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The last straw ... Restoration of the BC Rail Station in North Vancouver: "a shitty proposition" says North Vancouver councillor

By Niamh Scallan
North Shore News - September 22, 2010

District of North Vancouver councillors are fuming after hearing at a Monday workshop that a new Metro Vancouver liquid waste management plan could cost district households up to $3,830 each.

"This is a shitty proposition and it's not of our making," Coun. Doug MacKay-Dunn said of the potential cost of Metro Vancouver's proposal to overhaul its wastewater treatment facilities. {Snip} ...

According to utilities department manager Lorn Carter, the primary treatment plant -- as well as more than 1,000 facilities across Canada -- must be upgraded to comply with new federal environmental regulations.

Over the next several years, Metro Vancouver plans to move the North Shore's primary wastewater treatment from its current location on Squamish First Nation land under the Lions Gate Bridge to a new site at McKeen Avenue and West First Street in the District of North Vancouver -- the location of the old BC Rail station.

According to Monday night's presentation to district council, the relocation of sewage piping and primary treatment technology to the old BC Rail site -- where a secondary treatment facility will be built -- will add to the Lions Gate Wastewater Treatment upgrade cost, already estimated at $400 million.

District councillors also discussed concerns that North Shore communities are more heavily burdened by the costs of Metro Vancouver's liquid waste management plan than other municipalities in the region.

"When you get to the secondary (treatment) upgrade, the costs fall far more on the local community than building a building a primary plant," Walton said. "We're in a situation where we're in a small (sewerage) district with a major plant upgrade and . . . 70 per cent of the cost falls on us."

"This could pit us against our Metro neighbours," he added.

According to Walton, councillors across the North Shore continue to advocate to local MPs John Weston and Andrew Saxton to press for a cost-sharing agreement with the provincial and federal governments.

"As Metro Vancouver goes through with this liquid waste plan, which they have to do as a requirement with the Ministry of the Environment, there's no assurance at all that (the District of North Vancouver is) getting off the hook with this $134 million," he said. "This is being strongly advocated by our two representatives, Mayor (Pam) Goldsmith-Jones and Mayor (Darrell) Mussatto, on the waste committee."

District council plans to hold a public meeting on the waste management issue in the near future.

At a City of North Vancouver council meeting the same night, councillors also voiced many of their district counterparts' concerns.

Coun. Guy Heywood described the potential costs to ratepayers as "truly frightening." {Snip} ...

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This really comes as no surprise - they have sat on their sh*t dispensers for years and done nothing to improve the situation and yet they have the cheek to complain !.

Sorry - I just could not resist that :-)
They sure are anxious to bury BC Rail in shit! Bull-shit!
NV has all the clean water... be a shame if the pipe connectors were confused... (see "Brazil").
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