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CPAC asks: what if it becomes a criminal act to win election by falsifying or concealing the facts?

 There are serious, longterm possibilities in the HST battle.

What if it becomes a criminal act to win an election by falsifying or concealing the facts?

The Public Affairs Channel explores this possibility in a TV documentary entitled BC's Tax Revolt which aired on Monday evening, September 6, 2010.

Among other things, it shows Vaughn Palmer speaking passionately for the people who were duped. It shows Bill Good mumbling around the awesome topic at CKNW, and Gordo himself trying to reinforce the story of what he knew, when he knew it, and how he behaved afterward.

I contacted CPAC (you can too, by going to their web-site) and they gave me the co-ordinates, as follows: 

Here's the link for

British Columbia's Tax Revolt

Video-on-Demand (VOD):
Click HERE to read more about CPAC's offerings.

Instructions by "Paul" borrowed from Straight Goods blog:

Paul said...
Hi BC Mary - I looked for the CPAC program. Is this it? British Columbia's Tax Revolt - CPAC - Video on Demand 13 Jul 2010 ... CPAC Special British Columbia's Tax Revolt The B.C. Liberals are facing their biggest political crisis since first coming to power in 2001. ... Here is the CPAC page for this video. http://www.cpac.ca/forms/index.asp?dsp=template&act=view3&pagetype=vod&lang=e&clipID=4273 Here's the direct network stream to play this program without going to the CPAC page. http://www.cpac.ca/asx/show_sp_bctax_jul13-10_eng.asx Here's the file it plays. mms://video.cpac.ca/cpac/show_sp_BCHST_eng.wmv (CPAC videos are encoded for streaming only and are currently not downloadable.)

Many thanks Paul ... and Grant Gough for his Straight Goods blog. Sorry for the formatting, I've pulled it apart twice but it bunches up again when ready to be posted. I hope readers can pick out the links, as this really is a remarkable piece of work ... and a huge improvement over the kind of "reporting" we're accustomed to on the West Coast.  - BC Mary.


The video is almost thirty minutes long, but worth every minute of it.
bc welfare rates defered to after last election?
Thanks, N.V.G., and Anonymice:

It's amazing, isn't it?
as all silent, I mean gaged BC journalist know, this could be the planned smoking guns coverng up the already covered up crime of the millenium!

The Edmonton Journal has a fasinating piece:
Harper government eroding democracy, human rights:
Amnesty Head

Here's a candidate for head-in-the-sand arrogance of the year award. Or, would it be self-serving self-regulated promo of the year award? Here are some excerpts from this "guest" editorial.

JUSTICE SYSTEM THE FOUNDATION OF A FREE SOCIETY –– While not perfect, Canada's system of laws ranks among world's best

BY Michael T. Mulligan, Guest editorial TIMES COLONIST September 8, 2010


We are incredibly fortunate to have the sort of justice system we do in Canada.

We should neither take it for granted nor succumb to the sort of uninformed cynicism that characterizes Dr. Chris Pengilly's complaints about it in "Justice no longer part of the judicial system" (Sept. 5).

One of the defining characteristics of our system is the rule of law. This is not a threat to a free and democratic society, but rather its foundation.

To suggest that it is somehow troubling that disputes are resolved by an independent judiciary rather than some exercise of political power is to advocate for arbitrariness and tyranny.

Democracy is not a substitute for the rule of law. If we wish to ensure fairness and equal treatment, including for minorities, the unpopular and the weak, we cannot have a vote to resolve every dispute.

In Canada, if you have a dispute with the government over the legality of a tax, a university with respect to its rabbits or, indeed, a doctor with respect to your treatment, there is somewhere you can go.

You can be certain that the judge deciding the dispute is not beholden to the government or being paid off by the rich and powerful person or institution you are having a dispute with.

The challenge here is not with respect to rules, such as those that govern the admissibility of evidence.

Rules of evidence are the product of years of experience with respect to what evidence is reliable and what is not.

While not perfect, when measured against what exists in most parts of the world, our justice system remains amongst the best.

Michael T. Mulligan is a barrister and solicitor with Mulligan Tam Pearson Law Corp. in Victoria.

Ahhh, self-interest has a certain glow, doesn't it? The glow of delusion or the glow of collusion, take your pick.

Mr. Mulligan you indeed inhabit a different universe than the rest of the population, especially those who've had up-close and personal encounters with the justice system of BC and it's gate-keepers, lawyers and judges.
Good video. No mention of BC Rail being the first lie though. Campbell reminds me of our 'man of the people' saying he will take responsibility. And under his breath; 'What ya gonna do to me? My pockets are full and it's pension time'.

"What ya gonna do to me?"

Well ... if I read those tea-leaves properly, it looks as if people who falsify facts to get themselves elected, might find themselves being frog-marched off to the nearest Crow-Bar Hotel for a while to contemplate their sins.
A post I tried to make last night got derailed, Mary, I didn't feel like rewriting it; but the idea that something worse than the usual Crowbar Hotel is needed for politicians caught defrauding the public: a really rainy island or remote valley, with no way out other than by dodging grizzly bears and requiring climbing skills and waterproof matches, maybe the upper Unuk or Whiting Rivers, in behind the Alaska Panhandle, or one of the wetter coastal islands or inlets; and federally, well, to me the Arctic is ideally suited as a place to serve as our St. Helena, to send Lyin' Brian to, for starters....

Then there's the idea that the stocks or pillory be reinstituted, but for politicans only....well maybe senior political appointees too....
Curious Anon (or shit disturbing PABster)- what was referred to by:

" Anonymous said...
bc welfare rates defered to after last election?

was the fact that the Lieberals deferred publishing the figures that indicated an INCREASED CASE LOAD during the last election, though they were available, since that wouldn't fit in with their "good management" and "times are swell" in BC meme. That was when Gordo was claiming "BC would have no more than a $495 million deficit, cross my heart and hope to die "

(well, it wouldn't break my heart if you did Gordo, except it would be the best thing that could happen for your fake "Liberal" party - and the rest of 'em are all either useless or just slightly less sleazy than yourself!)
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