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Just when we might begin to think that nothing could surprise us, along comes news like this:

Nude photo of judge contained in complaint

Click HERE to read the CBC story.

with an informative video of the CBC News report HERE.


Manitoba judge featured on porn web-site

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Judge embroiled in sex scandal removes self from bench

Winnipeg Free Press - Sept. 1, 2010

For a well-rounded summary, click HERE.


Remember when we tried to find out the biography and CV of the new judge on the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial? It wasn't easy; in fact, we never did find out much.  When Dr Mathews, at one point, wrote politely to the court requesting a copy of the new judge's cv, he was refused. 

I copy here, a previous post on this subject: 

Robin Mathews did request a copy of Madam Justice MacKenzie's curriculum vitae (cv). I asked Professor Mathews if he would let us see the letter from the Law Courts/800 Smithe Street/ VanBC V6Z 2E1, replying to his request. Here it is:

November 24, 2009

Mr. Robin Mathews
xxx Salsbury Drive
Vancouver, B.C. V5L xxx

Dear Mr. Mathews:

RE: Your letter dated November 16, 2009

I have been asked to respond to your letter on behalf of Madam Justice Mackenzie and Associate Chief Justice Dohm.

The Supreme Court does not have a curriculum vitae for Madam Justice Mackenzie; therefore, I cannot provide one to you.

Yours truly

H.L. McBride
Supreme Court Law Officer

It seems appropriate that we look back also at my own efforts to describe Justice MacKenzie's lawyerly background at the time she replaced Justice Bennett on the important BC Rail Case. Here is a piece I wrote titled "Madam Justice Anne MacKenzie":

Friday, August 21, 2009

Madam Justice Anne MacKenzie

New Supreme Court Justice on Basi Virk Basi / BC Rail trial.

I thought it would be easy to find a simple biography of Madam Justice Anne MacKenzie but like so much else, such is not the case. So far, I've only found that Mary Anne MacKenzie was born in Vancouver in 1983 to parents who were lawyers (her mother was Madam Justice Anne Winter). Is this the correct Anne MacKenzie? I don't think so. Or maybe the 1983 is a clerical error ... or maybe it's Anne W. MacKenzie ...

The most interesting info. came in the form of a book review. Canadian Criminal Jury Instructions (CRIMJI) 4th ed., ISBN 1-55258-456-9, published Sept. 1, 2008 @ $350. a copy with CD updates is "the source of jury instructions and law that the bench and bar have turned to." Where Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett was one of the 3 authors, Madam Justice Anne MacKenzie was one of the 8 members of the editorial board.

There's more detail if you click HERE. [This link has gone dead, since yesterday. This is beginning to feel weird. - BC Mary.]

As the CBC video (link at top of this page) explains, there are basic principles at issue in this matter ... yet even so, it took Canadian Broadcasting Corporation a month of investigation to find out the details of the Manitoba case.  But this is part of our national court system. Once again, it very clearly comes back to information which ought to be made clear to the public.  - BC Mary.


And, then there's the inquiry going on in Quebec now in which the government's former Minister of Justice, and a former deputy minister of that department, are accusing the current premier (Jean Charest) of having accepted money from political supporters in exchange for appointing specific people to judgeships.

When a crack starts to show, rapidly the whole works starts to come apart. This inquiry is much-needed scrutiny of how our judicial "elite" are conducting themselves, and how our system of justice has been assaulted by the misconduct of the very "officers of the court" who should be protecting it on behalf of the country's citizens.

The legal profession's sense of entitlement and privilege without responsibility and accountability is killing our system of justice, and with it, helping to cripple our democracy.
All this crap, lies,manipulation by the Politicians,Judges,Mounties, chiefs of lying police, ,is going to force people here in BC into one form or another of anarchy. People are really getting pissed off.
Frankly I would much prefer a B.C. justice system in which judges and lawyers were entertaining by virtue of their "flamboyant" sex lives, than one riddled with collusion, obstruction, oh so special prosecutor abuse.

I consider the fact that the government (sic) can't seem to appoint a solicitor-general without his own legal difficulties or an Attorney-General engaged in legal action, at our expense, due to "prosecutor shopping." Then there is the issue of whether or not we pay for our own great Leder's concubine, salary and expenses - but that doesn't bear any investigation.

Bill VanderZ today says the government should resign and call an election for lying about the HST, as demonstrated by the recent FOI information. Hasn't Bill noticed any previous lies? How about, I won't sell BC Rail, We won't expand gambling, a deficit of NO MORE than $495 million, just for starters.

The lies tend to get flimsier when you're making it up as you go along.
Kootcoot, as is so often the case, I must agree with you.

I too would prefer a "lusty" judiciary to a corrupt judiciary wielding a terrible sword against its own people.

In regards to what we know of the current Judge in charge of the Basi Virk Case, it almost seems that we have broken a code now, a cryptic one, laid down by the politicians to protect their own.

We've all done our research into who, and from where Justice MacKenzie has hailed from and one piece of information was that she was a graduate from UBC...... which was discarded due to lack of corroborating information.

In light of this post by BC Mary, I decided to go back and have another look at her possible CV.

And here she is, complete with her photograph and the headline from the Faculty of Arts:

"Recently named Associate Chief Justice Anne MacKenzie, UBC BA ’73 and LLB ’77, is a trailblazer in British Columbia Supreme Court."

Without her recent promotion I never would have found her CV.

Source for MacKenzie:
And oh gee whiz Gary Bass, RCMP Deputy Commissioner has certainly put his foot in his mouth by threatening a Director of Simon Fraser University criminology department.

Vancouver Sun "Police Warn SFU ciminologist to watch his words." - Katie Derosa, Postmedia News


"A top RCMP officer has issued a “thinly veiled threat” to strip funding from Simon Fraser University if its lead criminologist doesn’t stop criticizing the force.

In an e-mail obtained by the Victoria Times Colonist, RCMP Deputy Commissioner Gary Bass chastises Robert Gordon, director of Simon Fraser University’s criminology department, for his comments in the media that RCMP “arrogance” stalled the investigation into serial killer Robert Pickton.

I would like to suggest that you should be much more careful in speaking on issues where you have no direct personal knowledge or where you may not be getting accurate information fed to you,” Bass wrote in the lengthy e-mail, sent Aug. 22, two days after Vancouver police deputy chief Doug Le-Pard released his report on the bungled missing-women investigation, which placed significant blame on the Mounties’ shoulders."

Isn't Gary Bass the one involved with the BC Rail scandal and could it be that what he has to say about those who speak out against the RCMP on one front, the Pickton Case, may be applied to what we've been told on the Basi/Virk/Basi court case?

"you may not be getting accurate information fed to you"
Thanks again, N.V.G., for another interesting piece.

Bass displays an astonishing stupidity ... or is it desperation?

Did he really, really think that his rebuke wouldn't go public?

Maybe he hasn't caught up with the news that Big Media is making a slight adjustment to its way of doing business, eh?
I wonder if Deputy Commish Bass (Large Mouth?) takes a great amount of pride in the depths to which the morale and reputation of the RCMP has sunk under his watch.

Someone presiding over the collapse of a once proud and famous, as opposed to today's infamous, organization should perhaps be listening more than mouthing (Large or Small) off!

Let us count some of the current sources of RCMP Pride. Hmmmmm,

1. the botched handling (accidental or purposeful) of evidence in Basi-Virk

2. Their success in Coquitlam with the Pig Farm murders

3. Air India

4. Monty Robinson, who suprisingly hasn't killed anyone this year.

5. Whatever degree they participated in the circus in TO for the G20

6. Gustafson Lake

7. Ian Bush

8. The demise of Robert Dzizanki (I can't spell Polish names worth beans)

9. Kamloops triple X nite at the lock-up

10. The capture of the fellow who killed his children in Merritt by a civilian trapper/hunter almost in sight of the local RCMP detachment.

I goofed up by not pursuing a career where the reward for screwing up was paid holiday ($70.000 -80,000 per annum) for months or years. No wonder the mounties don't have (or need) a union or professional association.
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