Sunday, September 12, 2010


The BC Rail trial ... lays out their way of doing business. The BC Rail trial is the BC Liberal M.O. on full display – with cross-examination.

Read the full column by Ian Reid HERE

A welcome sight -- other news media are anticipating the significance of Monday morning, September 13, 2010 in Vancouver Supreme Court:
BC Rail trial to resume for long haul as premier braces under increasing scrutiny

Canadian Press, Winnipeg Free Press, CTV News, Hamilton Spectator
Sept. 12, 2010.


While the premier hasn't stepped foot inside the B.C. Supreme Court trial in Vancouver, defence lawyers fired a series of allegations his way before the trial broke for the summer ... 

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RossK at The Gazetteer writes:

RailGate For Real...Round-Two Previews Start To Trickle In

Quoted from Keith Fraser at The Province:

The Crown is expected to call their second witness, Brian Kenning, a member of the board of B.C. Rail who was also on the government's evaluation committee for the controversial sale of the Crown corporation. ...

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Basi-Virk trial on again

By Keith Fraser
The Province - Sept. 12, 2010

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Winnipeg Free Press - BC Rail trial to resume for long haul as premier braces under increasing scrutiny.... great article!! wonderful to see more and more coverage on this story.
Need more coverage on the ElectionsBC fiasco -- an appointed person with three months on the job reorganizes????? David Dodge (former head of Bank of Canada) and others have asked that Harper respect the independence of Census office. Need someone of that caliber to come out in defence of independence of ElectionsBC.

Not sure I entirely agree.

Because what bugs me about that CP article by Tamsyn Burgmann in the Winnipeg Free Press is what is NOT in there.

In fact, it drives me crazy when these sweeping proMedia summaries pretend that everything Railgate related is nothing more than allegations and that there are no known facts associated with the case.

Here is just one example amongst many that raise my ire.....

Specifically, we KNOW that the Finance Minister at the time, Mr. Gary Collins, who also just happens to be the husband of Ms. Burgmann's BC Bureau Chief at the Canadian Press, actually met and had dinner with the CEO of OmniTrax in the run-up to the BC Raildeal. This is not an allegation. This is a demonstrable fact that was not contested by Mr. Gordon Campbell's Chief-Of-Staff Mr. Martyn Brown during his testimony, under oath, during the first leg of the trial back in June.


Oh, ya...

And pertaining to Ian Reid's fine piece that Mary linked to here....

What the heckfire happened to Mr. Berardino's original plans to bring the Bankers to the stand this week?

Is it possible that all that CIBC money that went to the Gordon Campbell party, which is also a demonstrable fact, not an allegation, just might be something somebody doesn't want to become a public discussion point in the next week or two?

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