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BC Rail statistics: to whom it may concern (that is, all of us)

BC Mary comment: a reader has contributed the following links which are rich resources to be followed up. I welcome these additions because it's an enormous task  for anyone, or any group, to find all the significant details without this kind of help. I've always hoped that others will contribute and now is the 11th hour, the most opportune time to lay the facts out as best we can. Many thanks to this Anonymous commentor ... 


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "BC Rail Political Corruption Trial: a system in meltdown":

"As a commercial and competitive Crown corporation, BCRC does not
place any demands on public taxpayer funds. BCRC has not received any direct operating subsidies or grants from the Province since March 31, 1993."


This doesn't sound a bit like the dependent company, with its hands outstretched for help, that the Directors claimed that BC Rail was in, does it.

"British Columbia Railway Company Page 5 of 27
Service Plan 2003 - 2005"

The Gateway project isn't included because Gordo hadn't seen it on his horizon, but when it did arrive, the government produced a new mandate which had the Board of Directors taking flight to Hong Kong, Dubai and other points east to compare their company real estate services to the competitors in 2008.

Then there's the new Board of Directors, and their website, which says that they have a "Long-Term Operating Arrangement dated 05-19-06"

Note to BC Rail Website personnel,


"Since 2007, Vancouver Wharves has been part of Kinder Morgan. Kinder Morgan Canada Terminals (KMCT) has a long term lease on the property and acquired the Vancouver Wharves assets from BC Rail Corporation."

snip ...

Again, many thanks indeed to the Anonymous commenter. There's much, much food for thought in each link. Further comments welcome. - BC Mary. 


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