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From Citizen Journalist: the BC Rail Political Corruption Trial doors were closed and locked today.


I hope that you can post this for your readers.  Many have sent notes to me asking to continue to write about Courtroom 54.  I will keep writing (health permitting) and I hope that you can keep posting.


I travelled to the courthouse today to find out that the doors of
Courtroom 54 were locked.  No reasons posted.  The events of the last
week highlighted by more "I don't recall" and "I can't remember any
events seven years ago" from Brian Kenning forced me to travel to the
BC Supreme Court to see for myself what the reactions were in the
courtroom to the inability of witnesses to remember anything about the
sale of BC Rail.  It appears to me that the strategy is for witnesses
to avoid perjury charges at all cost and they are following the
pattern of select memories set by Martyn Brown.  No doubt, this will
be a pattern that continues.

We have heard that a so called "money losing railway" was using scarce
dollars to fund Vancouver Canuck tickets and BC Lions tickets.  We
have heard that the management of BC Rail travel to Hong Kong and
Dubai to learn about ports.  We have heard that Kevin Mahoney Vice
President at BC Rail was eligible to receive bonuses equal to 28
months of salary for only 10 months of work if BC Rail was sold.  We
have heard how Brian Kenning was close friends with Peter Armstrong of
Rocky Mountaineer Railtours and a strategic partner with CN. We have
heard how BC Rail paid BC Liberal insiders Randy Wood, Patrick
Kinsella, Nancy Spooner and Judy Kirk hundreds of thousands of
dollars.  We have heard that the BC Government approved huge salary
increases for the members of the BC Rail board.  All evidence that
points to a railway run as a political tool for the friends of Gordon
Campbell to play with.

The most outrageous example of the gross abuse of taxpayer monies was
the notion that BC Rail management received threefold  bonuses for
retention, severance, and change of operator that was signed in
January of 2002!   If the decision to sell the Railway wasn't made
publicly until May 2003, why did the BC Rail Board of Directors
approve these extravagant bonuses in 2002?  Why aren't these questions
being asked of our elected officials?  After BC Rail was sold, Kevin
Mahoney was paid $797,104 in 2004 plus $46,000 in expenses.

The other important fact that was made in evidence was the number of
people involved in the sale of BC Rail.  The process to sell BC Rail
involved many people and many politicians.  You have the support
staff.  You have the people of BC Rail.  You have the lawyers.  You
have other consultants.  You have the bankers at CIBC World Markets.
And then you have the BC Government.  The government had many people
involved in the sale of BC Rail and many elected officials including
Pat Bell - a key person who was referred to by Mr. Brian Kenning in
his evidence on Tuesday morning.

According to Mr. Kenning, John McLernon (chairman of BC Rail and chair
of the evaluation committee), advised Kenning that he had information
from Pat Bell, (MLA for Prince George and current Minister of Forests)
that Mr. Bell heard from a source that Mr. Kenning said that "CN is
going to get BC Rail" sometime in March 2003.  John McLernon asked
Brian Kenning if he made the comment and Mr. Kenning denied it.  Brian
Kenning testified that John McLernon would handle the allegation.
McLernon is scheduled to be a witness in this case.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media ignore some of the more important
facts that are given in evidence during the trial.  Everyday new
details emerge around the sale of BC Rail.  Unfortunately, the whole
truth is not emerging given the inability of witnesses to remember.

Citizen Journalist from outside 54

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Good job CJ54,

"inability of witness to remember",
more like,
Will SP use the right line of questioning??!
CJ54, please keep writing. I'm reading.

Would be in the courtroom if I could.

Keep shaming the mainstream muzzled media mutts. What a sorry lot they are.
According to the online court records, the Basi trial is a go, except for one minor detail.... Dave Basi is not mentioned of the three accused. A typo? Aneal Basi, then something called Limited, and then Bobby Virk.
Vancouver Supreme Court list today shows Bobby Virk and Aneal Virk trial location as Victoria????
Thank you CJ54 for your detailed work. I wonder if the accredited journalist can learn from your article.
Special appreciation to CJ54.

Thanks to 9:09 for the court schedule update ... I had a balky computer this morning.

sometimes Dave Basi is mentioned as "Limited Access" ...
Anon 9:41,

That's correct ... it refers to the "event", not the trial.

Note: it's Aneal Basi.
Breaking news - Former Finance Minister will testify next week. According to Bill Tieleman he will be on for weeks
Breaking news - Former Finance Minister will testify next week. According to Bill Tieleman he will be on for weeks
"Location" Victoria, refers to where the Crime took place.

I would hazard a wild guess and say that the reason the trial is not being held in Victoria is because there isn't a untainted jury pool to draw upon for a fair trial.... but then the trial was always suppose to be by Judge, not Jury. So, I would hazard another wild guess and say that the Judge pool was about the same proportion over in Victoria compared to here in Vancouver.

Thanks for the tip on "Limited"
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