeseen problems will delay the Basi-Virk political corruption trial until Oct. 12.

But B.C. Supreme Court Associate Chief Justice Anne MacKenzie advised the jury that Crown counsel and the defence lawyers are working to make sure the trial does not go past next March. "The Crown anticipates reducing their witnesses as well," the judge advised ...

Click HERE for Neal Hall's full report.

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BC Mary comment: is Courtroom 54 open for legal discussion between today (Sept. 30) and Oct. 12? I hope so, as it would mean that the public is free to take seats in the public gallery, to observe and to listen to these legal discussions ...

but the official schedule (left margin, click on BC Criminal Court etc) says nothing about Case #23299 (BC Rail) for today. 


Its a very large IF that on Tuesday, October 5th, you can sit in the public gallery of Court Room #54. Jury will not be present. Press and Public lips are sealed because there is be a Publication Ban sign that says so.
Anon 8:29,

People should not be discouraged from attending court.

The public can attend when jury is absent.

Don't be so quick to cut yourself off from these events.

It's a publication ban, not an attendance ban.
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